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  1. Yes, I struggled with gluten intolerance and Candida for a long time. It took a very low carbohydrate diet, monolaurin, and lots of supplements. I ended up with multiple food intolerances, and it took a few years to really get it under control. It is possible to overcome it, just takes commitment. Good luck and stick with it!
  2. There are a few good lines of gluten free makeup. Epilynx is good, and I have used it; also Tarte and Pur Minerals.
  3. Honestly, I don’t take any chances with medications. I only take meds where the manufacturers can absolutely assure me they are gluten free. Teva makes a gluten free amoxicillin which I have used with no problem.
  4. Citric acid is also made from fermented mold, which you may be reacting to. I can’t tolerate it either.
  5. When eating in “gluten free” restaurants I still ask my food to be cooked separately in aluminum foil to avoid cross contamination.
  6. How about trying a food intolerance test? You can do that through Cyrex labs or KBMO Diagnostics. You don’t have to be eating gluten for the test, and it will also test other foods. I found it to be accurate and extremely helpful.
  7. A gluten challenge is a bad idea. Get a food sensitivity test through KBMO Diagnostics, simple blood spot test will tell you what foods you are sensitive to, and you do not need to be consuming the food. A gluten challenge is not necessary and is dangerous.
  8. I too have struggled with Candida for years along with celiac and other autoimmune issues. The best way to fight Candida is to eliminate all starches and sugars from any source whatsoever. That means vegetables and fruit as well. I would also recommend a food intolerance test from KBMO Diagnostics. It has been incredibly helpful to me in eliminating other foods that create inflammation in my body. Even foods that fight Candida, such as coconut, were causing inflammation for me, so this information was crucial to my recovery. Be prepared for a long term diet change, but you can get this under c
  9. I feel for you. My mom had diarrhea, immensely swollen joints, headaches, etc...lost 100 lbs towards the end of her life. She died at 81 after years of suffering, no diagnosis. I have celiac as well as my 2daughters, and we know she had it too. So much suffering for a slice of bread.
  10. The casein in milk is very similar to the gluten protein, and over time the ammune system can react to the casein as though it was gluten. This happens over time, and though you may have been able to consume dairy previously, you may have to avoid it now. Not good to suffer the consequences, it can do damage that you are not aware of.
  11. Yes, you can have a thyroid problem without an enlarged thyroid, and without antibodies. You can have subclinical hypothyroidism which will then show up as hypo. It can also be a T4 to T3 conversion problem. If you can find a functional medicine doctor who will test your tsh,, free t4, free t3 and reverse t3 you will get the whole picture. Also a drop of Lugol's iodine a day is no more than you would get from a regular diet so that wouldn't hurt you. Once your t3 normalizes your bad cholesterol will go down too. I have been on your exact path for nearly 4 years. Check out Isabella Wentz, she i
  12. Another source for hidden gluten are the stickers adhered to fresh fruits and vegetables. The glue in the stickers may contain gluten. To avoid gluten exposure the best solution is to cut off the area where the sticker has been placed.
  13. Headaches are definitely my first and worst reaction from gluten. Not only that, headaches can also occur when I ingest something that my body perceives as similar to gluten. And after the gluten reaction has subsided, the headache disappears. Casein is another culprit.
  14. Hi Stacy, You sound a lot like me.....here are a few suggestions that were the root cause of my profound fatigue which did end up having thyroid involvement. Have your antibodies for candida checked. If you have an overgrowth of candida in the gut, the candida is capable of blocking the thyroid hormones from entering your cells. This would cause all your levels of thyroid hormones in the blood to look normal even though your body is not using them. If your candida is high, then you would have to get this under control. Another possibility is low levels of iodine. I also had this, partly due to
  15. I also have scoliosis and kyphosis, and i remember reading on the net that celiac and scoliosis are connected. i have 2 rods and 12 screws in my back, surgery back in the 1980's. There are so many problems associated with gluten intolerance, it is highly likely that abnormal spine growth could be one of them.
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