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  1. I'm sure it's up to the individual owners because my Outback didn't even have an updated gluten free menu in the store when I went months ago. They had something they said was on old office copy (dated 2004), not for guests, but since it was all they had, they gave it to me. Had I not known what was online and gluten free, we would have had to leave. I got sick anyway and will not be back but that's just one location that is not educated or informed....we should have known when we picked up a take-out order and the hostess asked DH what gluten was they didn't know squat about feeding us safely.

  2. Have a great vacation! We stayed at this hotel and it was nice.....went during Atlanta's spring break last year which was a big mistake. I have never seen so many unruly kids at one place - not college kids by the way, there were not many of them, if any. This will be a perfect time to enjoy the beach, after the crowds have desserted it.

    I'd tell most people to eat at Red Bar but not someone eating gluten free. Their specialty is crab cakes and theirs are like no others. We arrived at 6 pm and waited almost two hours to be seated. It's a small place with flour in tons of dishes so I fear I may never visit the Red Bar again. I do think you'll find many places will accomodate you with fresh grilled or broiled seafood. Please post about where you ate when you get back. Safe travels!

  3. If water is sold at an event, I think patrons of that event should expect to pay for water inside, whatever the cost. But most festivals such as this will NOT be able to feed us, and therefore we should be allowed to bring something in to eat. I took my own food to the Dogwood festival here in April but it's a free event, and there is no one checking bags there and you can even take in non alcoholic beverages. When I was considering going to Dollywood with my nephew at an upcoming family reunion, I researched and found I could eat fries from one place and burgers at another.......and there was some safe ice cream.....and last but not least of course I could have a salad (no dressing). I can not bring any food into the park but I could leave to go eat elsewhere and come back....and pay the parking fee twice....no thanks folks. Others suggested I take a note from my Dr. but due to a major event going on that weeked at the park, I had no desire to go anyway.

    I'm pretty sure Turner Field is not going to allow me to bring in my own gluten free beer to the park next year. It's just another inconvenience we have to put up with for now. I don't see it changing soon, but change will come eventually if we all do our part to make that happen. Complaining to each other is fine, but to affect change, you have to do something. Like others above have mentioned, write to this event planner and tell them they need to change their tune and accomodate all their patrons. For me, if I like the gluten free beer that Whole Foods is about to carry, I'm going to pester the home office of the Braves organizaion relentlessly about offering it at the games. If everyone with Celiac in Atlanta (and surrounding areas) does this, it will make a difference.

  4. key - that is such great news about your recovery. It gives me hope for my Celiac Mother who is feeling much better on the diet after 6 months but she is either intolerant to something else and hasn't figured that out yet. I told her to be patient since she has 20 years on me so there is no way she'll heal as fast as I did. She also has a horridly cc problem (inconsiderate H, my dad) and until she takes care of that issue, she will probably continue to have issues. She is even questioning her dx now I think since I feel so great she thinks maybe something else is wrong with her. That's part of her denial I know but it's so hard. There is no support group in her area and she doesn't have a computer. I told her since she knows at least one other person in town with Celiac, they need to start a support group. I also hope like you, that Mother only has usses with gluten. I thought most everyone sick for so long had other issues too. Glad your dilligence paid off so you can enjoy life to the fullest again!

  5. Well lucky for me I'm not giving up fat, just gluten - lol! That said, I only ate one of the four fingers so I would not clog my ateries all at once! It will take me a week to eat the whole thing and that is something I will enjoy and not feel guilty about either. As I said I prefer Schar bars and they are cheaper and less fat/cal. But it's fun to splurge on a new item and find out it is actually yummy!

    Oh good to know about the crusts - thanks. I'm going to try it for just us first and if I need to I have Gillian's in the freezer already for trip. But they sound perfect for my attempt at a choc. p-nut butter pie I just tagged in Bon Appetit! I guess I'll have to bake it though since it's a no bake pie. Oh I hope they get some new non damaged crusts in soon.

    Patti - I know it's so nice when you see the gluten-free stock going up each month. I almost fell out when Publix added another gluten-free cereal by Barbara's Organics (corn flakes which are okay but the best I've had to date) and they have Hol*Grain gluten-free breadcrumbs and brownies. I'd never risk the brownies since I LOVE 123 brand but still, it's neat to see so many gluten free things every where I go!

