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  1. Jessica - you're missing the point - I know you're smarter than that. You're very insightful for such a young person. Consider this: my first doctor (the one that was smart enough to run the Celiac panel on me) told me I'd have to stop eating bread if I had Celiac. He never mentioned gluten or wheat - EVER. The point is if people hear about the wheat free/dairy free diet for Autism, they'll Google it as well and figure out that gluten is in everything and is much more than just wheat. This exposure will help countless families with Autistic families and will give us a hand up as well - everyone on the gluten free diet will benefit because the more demand, the more power we have. On the show Jenny said 'in laymens terms it means wheat free/dairy free' when Oprah asked about the diet. She said that because her purpose was not to explain the gluten-free/cf diet. She just wanted other Mothers to know how much it helped her son and that she could NOT believe none of her doctors told her about it. To that I say - why would they tell her about a diet that no industry benefits from financially? Except the gluten-free food companies I mean. No - doctors aren't going to tell people about any diet that can benefit them but they'll be the first to cram meds down our throats. Though I don't have kids I felt so sad for all the Celiac Mothers out there who were made to feel dumb by doctor after doctor - just like Jenny and Holly were. They were talking about exactly what so many of you went through with your own kids. We owe a debt of gratitude to these two ladies. Do you know how many shows have been doing huge Autism stories lately? A LOT of them have aired in the last year and this is the first time anyone has mentioned the gluten-free/cf diet as a possible cure - though people with Celiac know all about the connection. It's a shame for all those stuggling families and if I had to pick a disease for anyone's kids to have it would be Celiac over Autism any day. Let's be happy about all the good the show did for the families with Autistic kids instead of being aggravted that the diet wasn't explained in full detail. We need to look at the big picture here.
  2. Please......don't get me started in on CPK. One of my friends thought they saw CPK on a gluten free menu list from a google search. So I checked and there wasn't ANY nutritional info on their site. I e-mailed them, inquring about gluten free menu options. Here is their reply - "When it comes to eating a healthy diet, we suggest you try our whole wheat pizzas without cheese". Yep - that's what they said. I e-mailed them back and told them unless they wanted someone to sue them, not to EVER send that note out to anyone in regards to gluten free menu options. Then someone from CA (from quality control) called me to profusely apologize for the ridiculous goof. He left a 3 minute voice mail as I was not here. I called him back but got his v-mail so I told him I'd like to know when they started offering gluten free pizzas in Atlanta. I never heard from him again. CPK used to be cutting edge - now they are not only not a leader, they are not even a follower of trends. They told me they don't know what is gluten free on their menu and didn't bother to offer to find out.
  3. Sorry to confuse you - the neurologist I spoke of paid cash for his London treatment and is not in the movie at all. I was just making the point that doctors here will literally let you die if you can't afford treatment before telling you there is alternative treatments that are much cheaper out of the US. And not just in Mexico. This was not a point made in the movie either - just my personal observation and the doctor who lived it's truth. I agree that the US gov't can't run a healthcare program and that's why I'm not planning on living here forever. If the US citizens had a healthy lifestyle - and let's face it most of them do not - there might be an answer to this horrific problem. If Brittian had hoards of obese people coming in for treatment, they probably could not afford to offer the care they do now. The average American wants to eat junk, not exercise and take a pill for everything. This is very unlike most of the rest of the developed world. I'm not trying to offend anyone but when in Europe on vacation we can almost always tell who is American by their size. True the normal or thin Americans don't stand out but if you see someone who's obese in Rome, London or Paris - 99 times out of 100 they are American. I proved my point more often that I was comfortable with so I stopped playing the game. It really made me sad to see how unhealthy Americans are as a whole. I never thought about it until I went to Europe and saw it first hand. It's really shameful to me. How many people are dying from hunger all over the world and we're (not me mind you) over here supersizing everything.
  4. Oh yeah - that's the only bun I've found edible and I would certainly order it out, were it available to me. I'll let my Mother know if she goes to Disney with my sister/kids they need to do MGM just for the burger...lol!
