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  1.  I don't care how many papers someone has published or how long they have practiced medicine...beer is not allowed on the gluten-free diet...unless you want to stay sick. 


    Yes, hearing Dr. Marsh talk about beer really shocked me. I had to replay what he said to be sure I heard it correctly. Dr. O'Bryan posted this in response on FB....




    "Q: Dear Dr. O'Bryan, in his interview Dr. Marsh said it is ok for celiacs to drink English beer. Does that mean I can go ahead and order a beer?

    A: All Right Folks, I have to intervene now. Dr. Marsh is truly the 'Godfather of Celiac Diagnosis' but he would be the first to tell you he is not an expert in WHICH foods work and do not work on a GFD. I have to urge caution before breaking a GFD with gluten-containing beer. If someone wants to do this, it's early in the week, I'll talk about this in detail at the end of this Summit, but I can not have people thinking I am endorsing gluten-containing beer. The only way to do this would be to do a panel looking at multiple peptides of gluten, confirm that there are no elevated antibodies to any of the peptides of gluten (whether in wheat, rye or barley). If all are negative, then doing a beer challenge will tell you if it's ok for you. Read my paper on this topic of gluten challenges

    'Do I have to Re-introduce Gluten in Order to have an Accurate Gluten Sensitivity Test Done?'

    Once again, NOT recommended to do, but if you are going to, this is the safest protocol. 

    Take care of yourselves folks. 

    Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN"

  2. I am so happy that after 4 months of waiting, I finally had my endoscopy done this morning!


    Aside from feeling a bit out of it (please excuse any typos... or incoherent rambling) and the headache from missing my morning coffee, I feel pretty darn good.


    Today marks Day 1 gluten-free and I am hopeful that I may soon see some of my symptoms subside.  :D


    Thanks to everyone that helped me get through and prepare for this day!

  3. Yeah the microwave bit was too much for me. I lost interest in the lecture. Dr. Marsh apparently allows his patients to drink English beer. He says that he has had a Celiac practice for over 25 years with over 300 patients with no issue. I never liked beer so I don't really care to drink it... but others have said the day before that beer was to be avoided. How interesting..


    I saw that and was astonished! I don't know what to think of that. Then the very next speaker I watched was against fully against beer. Very confusing. I really really want to follow Dr. Marsh's advice on beer but...  :ph34r:

  4. I was faced with a similar question months ago. To scope or not to scope. I was diagnosed by two doctors based on blood work alone, but I could not bring myself to start the gluten-free lifestyle without the endoscopy completed. 


    Here's my two cents- You are already gluten-free. You said your symptoms are relieved and you have seen improvement on the gluten-free diet. Why turn back now? Like previously mentioned, consider getting more labs and see how your numbers look while you are gluten-free but I personally would not go back just to get scoped.

  5. I don't know if I would go through with the endoscopy if I didn't trust the doctor to properly evaluate me. Damage may or may not be visible to the naked eye and biopsies are an important part of the evaluation process. 


    Did you have a positive Celiac panel? Perhaps you could call the referring doctor who ordered those labs and have them fax over the results to the GI doctor TODAY. I would also pick up a copy of the labs and bring it along tomorrow to the endoscopy.


    Good luck with everything! 

  6. Welcome!

    There are lots of great folks here with tons of experience to help you through this. They've helped educate me and get me through the initial shock and fear of the lifestyle changes I would need to make. 


    I, too, will be going gluten free this week. I was diagnosed months ago but am awaiting my endoscopy on Wednesday before eliminating gluten. The waiting time has given me time to research and study threads on this forum and prepare my home so I feel I am as ready as I can be. You can do this! The prep for the colonoscopy will probably be the worst part!  :P


    For me, I try to stay focused on how this is an opportunity to heal and possibly rid myself of a ton of symptoms I've been plagued with over the years. I'm excited about that. I also try to remember that there are STILL lots of great foods to eat and new foods I'll give a try.


    Ask questions and you are sure to get help here. 

    Good luck with your tests (and today!  ;) ) and let us know how it goes tomorrow!

  7. One more thing - if you have an electric can opener, clean the mechanism well.

    All the best as you begin your journey to renewed health!


    Thank you!

    And yes, I did think about that. I don't have an electric opener but I have a large manual one and I am considering getting a new one to keep in my cabinet. I cannot believe I am saying that though- I swear I have dozen can openers in this house. Where do they all come from?!