  6. Mmmmmmm that pie sounds great - thanks for sharing! I'm going to get those shells and make quiche for an upcoming weekend with in laws. We have been asked to bring out own breakfast (think they are scared to feed me) so that's fine. The quiche will be perfect with some cranberry orange scones and a little orange marmalade. I'll even try and be nice and let the relatives have a taste. :D

  7. Every place I shop tells me to tell them what I'd like to see in the store and I do. That is how they added the 123 gluten-free line, well since everyone probably asked for it too. Do you have a health food store of any kind in your area? What they ask me to do is bring in an empty package so they can get the company info and you could try that at your store. If a store knows you want something to buy, they are going to try and get it for you if at all possible.

  8. One was Natural Feast pies and I just found that on the board. Most didn't like the fruit pies (nasty per nini)and the choc. mouse seemed to fare best of all, though crust is bland. The store also sells a 2 pk. gluten-free pie crust but the only one left was damaged. They guy said he has a hard time keeping them in stock so I'm going to use them for quiche when I'm not to impress others with my newfound culinary skills - lol! they are thick so more like a quiche crust than Gillian's which is what I've used before.

    Okay - now for the most interesting thing I found. Ener-G full size pizza crust. I love their pretzels and crackers but nothing else. The pizza crusts are not frozen and cost almost $14 for 2 so I thought doing recon on it a good idea before forking out the cash and possible feeding the birds in the back yard. Has anyone tried these yet? According to the store, they are brand new.

    The only new (to me) thing I got was a Glutino kit kat bar. It's mostly choc. but very yummy. Shcar wafer bar is better and cost less per unit but it was neat to open the Glutino package and see it looks just like a kit kat bar. It's called a 'Break Bar' and says 'four fingered wafer bar' on the package. The type is too small to read but it's surely high in fat/calories. Mmmmm good!

    Okay so here are two interesting tidbits the lady that works at the store told me. I have not been in months to this store, at least two anyway but she knows me by sight and asked how my Mother was doing on the diet in FL. I told her not that good and why. The woman then went to the back and came back to say she was just checking to see where a bakery in FL was named Sammy's that is gluten free but it's in Tampa. I heard there is some controversy about that place but in any case, it's way to far for Mother to go for food. But the next thing the woman said was really shocking to me. She said, you know since school started several area schools are coming in the store to get gluten-free food to feed their Celiac/Autistic students. She said this is the first time this has happened and she wonders why all of a sudden there are so many needing this food. I said I think the dx rate is finally on the rise as it should be and that was great news to me and many others. This is a very good day indeed!

  9. Mmmm....downtown I like Chow Baby but only two sauces there are gluten free. Go when the open. Also R. Thomas has lots of yummy options too. I take my own pasta to Spaghetti Factory and get there early. I only go on days when Ken (head cook) is there. Hes has several gluten free diners there each week, all taking in their own pasta. The sauce I like is gluten-free as is the dressing for salad (sans croutons). The only thing I miss is they awsome cheese bread. Ken came out to meet me and ask about putting salt and oil in the pot for my pasta - I was impressed. I know there are a lot more places but most of my clients are north of town so I don't get down there on a regular basis. If you google gluten free dining atlanta, you will find some good info.

  10. I'd like to add that my family doesn't own any restaurants but I'm able to eat out regularly, but particularly, without getting sick. My recent Celiac check up bloodwork was so clean that my Dr. said it was unbelieveable. My antibodies are like <4 and <6. She says I'm doing a remarkable job on my strict gluten free diet and whatever I'm doing, I should stick to it. Oh and my PF Changs has no such thing as a 'slow time' so sadly I don't patronize them.

    Everyone is different and it might be that my system is not reacting to tiny bits of gluten that Dr. Rudert says even eating at home in a mixed kitchen are impossible not to ingest. So maybe I'm just lucky that way and some others are not. My feeling is that some who get sick when eating out are getting into gluten, and some have other intolerances they have not explored yet. But if you have positive tests for Celiac and then you don't, well then you're doing something that's working and for me that's living my life to the fullest. I can assure you if I got sick when I ate out, I would not eat out either OR if my follow up bloodwork was suspect, I'd have to assume I was getting glutened without reacting. My numbers are now lower than my non Celiac sister's. Go figure B)

  11. I'm with jkmunchkin with the exception that Outback is a place I won't eat out at since mine is terribly run and doen't even have current gluten-free menus...........go figure. We eat out once a week usually, sometimes twice. We use to eat four meals per week including take out. So we've cut our eating out by 50%. I sort of work for vacation and entertainment money and don't have kids. So as hard as it was to learn how to eat out, I did the work and am not anxious when eating out all. I'd be much more concerned if friends tried to feed me. I too found out that the word allergy works much better than intolerance, it's a lie which I feel bad about but I'd rather tell that kind of lie and stay healthy.

