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    I love playing volleyball, watching BAMA Football, reading anything I can get my hands on, writing (I'm an aspiring author!), taking care of kids (Elementary Ed. Major), and anything and everything orange!
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About Me

Hi there!

My name is Lexi and I've been dealing with Celiac my entire life, but was only recently officially diagnosed.

The road has been rough, but I am determined to take care of my body and my oh-so-grumpy tummy!

I am almost 20 years old and am now a Sophomore in college and cannot wait to see where the Lord leads me while I work to obtain my Elementary Education degree.  :D

  1. lexibrowning

    I'm Back!:)

    Well, I guess I haven't been on since around last Fall or sometime around there. Either way, it's been a while! I just finished my Sophomore year of college with a 4.0 and am finally back home for the summer! Some of you may have heard about us on the news recently actually... we had quite a lot...
  2. Hey Justin! Welcome to the board. I'm sorry you're feeling so down about everything right now. I understand what it's like to go through years of stomach issues, depression, chronic migraines, etc and then to find out it's all because of this one little thing you're eating. So you cut that part out...
  3. Thanks for sharing Orange!  It's nice to hear that there are some gluten eaters out there who can't tell the difference and aren't picky for no reason whatsoever.  My family I think is just being prejudiced to anything besides the "norm"
  4. lexibrowning

    I Need To Vent.

    I think it's really sad, and I'm sure a lot of you would agree, that I am so elated to go back to college because I know people understand my needs there. This summer has been such a struggle being at home because my family just doesn't get it. I'm not sure they ever will. After being relatively...
  5. Thanks for your reply!  I did end up putting cake duty on her.  I just don't want to deal with all of that hassle and risk making myself sick since I've been doing so well lately.     Betty Crocker's gluten free desserts are to die for and make so so unbelievably happy! My whole...
  6. So my brother turns 8 this month and I was pretty excited. Until I realized I'd be expected to bake his cake like I always have. It's not really a problem, but it's just depressing. Obviously mom doesn't want it to be gluten free because she thinks people will notice. No offense to my mother but...
  7. So I am back from my vacation and I feel great! I feel so good that I've finally realized that all the food I wish I could have, but can't, really isn't worth it at all. I know everyone on here has been telling me this, but as a newbie it was very hard to come to terms with. This site has done a...
  8. Hi!:) Thanks for your comment!  I will definitely look into bringing things along in the car that I can eat instead of tempting myself to eat fast food!
  9. Through my experience of totally messing my digestive system up this past weekend I have learned my lesson about messing around with gluten. I knew things were getting worse and that I was becoming more sensitive, but I think I just really didn't want to believe it. I've been going through this...
  10.   Thanks guys for the tips!:)  I'll be sure to look into both of them!
  11. This summer my goal has been to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight! Weight was never really an issue for me until this year when I gained 20 pounds in 3 months. Which is insane and makes me feel totally horrible about myself. As someone who also struggles somewhat with anorexic tendencies...
  12. lexibrowning

    I Cheated

    My mom goes off of the thinking that while I may have limitations to food, she does not and doesn't have to accommodate me.  I just wish I was stronger and could say no to these food items when they are brought home.  Instead I usually cave and eat the bad stuff:/
  13. lexibrowning

    I Cheated

    Tonight my mom decided to go to Church's and bring home a bucket full of fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits. Needless to say I totally fell of the wagon and now I'm paying for it not even 2 hours later. However, that mac-n-cheese was amazing after not having it...
  14. When I was younger it seemed like I always felt bad. Like most "normal" little kids, I enjoyed the multitude of gluten-filled foods that the world had to offer me. I was a hard-core lover of macaroni and cheese, peanut-butter brownies, and fried chicken. The only problem was that my stomach was...