  8. To save money when replacing my stuff I collected empty glass jars (but binned the lids and used cling film to cover them) instead of tupperware. A matching set of brightly coloured stuff would be prettier though :) and more obviously gluten-free if you have kids too I guess. 


    Good idea. I like saving money where you can. Replacing all of this stuff is quite and expensive!



    I have always used tupperware for flour and such. But for some reason I have always put it in a plastic bag then in the container. So when I went Gluten Free I threw the old flour away and I scrubbed the container really really good, then I put the gluten-free flour in a zip lock and put it in the container. Easy peazy!  It is a lil harder than you think , but it can be done. Your on the right track! I love the parchment idea!! 1st I seen that! I bought a new pan and I came home from some where and hubbs had some Breaded fish sticks on it! Sigh!! 


    That's funny! I can see my husband doing that. He means well but I actually think he'll be harder to "contain" than my kids when it comes to cc. 

  9. Off the top of my head:


    I would get a new set of Tupperware to be dedicated gluten-free, especially if your current Tupperware has scratches on them. 


    Did you buy a new bread maker or are you using an old one?


    You don't need to throw away your cookie sheets. Use parchment paper on them. A lot of gluten-free cookie recipes will suggest using it anyway since gluten-free cookie dough can be rather sticky. And it makes for an easy clean up.


    I don't have a shared kitchen, but one of my friends uses those circle stickers that you get at the dollar store to clearly mark foods that are gluten-free. Just an idea  ;)


    Glad you're excited to start your new lifestyle!


    Forgot about Tupperware! Thank you. And stickers are a great idea and would be easy for my younger kids to identify.


    No, I gave the bread maker away. Still have to buy another.


    SkyBlue,   Please educate me, as to cleaning a Toaster to make it Gluten Free???


    It's a toaster OVEN. I cleaned it and will use aluminum foil to prevent cc.



     I am loving that you ordered your last Chinese meal, so to speak. I did the same thing. The one thing I absolutely miss -- more than bread -- is greasy, guilty, horribly-bad-for-me Lo Mein. Even though it made me sick every time, it was my secret guilty pleasure food. Someday, I'll figure out how to make it gluten-free. Yeah, I can make it now, but I can't *quite* get the same flavor profile. Maybe I'm not adding enough bad for me stuff???


    (Also PF Changs has great gluten-free Chinese food.)


    Lo Mein is my absolute favorite! I will definitely try PF Changs. Thanks for letting me know.


    It's a toaster oven, those are easy to clean. Relatively anyway. Toasters can't be.


    Sounds like you're getting ahead of everything. I do agree on the storage containers though, unless you use glass like Pyrex or something. A pretty significant number of us here (with shared houses) use ones with red lids to distinguish them as different from the rest in the house. If your already use the red lid ones in your house, you can make blue your gluten free color for storage. Or whatever works for you.


    That's a good point. I might be better off simply storing leftovers in a glass or ceramic bowl with a cover. I love the color coded lid idea though!

  10. So I have one week til I can begin my gluten-free lifestyle and I cannot wait. My endoscopy is (FINALLY!) coming up next week so I've put it into high gear and have begun overhauling my kitchen. 


    I've cleaned out a cabinet that will be dedicated to my gluten-free food (I live with gluten consumers).

    I have purchased new spatulas, spoons, etc.

    I have a new colander and cutting board.

    I've cleaned my toaster oven as well as my large oven.

    I thoroughly cleaned out the utensil drawer (amazing how many crumbs fall in there!)

    I have a separate sponge for any hand dish washing. 

    I've thrown out any gluten spices and condiments (that the kids will not eat).

    I have bought some gluten-free products such as crackers, bread, pasta, as well as new condiments that will be marked "gluten-free".

    I found a new home for my bread maker (boooo!)

    I cleaned my refrigerator thoroughly and threw some stuff out.

    My pans are stainless but I will replace my cookie sheets.

    I educated the family on celiac disease and cc.

    I then ordered chinese food for the last time and bid it farewell (I'll pay for that later :-).


    Am I forgetting to do anything????

  11. So I ran into someone today who has a family member with celiac disease and we started talking about places to eat. To make a long story short, she highly recommended a couple of places and I thought I'd share.


    Burton's Grill in South Windsor  http://site.burtonsgrill.com/stores/south-windsor-ct/#menus

    I am told that they have a dedicated grill/kitchen area.


