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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Traveling With Team

    Great news and congratulations. On google search for blueberry bliss energy bar recipe. There's a greatl recipe there for making batches of homemade energy bars. It's quite flexible so if you don't like blueberries swap for other dried fruits or use mixed berries, swap almonds for walnuts etc. I use these as snacks between meals. They are hugely calorific and come in handy if there aren't any gluten free options available for a few hours.
  2. After 5 months being accident free I was 'glutened' last night. Cross contamination I suspect. In the past I accidentally ate gluten on average every 10 days. Reactions were immediate.and strong. This time, 5 months since my last accident, reaction took 14 hours to kick in. Lots of physical issues but mentally: feeling blue, irritable, saying inappropriate things without thinking, not being able to construct a sentence properly either verbally or typing. Feeling slightly 'unstable' emotionally - being super happy one minute and taking things personally the next. Not able to say what I mean. I expect over the next week or so to be very blue, anxious, obsessive and irritable. it'll clear up by February hopefully. Hope this helps!
  3. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    I fully agree. My body has been knackered this year. Mentally its been really stressful too - the exacibator as you say. I think there have been a knock on effect (or butterfly effect maybe? ) on my state of mind. Since hearing the results of my endoscopy and biopsy, which I've been waiting for for so long, a weight has lifted and my mood is improving. Hopefully, things will fall into place the longer I am off gluten. Thanks for the reassurance guys !
  4. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    So just got back from the GI consultation. Seems like stress is the culprit for my dh in particular... time to get some councelling done to sort this sh out!
  5. How Do I Gain Weight Fast

    HI, I'm with Wildwood's husband (I'm in agreement...)! Always been the skinny guy, easily lose weight no matter what or how much I eat and no matter how much excercise I cut out. A few month back I felt a little better and tried to do excercise and weight train, but my body wasn't ready - I couldn't absorb calories/protein to replenish the reserves in my body. I lost weight rapidly again. Still the skinny guy. Fast forward a couple of months. After a 3 week holiday/rest I seem to be healing thanks to more sleep. I had 3 weeks of nights with 10 - 12 hours of sleep. After this rest I found I could eat food without digestive enzymes. I had more energy, I just felt ready to get moving and excercising again. I am now back on the weights, doing more excercise - I'm not losing weight this time. In fact, 4 pounds stayed on this week. I think, and I could be wrong, sleep is key and depending on how well you are absorbing food, excercise and weight training is mandatory for weight gain. Your body has been skinny for so long - it needs a reason to put on weight! Lift some weights. The other secret ingredient? Time - you may just not be ready yet.
  6. Best of luck with your testing. Be prepared to also ask, or be asked, to go through Endoscopy testing - your GP/consultant will possibly want to supplement the blood test results with biospies taken from the gut. To save some time you could request a referral for an endoscopy right away. If your bloods are clear, however, you will certainly have to go down the biopsy route so be prepared and see if you can get it scheduled right away. There's nothing worse than getting sicker and sicker whilst the NHS put you on minimum 4 week waiting lists.
  7. I'm in Yorkshire and have found that it depends whether you can find a GP who has knowledge of this disease. I stroll into my GP not knowing what is going on with my body, he suggests Coeliac (spelling it the UK way!); schedules a blood test and sends me on my way 7 days later the bloods are taken and 7 days after that I have the results and am discussing them with the sameGP. They're Negative - "so you don't have coeliac". "errrm, well is that for certain? Do I need an endoscopy to confirm?" He said no, thats final. If the bloods are clear you don't have coeliac disease... somewhat dismayed and none-the-wiser as to what it is that is slowly stripping my body fat, muscle and mental capacity, I visit the NHS website, clicking the Coeliac section it says blood test first then endoscopy etc. It also says the blood test is not always positive and if symptoms continue with a negative reading to go for an endoscopy. So the exact opposite of what the NHS GP said! Great! I went back and demanded a consultation with a gastroentorologist. The GP scheduled one for 8 weeks away - when the day eventually came it became evident the GP had referred me to a Surgical Colon unit - nothing to do with Gastroentorolgy!! The lack of Coeliac knowledge at my GP surgery was stunning and greatly extended the time it took for me to get the correct testing. All that was back in March. I had my endoscopy 2 weeks ago and results are due this Friday where I have another Gastro consultation to discuss the results. Magic.
  8. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    Wow - although its pretty depressing its also very good to hear that you guys also have DH flare ups with stress. I have a fairly intense (at times) occupation and it must be aggravating me. I guess I need a new career in something more soothing Like I say... I got a Dr appointment on Friday so I'll get it mentioned. Thanks again!
  9. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    JustCricket, thanks for the reply! And my apologies for not getting back to you. I took a break from work over November in an effort to recuperate from a very trying year and so I haven't been in front of a computer until this week. So butterfly effect is a mistype, sorry - butterfly effect is a dominoe effect type phenomena, not a symptom! I did mean to say it is a butterfly shaped pattern just like it says on the Lupus page you provided. The other symptoms I still suffer are: Fatigue Headaches, memory loss So not all of the typical Lupus symptoms afflict me but I will be mentioning this to my Gastro consultant on Friday. So thanks! On the DH subject I have noticed that, having taken 3 weeks off work, the DH did subside across my face significantly. On returning to work it has come back quite strong again (but not as strong as when I was on Gluten). So... there may be a link to something at my office or something caused by work (stress?). This is for me personally.
  10. Sleeping Disorders Linked To Celiac Disease?