  5. Well Rusla - after you see this movie, you really will want to retire in Cuba.
  6. Where is MGM - in CA? Whose bun did they use or do they bake their own. I've tried about 8 different gluten-free buns but none I'd ever reorder. I head the MD's bun in Austrailia is quite good.
  7. I asked about this product a couple of weeks ago after DH found it in the health food store. Apparently it works for some when they've been glutened. I was thinking I would buy and keep it on hand for when I travel but I'm not sure it's worth the money. If I ever get a little bloating from cc issues, one Pepto tablet makes me better in a bout 30 minutes. The small bottle of GE was over $18.
  8. Let me start by saying that if you despise Michael Moore I understand but don't care to discuss that. Generally his movies are pretty one sided but this one was very different in my opinion. He even slammed Hilary Clinton for taking donations from pharma companies and he used to worship her. He's not to the left or right on the healthcare issue - as I understand his points anyway. We were in town for the 4th so we went to the movies and I felt sad and angry that the US is so screwed up regarding healthcare/insurance/drugs - and 37th in healthcare quality world wide - WHAAAAAAA?! We have the best doctors in the world here but the best I've ever met were not even born in the US. A Neurologist that advised me about a condition he had, and that my deceased MIL and her brother had, told me he was ashamed of the doctors he met in his quest to save his life. He ended up in London for treatment - about 1/10th the cost of treatment here - but it was a different treatment. No on in the US told him about the treatment but he eventually found out that his US docs had been to a conference where this treatment was taught about. In the sick docs words 'why would they tell me I can save 90% of $150K by going to London? He says he was proud of his profession until he got sick and had to deal with greedy docs himself. Now he's simply ashamed that so many US docs are all about the money and not about helping people. Okay so my question is - did anyone see the movie and if so, what did you think about it? I knew about a lot of what was shown but not all of it. I always thought Kasier was the devil and now I know it's true. I'm talking about the guy who started it so please don't tell me why you love Kasier insurance. I know too many people they screwed over to count - my own Grandmother being one of them. The movie isn't about Kaiser but just played some Nixon tapes approving the HMO idea in the early 70's. I recommend every American see this movie - even the ones who really really hate Michael Moore. It will really make you think about a lot of things which I can't explain in a post. My husband and I are going to research where his international company has jobs where we could learn the language and will consider trying to move closer to retirement age - if of course we can stay in the chosen country once he retires. We'd actually thought about this before but now it's more serious. I'm actually scared to live out the latter part of my life in the US. Oh and if you do go to the movie make sure to look closely at the scroll of diseases which are conditions you'll be automatically rejected for insurance in the US. Make sure and check the 'C' section. I love America (so please don't tell me I don't) but you don't have to love everything about a place or person or anything. We are so screwed up on this issue and I just don't think the problems are fixable at this point - and certainly not by the time I'm in my sunset years. More and more people are retiring out of the states and now I totally understand why. Most of them would rather stay put but also want to enjoy their retirement and not worry if they can buy meds/pay for medical care. I mean we save and we invest and in the end, one big bill from a medical emergency/illness could ruin us financially. Blue Cross already tried to drop me two months after I was diagnosed with something that's not supposed to be mentioned in this thread.
  9. The website has directions to the original store only but they will add the new store info soon. www.naturalfoodswarehouse.net Duluth location address: 6000 Medlock Bridge Pkwy (also called 141), Duluth, GA 30022 open 7 days/week
  10. I've never made it to the Alpharetta Natural Foods Warehouse, though I heard their prices were great. It's almost an hour from me which it just a little too far to drive for groceries. Well they finally opened a second location about 20 minutes from me so we went on Saturday. It's a bare bones, concrete floors kind of place but they prices are unbelievable. They have gluten-free Pantry flour for under $3 a box. Their Bell & Evans gluten-free chicken fingers are $3.50 - at WF they are $6.99. I got wheat free (gluten-free) terriaki sauce for $.94! It's a small bottle but that's good in case I don't like it. They have the same brand at WF for over double the price. My Amy's soups were $.50 less a can than anywhere in town. There weren't many customers there so I hope they build their business and stay open. They have been open about three weeks I think. If you live in the Metro Atlanta area this is a place you should check out. My DH was checking things out in the store when he saw Glutenease. It's supposed to help digest gluten but is it for the average person or people who can't eat gluten? I was thinking it would be good to have on hand when traveling in case you have to eat somewhere that you don't know. Like take the pill before you eat in case they screw up your meal...is that what this product is for? I'm sure there must be a thread here about it so can someone point that out to me please? Thanks!
