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  1. Please help. My almost 3 year old has suddenly gotten very ill and we are getting very little help from her doctor. Here is what happened.


    July 7th started with Diarrhea. She had an explosion that came out of the diaper after eating at a resturaunt. It continued all night and then turned into uncontrollable vomiting overnight. We took her to the ER, they said no fever, maybe a virus, follow up with PCM.


    This continues on July 9th we take her back to the doctor. He says maybe its a virus, to keep her hydrated it should end soon. Diarrhea continues to just get worse, we are changing her several times a day even though shes still in a diaper she is soaking through them.July 16th I take her back and they get a stool sample to see if she has a parasite. July 17th we go back, they still don't know but say maybe a virus and stool sample doesnt have any parasites. Here we are on day 17 of this. This morning her diarrhea was so bad her bed was covered in it when she woke up. It's pale sometimes grayish/yellow. She's lost 3lbs and her eyes are getting dark circles and shes very white. I honestly don't know what to do. The doctors told us to try to cut dairy first, if that doesnt work on friday they want to do a RAST test to test for food allergies.