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  1. I fully agree. My body has been knackered this year. Mentally its been really stressful too - the exacibator as you say. I think there have been a knock on effect (or butterfly effect maybe? ) on my state of mind. Since hearing the results of my endoscopy and biopsy, which I've been waiting...
  2. So just got back from the GI consultation. Seems like stress is the culprit for my dh in particular... time to get some councelling done to sort this sh out!
  3. Wow - although its pretty depressing its also very good to hear that you guys also have DH flare ups with stress. I have a fairly intense (at times) occupation and it must be aggravating me. I guess I need a new career in something more soothing Like I say... I got a Dr appointment on Friday...
  4. JustCricket, thanks for the reply! And my apologies for not getting back to you. I took a break from work over November in an effort to recuperate from a very trying year and so I haven't been in front of a computer until this week. So butterfly effect is a mistype, sorry - butterfly effect is...
  5. I had a rash on my face since approximately 4 years ago and prior to going gluten free. A butterfly effect red rash which didn't itch until maybe 2 years with the rash when it suddenly started to get redder and brighter and drier it flaked and itched. It seemed to get really bad after a pie and peas...
  6. Yea I appreciate your perspective and I believe you when you say it helped you. I have experienced tiny contaminations in the past - it really is an unbelievable disease when a grain of flour can hit you for weeks. Large or small though I know when I've ingested gluten. Personally, I've gone...
  7. Hi Joy, I read the title, it covers everything I have right now. I had 5 months of gluten free and responded really well. A few hicups here and there, of course. After 5 months I felt great - energy, excercise and happyness all in boat-loads. But then something started happening. Energy...