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  1. I normally buy wholly guacamole but I just happened to be out while near a whole foods and they didn't have any (at least not that I could find). Thanks for all of the replies!
  2. aw dang, that's what I suspected but I bought it hoping otherwise lol. I'm going to put it into the fridge at work with a "free" sign on it.
  3. Is Whole Foods packaged guacamole gluten free? It doesn't have any gluten ingredients but its packaged on site. Wegmans labels their packaged on site guac as contianing possible cc from the way its packaged (presumably in a kitchen with people packaging loads of other things) but Whole Foods doesn...
  4. Chipotle is the only restaurant I've eaten at and not gotten sick after being diagnosed with GI. I always only get the burrito bowl (with brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, corn, and cheese) and the tortilla chips. I've never once had a problem and I eat there at least a few times a month.