    Wow I can relate... 8 months in! This is me right here...
  11. Does Dh Ever Go Away?

    I had a rash on my face since approximately 4 years ago and prior to going gluten free. A butterfly effect red rash which didn't itch until maybe 2 years with the rash when it suddenly started to get redder and brighter and drier it flaked and itched. It seemed to get really bad after a pie and peas and a pint of lager on my lunch break I've now been gluten free for nearly 8 months and the rash is still there but is much, much lighter in shade. Its a barely noticable rosey cheek type of colour. It flares up in heat or with excercise, but never to the extent when I was consuming gluten. I'm hoping from reading all of the above posts, that it will eventually disappear.
  12. Yea I appreciate your perspective and I believe you when you say it helped you. I have experienced tiny contaminations in the past - it really is an unbelievable disease when a grain of flour can hit you for weeks. Large or small though I know when I've ingested gluten. Personally, I've gone at least 6 weeks without eating in a restaurant and seen a deterioration in health during that period so I myself am confident its not restaurant contamination that is knocking me. Maybe for Joy avoiding restaurant meals whilst pursuing thyroid testing could be worthwhile?
  13. Hi Joy, I read the title, it covers everything I have right now. I had 5 months of gluten free and responded really well. A few hicups here and there, of course. After 5 months I felt great - energy, excercise and happyness all in boat-loads. But then something started happening. Energy decreased, dizzyness here and there losing lots of weight. Feeling blue constantly. No desire to do anything. I really related to your original post. Like you, I still eat out 2/3 times a month. But I know for sure I am not getting contaminated and I am pretty sure you aren't either. You just *know* when you've had CC - there's an immediate reaction or at least a noticable one in the following hours or day. I've been reading into the other AIs and it seems like you may have a thyroid issue, maybe Hashimoto's? Look at the symptoms list for Hashi's on Wikipedia (for example) - you have a lot of those symptoms to the extreme. Hashimoto's would explain a lot of my symptoms too. I seem to have the gluten free thing down really well, but I've stopped making progress and now something else is trying to slow me down. I have some hospital tests over the next 2 weeks so hopefully I can find out. You seem to have the diet nailed so, contrary to the other advice, I would be reluctant to restrict yourself even more. Of course eliminating restaurant food is a good 'rule-out' excercise. Good luck.
  14. I have just experienced this very thing myself this week... at the start of this thread I said my weight had plateau'd but, inspired by this thread, I decided to see whether I could get a few pounds on. So... I excercised less this week whilst cramming my face with snacks, treats, carbs and larger portions at every opportunity. I have lost weight! Creaking joints are back too and a general uncomfortable feeling in my body, work colleagues see the difference too... I have not had any gluten this week for sure. The period of stability that I was used to was down to eating healthy, whole foods at the regular meal times with nothing in between. I'm with you on the sleep thing too, that definitely helps!
  15. Greenbeanie...I think the explanation is simply that its inflammation. Why it takes soo long to go down... thats just God playing with us.