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  1. I was prescribed that as well, and had the same reaction as you. "I'm not using this stuff!!" Every fiber of my being said "NO".
  2. Hi errbody! LTNS...Life is really busy these days! I hope you are all well. Dinner tonight: Mashed garlicky cauliflower Sukuma Wiki (Kenyan Braised Collard Greens and Ground Beef) recipe here if you're interested: http://thedomesticman.com/2013/07/02/sukuma-wiki-kenyan-braised-collard-greens...
  3. I second the stress guess. Even small amounts of stress appear to affect my DH.
  4. I don't go out driving in Portland when it snows. Let me be clear: I know how to drive in snow. I grew up in New England. But no one - not. a. single. person. - in Portland knows how to drive in snow, plus they don't plow the streets, so it's just a mess. (FYI, Portlanders also don't know how to...
  5. Oh quesadillas sound goooooood! I am *this* close to getting dairy back and that will be one of the first things put back into rotation. What kind cheese do you use? (Details please and speak slowly... ) Tonight I am making shepherd's pie. It's darn cold out and perfect for it. But I have no...
  6. Oh! I know that brand. I'll have to see if my store carries their gluten-free ones... Thanks!
  7. hehehe! I like how you roll, Addy! (Or should I say, ImpatientAbby appreciates your comradery) I like DeLallo pasta too. I am also a fan of Jovial's gluten-free pastas, especially their tagliatelle, but they are not easy to find. What are these magical crackers that everyone is speaking of...
  8. So dinner tonight will be a as-yet-unnamed soupy thing: homemade chicken broth, coconut milk, kuri pumpkin, tons of ginger, cilantro, leafy greens and tiny pork meatballs. It's tasty and easy. But that's totally not why I'm here. I am here to tell you that I had the most intense craving for....
  9. Dinner tonight: Slow cooked Beef Shanks with carrots, parsnips and leeks (Beau Monde spices) SuperSimpleSalad I was going to try making some popovers or Pão de Queijo (Vegano since I am not eating cheese yet) but after baking pies and prepping biscuits all afternoon, I'm gonna pass. Besides, ...
  10. Tonight: Burgers on HUMONGINORMOUS biscuits ...with homemade relish and tomato jam. Oh and a salad.
  11. *licks screen furiously* &$*%&#(#@!!!! I cannot wait until I can eat dairy again. Mac n cheese was my all-time, #1, most awesomest, favoritest comfort food and I have not had it for months!. I'm going to go cry now. (j/k. but i am going to go stuff my face with coconut butter)
  12. dinner tonight: goat curry with cauliflower, carrots and greebees (this'll prolly be dinner for the next week. i made a veritable mountain of the stuff.) garlic naan (http://myheartbeets.com/paleo-naan-indian-bread/%C2'> salad wit avocado oil/lemon/maple syrup dressing and then for dessert...
  13. Oh I will. I lurve me some waffles...but I am guessing that I might have to wait but until I can eat egg yolks and butter again. *le sigh* Indeed! The world is a horrible place when I am sleep deprived. You are right of course. I think my preference would probably lean toward Belgian...
  14. Ooh! I'm in the market for a waffle iron. What brand did you get? Is it Belgian style or regular?
  15. Much better, thank you! A good night's rest and a calm day today are just what the doctor ordered to clear out the funks.