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  1. I fixed it! You open a Firefox tab and type about:config in the address bar. Click "I'll be careful I promise". Then you find these four items: dom.push.enabled dom.webnotifications.enabled dom.webnotifications.serviceworker.enabled dom.push.connection.enabled ...
  2. Yes but in there it gives me the option to enable browser notification but there is no option to disable the box that pops up asking me over and over again on each page. You would think having it in the settings would be good enough, or the pop up box should have an option to "not show this message...
  3. I'm not talking about having agreed to receive notifications, I'm talking about the box that pops up asking me if I'd like to request notifications. It's got a flag in my address bar and I can't make it go away in my Firefox settings. It pops up every time I open a new post even if I click on "not...
  4. Teeth hurt and headaches, very likely you are clenching and grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can cause constant daily headaches, tooth and jaw pain. A good night guard should be fitted by a TMJ specialist (even if you don't have TMJ symptoms, like clicking and popping in your jaw joint, this...