  11. The very best pasta to me is Bi-Aglut but I hate paying frt. for food so I avoid it when possible. I use Bionaturae but it contains soy flour. I think it tastes the best for the money in the gluten-free market. Dr. Schar is also excellent but another one that I can only find online. All three of these are actually made in Italy as far as I know. When WF puts the pasta on sale is $1.79 a bag and I get about 10 bags. If you find it make sure to get the red label gluten-free stuff - they make wheat pasta as well but not on the same lines. They are considering making lasagne noodles but don't have the equiptment for it presently. They only make wheat lasagne noodles now. I think I read that Bi-Aglut is the number one selling gluten-free pasta in Europe.
  12. As my post stated, Duncan Hines has changed their position on their creamy homestlye frosting at least four times in 18 months that I know of. I had to return a can when I mistakenly bought it after I had gotten it gluten-free before. The newer can clearly stated barley on the label. Any company that changes their position that many times is a company I'll do everything to avoid buying products from. They could say their stuff is gluten-free for life and I'd never buy it again - not because I don't believe it's gluten-free, because I don't want to patronize companies that I don't think care about the gluten-free market. If you read all the chemicals listed on the DH brand gluten-free frosting - that alone is enough to keep healthy eaters from consuming it. I don't care what others eat but I refuse to put all that crap in my body now that it's so clean. I can't see going to so much trouble to remain gluten free and then eating chemicals and things like MSG on a daily basis. I understand a lot of people do this, that's their business and what I eat - or don't eat in this case - is mine.
  13. Actually, DH said their homestyle frostings were okay, then not.....it's on again off again with them and I've taken products like that off my shopping list. Their frosting is full of crap anyway, gluten-free or not. I bought a can before I was careful about limiting my food additives and it clearly said barley malt on the label. That was a year ago. In early 2007 they told Clan Thomson that their frostings changed ingredients all the time so they felt they should state they are not gluten free because they don't know which batch will be and which won't.
  14. Their Decadent Chocolate Frosting in a jar is the best such product I've had. It's very rich, creamy and seems homemade to me. I used it on Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate cupcakes and thought they were good enough to share with gluten eating neighbors. It's pricey but worth it when you don't have time to make it from scratch. Our Trader Joe's has a lot of new gluten-free products since they opened in Dec. last year. I also eat their frozen chicken taquitos and their wonderful sorbet's. The coconut sorbet contains dairy which is odd for sorbet but it is to die for. You can't beat their price of $1.99 - I'm used to spending $3.99 at WF. If something is made in a plant that processes wheat, that is on their labels. If something is made on lines that produce wheat products, those aren't on the gluten free list. They are very concerned about cc issues which is more than I can say for most companies I've spoken to. They have a flourless choclate torte in the bakery section but I haven't tried it yet as hubby is allergic to dark chocalate.
  15. At my ex-Mexican restaurant they told me their corn chips contained corn, oil and lime and they do. But they neglected to admit that they fry them in fryers where they fry their flour products in the am. Another Mexican place told me that it's rare to find a place where they have one fryer just for corn items. I reacted to the old place corn products so I stopped going. I now have a new place that does have a fryer where they only put in corn items and I eat there without issue. It's an extra three miles to get there but worth it not to get bloated. So far I've not found an enchilada sauce in a restaurant that didn't contain wheat.
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