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  1. If ever I think I need some cheer, What I wouldn't give for an ice cold beer, If i ever think I need to feel fine, It's alright I'll have a few glasses of wine, But if I ever think that won't make me thin, it's okay I'll just drink a bottle of gin. I'm not an alcoholic I promise, okay...
  2. This is absolutely fantastic. I may go into street poetry performances and read this
  3. Thank you I like the cheesy 80s stuff too Blondie Wham Fleetwood Mac Human League...
  4. Dear family and friends, if over I come, For a holiday visit, at your welcome, And we're seated 'round your lovely table, Please understand why I'm not able, To eat your many beautiful dishes, Despite your insistent, most earnest wishes. These dishes show your work and cheer, Some only made...
  5. I found out 3 days ago and it feels like the world has something against you. Why has it made you different to everyone else. But you have to really on sites like this, these sites let people like us come together, become strong and fight back. It lets us say "no, we will not let you, I still have...
  6. So very recently I found out I have a gluten allergy and I'm already being mocked for it. I'm being mocked for something my body has done of which I have no control over. In what world should that be right? Anyway I don't feel like I should start venting yet but finding people on here a similar...