    Dee's One Smart Cookie in Glastonbury  http://www.deesonesmartcookie.com/

    According to their site... "Dee's One Smart Cookie is the only non-GMO bakery in New England that is devoted 100% to the production of gluten free, dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free and soy free products!

    They also have a Thanksgiving menu if you are local! http://www.deesonesmartcookie.com/pdf/dees.thanksgivingmenu.1013.pdf


    If anyone has any place to recommend in CT, I'd love to here from you. 

  12. I'm so excited to hear these speakers!

    And it's Free!




    Prof. Michael Marsh

    Dr. Loren Cordain

    Dr. Alessio Fasano

    Dr. Umberto Volta

    Dr. Aristo Vojdani

    J.J. Virgin

    Dr. Mark Hyman

    Jeffery Smith

    Dr. Deanna Minich

    Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld

    Dr. David Perlmutter 

    Melinda Dennis

    Dr. Daniel Amen

    Suzy Cohen 

    Dr. Mark Houston

    Dr. Rodney Ford

    Andrew Keech

    Erica Kasuli

    Cynthia Kupper

    Dr. Liz Lipski

    Dr. William Davis

    Dave Asprey

    Nora Gedgaudas

    Dr. Peter Osborne

    Jaqui Karr

    Sayer Ji

    Tom Malterre

    Prof. Marios Hadjivassiliou

    Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

  13. I'm so sorry. It is getting harder and harder to get in with specialists it seems. It took me 2 months to get in with a GI specialist (after a positive celiac disease panel) and I am still waiting on my endoscopy (an additional 2 month wait). My son has some chronic issues of a different kind that just went south fast and require the involvement of several specialists Every time we're told to see a different doctor, it is another 4-6 week wait to get in. Clearly a waste of precious time. 


    We all have our moments when we want to run the streets screaming out in frustration. Try to hang in there. We're here for you.

  14. I use Amazon Prime and love it so far for the convenience and 2 day shipping. The cost for a lot of gluten-free items is the same or only slightly cheaper than my local grocery store but there's a larger selection for me online.


    I do a lot of online gift shopping, too.  I was late remembering a b'day gift (that needed to go out of state) and I was able to order it and have it delivered within 2 days. Love that!  :)

  15. Ask your doctor to run a full Celiac Panel while you are waiting for the GI appt- 


    DGP IgA & IgG

    tTG IgA & IgG

    EMA IgA

    Total Serum IGA


    Get a copy of your labs. You can post them here and we can take a look with you.


    You must be eating Gluten in order to be evaluated for celiac disease so don't go on a gluten-free diet until you are done with everything.


    Keep the referral to the GI doctor since you said it takes a long time to get an appt and you are only starting to investigate the cause of your symptoms.


    Good luck with everything!

  16. I used to get those dry patches too. It was embarrassing and I had no idea what they were at the time.


    I won't say that the CeraVe improved my rosacea at all but the fact that it didn't irritate my skin was huge for me. I was spending A LOT of money trying various products that made my skin even worse.


    Even when I use the Eucerin (green) lotion, I still use a different (better?) moisturizer first. I tend to use the Eucerin as make-up even though it is a lotion. I apply just a little green at a time and try to avoid areas that do not tend to be red.  Once I have blended well and it has fully absorbed, I then apply a powder. 

  17. Metrogel didn't do a thing for me either.


    My dermatologist suggested CeraVe products for cleansers and moisturizers and they are great.

    He also was the one that suggested the Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion (use sparingly or you'll look like an alien just in time for Halloween!). 


    The powder I use is Physician's Formula Mineral Correcting Powder. 


    Btw, this didn't work for me but it might for others, my dermo had recommended a trial of Afrin Nasal Spray....applied topically to your face. Uh, yeah, that's right. You spray it on your face and let it air dry. I found this way too drying. Just didn't work for me at all.

  18. I have rosacea and I'm hoping it will resolve soon with the gluten-free diet. Aside from gluten, my triggers are alcohol, heat and stress. When a flare hits, I glow like a big, red tomato.


    As cyclinglady mentioned, using make-up with a green tint is a great way to conceal the redness. A green moisturizer is available, too. I use one made by Eucerin and a little goes a long way. I don't wear a lot of make-up so I apply the moisturizer and then sweep over it with a little powder that is made to even out skin tone. 

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