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    I love playing volleyball, watching BAMA Football, reading anything I can get my hands on, writing (I'm an aspiring author!), taking care of kids (Elementary Ed. Major), and anything and everything orange!
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  1. Oops! I left out a part in my blog then sorry!

    I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance probably 8 months ago. This past summer I forced my mom to let me go to the doctor again because I had totally stopped eating due to being nauseous every time I took a bite of my food. It turns out I had some bacterial imbalance in my stomach but they checked for Celiac in my blood work and so I was officially diagnosed a month ago. However, I had already been eating gluten free and assumed I had it long before this so I usually just say 1 1/2 years.

  2. I can't even begin to imagine treating my own children this way. It makes me sick to think a mother could be like that.


    My best advice is that since cooking is an important life skill for anyone, you should probably offer to cook dinner a few times a week. Nothing fancy, and you can get ideas from the dinner thread. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/75238-the-whats-for-dinner-tonight-chat/page-437 There are plenty of naturally gluten free things to make wonderful meals. Maybe seeing that meals can be "normal" and delicious and safe for you will make a difference.


    And hey, at least summer vacation is half over right? Don't throw anything at me! :ph34r:

    That is really great advice! This past year I have learned to cook a multitude of gluten-free HEALTHY meals and snacks, as well as some much needed desserts! Our kitchen just isn't stocked for me to cook most of it.  I have gotten her to agree to eat gluten-free spaghetti noodles though! So i guess we're moving in the right direction:)


    And while most 20 year olds are sad about summer being over, I am the weird nerdy girl who loves college and taking classes! So I agree; at least summer is over half way through! :D

  3. I know your a little young, but....do they realize that untreated Celiac often effects a daughter's ability to give them grand kids?

    I'm sooooo sorry your parents don't care. If you were diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, would they care? Celiac is a real autoimmune disease.

    We have lots of Mom's on here and a few Dads, so you can have some extra parents here.

    I bet they would care a little bit more if I had diabetes or cancer!  I think it is just because Celiac is still sort of a "new" thing to society.  My parents never heard of it growing up and now that their daughter has been diagnosed with it, I am sure they just don't know what to think.

    In my mother's defense (not really...) she is so busy taking care of my high-maintenance little brother that often times she just doesn't want to deal with my issues.

    Not an excuse really, but I can see her struggle.

  4. Tell your parents - I think its really sad that a bunch of strangers care about their daughter and her health more than they do. Maybe a kick in the behind will get them to think?

    You don't happen to go to Colorado State, do you? I could introduce you to my son........ :)

    I will talk to them about, although there is a 99% chance that they won't really care, but I suppose it is worth a shot!  If nothing changes though, at least I only have another month before fall semester begins!


    I go to Mississippi College actually:) It's been a really great experience!  I hope your son is enjoying Colorado State! 

  5. What's wrong with your mom?  All she has for you to eat are apples?  I'm the mom of a 20 year old boy and I can't imagine not trying to help him with his health issues and making sure he has good, safe food to eat.


    But...you are 20, so I guess you could offer to do the grocery shopping and cooking until you go back to school?  I think your mom should fund the grocery shopping trip.  You don't have to buy expensive "gluten-free" products.  Get chicken and beans and cheese (if you eat that), hamburgers (yours without the bun), eggs, ice cream without cookies in it, etc.


     Can you get your mom to read on here?  Tell her I don't understand how she has a child diagnosed with a very real disease and she won't help her child.


    Maybe she will read this?


    Thank you for replying!  My dad is actually the one who does the grocery shopping, but my mom is the one who makes the shopping list.  Sometimes I go with my dad (if I am home) shopping so that I can put stuff in the cart that I can eat.  My mom always says that she shouldn't have to make things "special" for me.  As in if she is going to make mac-n-cheese or spaghetti, then she will make it how she likes it and I can either eat it (and feel like I'm dying) or scrounge up something else to eat.  I don't even really expect her to do anything "special" for me now (I used to, but she makes me feel selfish), but just buying a variety of fruits and vegetables would suffice.


    I live off of sandwich meat, cheese, chex gluten-free cereal, carrots, and apples basically.  If I could just have a few more selections to choose from my life would be MUCH easier!


    Now when I am away at school it is a much different story.  There's always something I can eat there and the food services take care of my needs:)

  6. Hello!:) I am new to this website.  I think it would be nice to have people I can talk to about this that will actually understand.


    I am the only person in my family that has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it has been quite a ride.  I am almost 20 years old (now a sophomore in college) and my parents just don't quite understand how this whole thing works.  Has anyone ever told you that having just a little bit of gluten wouldn't be so bad? And you look at them like they have totally lost their minds? haha then you understand my problem!


    I am constantly surrounded by foods that I love but can't eat in my house.  My favorite cereal and ice cream are currently in our kitchen now, along with nutrigrain bars, crackers, soups, pasta, pizza, cookies, and so on.  In the very bottom of our fridge we have a few apples... and that is basically the only thing I can eat in this house.  We also go out to eat quite often and that is also always a struggle.  


    I don't have any support from my family and friends.  My mom has even been critical about my gaining weight since going gluten-free.  I want her to understand how difficult it has been since being diagnosed (around 1 1/2 years ago) and how my body is still really out of whack. 


    On top of this my stomach still isn't fairing well.  It isn't nearly as bad as it what while eating gluten, but I still have to constantly go to the bathroom after meals and I still bloat like crazy which makes me really uncomfortable.  The only things that have really changed are that I don't get crazy migraines anymore (thank goodness!) and my body doesn't always ache.


    I am also CRAVING everything I can't have like crazy recently.  So bad that I might even slip up and that scares me.  Why am I craving so much?!


    Does anyone else deal with all of this? How do you guys cope with the lonely celiac life? 

  7. I have a similar issue to what you are describing. My stomach hasn't been flat in over a year now because everything I eat seems to make me bloat. My doctor says that things like raw vegetables can cause IBS to act up (and thus making us bloat) as well as many other types of foods. IBS is different for everyone so really you will have to figure it out through trial and error.

    I'm sorry you are struggling so much with this. I understand your pain.

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