    Life is so short and I'm not willing to give up one of my favorite hobbies of travel because I'm gluten free now. That said, I think the more you pay for your meal, the better off you are eating out gluten free. That at least has been my experience. I have some luck for cheaper places too, mostly local places, not chains where they don't know what's in the food that comes in a plastic pouch. However in London, they have a couple of really cheap chains and they offer safe gluten-free items like salads with hummus and gluten-free dressings, and soups - well it's like gluten-free heaven and $8 for lunch. You can't beat that with a stick! Maybe one day it will be like that here, maybe not. I tend to stay hopeful as miracles happen every day.

    I'd never tell anyone they should eat out because I do it and no one should be telling others they shouldn't eat out because they don't. It's a matter of personal choice and if we can't have that in America then why live here? I figure if Kim Khoeller (with three allgergens who is highly reactive when glutened) eats out all over the world safely, then I can too. Sure it's harder in the US, but worth the effort to enjoy life!

  12. That is funny - I had WF Bakehouse bananna bread this am with fruit. Forgot it was in the freezer for months. Defrosted a day in fridge, nuked and it was just like out of the oven. I was pleasantly surprised. But what I need is a zucchini bread recipe. If anyone has a regular one, that's what I prefer. I just use a gluten-free mix for the wheat flour I buy so if you give me a recipe with 4 flours, it will not translate easy to me, a novice baker.

  13. I was thrilled when both my sister and Mother got tested at my request. Mother was sick for 18 years so I knew she had it as soon as I was dx'd. Mother has it but sister was negative. Her kids are who I'm worried about but my urging her to test them has put strain on our relationship which is already long distance. So I'm working on convincing my Mother to insist on getting the kids tested, at least the one with symptoms. I know how frustrated you are. I doubt we'll ever understand why people wouldn't want to know if there is a health issue that can be reversed by a diet, instead of waiting until the treatment is possibly chemotherapy.

  14. Wow that is wonderful and thanks for sharing. I have a goal that my hubby's family reunion in three weeks will not be a drag for me - not sharing a cabin with all the gluten eaters since that's all they know of food and I'm not kidding. At least you inspired me to make sure and take lots of gluten-free goodies to share and I'm sure they will not believe Pamela's cookies and 123 gluten-free pan bars are gluten free! We were also just asked to bring our own breakfast to a timeshare weekend with in-laws which aggravated me at first but then I decided to bake a lovely breakfast casserole (sub out bread with potatos) to take up, and offering to share. I'm sure they think my food is awful, and if I don't let them know it's not, they'll continue to be misinformed. Due to the cost, I have not shared anything with them since I saw them right after my dx. Now I know it's very important for me to do that, extra cost or not. Thanks for your inspiring story.

  15. Ursula - so sad to read about your sick friend and his wife as well. I appreciate you posting that story. I understand your frustration completely. My friend who was dx'd wtih diabetes and never even told me, just takes meds and eats what she wants apparently. If she ever took charge of her health, I'd be there to support her every step of the way. Until then, and I know that situation may never arise, I just can't sit back and watch it anymore. When I brought up food intolerances as she has sinus infections ALL the time, she didn't want to hear it at all. I had to admit she is not ready to deal with what needs to be dealt with and I can't change that. Your friend is much sicker than mine (who's only 40) and I know it is hearthbreaking for you.

    Regarding the herd mentality issue - I agree that it's a huge problem in our society. From the time I was very young, I had no desire to be like everyone else. It's just not who I was then or am now. I think this has helped me immensely in getting on with my life after a dx of Celiac. I'm different than many I deal with every day and that suits me just fine. I think people who always have to fit some kind of mold, well they are not my type of person in the first place. I do think that this is why so many shun the idea or stay in denial that they maybe should be tested for Celiac, even though deep down, they know it's a good idea. They don't want to be different and they sure as heck don't want their kids to be different. Makes no sense to me since if the kids have Celiac, ignoring the issue will not make it go away.

  16. Disclaimer: the chef there does not know any more than I told him about Celiac, gluten and safe preperations practices and I did not go over everything, just what I felt was important regarding me having a safe brunch meal there. Since the meals I usually have there (brunch) are gluten free anyway the only thing I had to do was substitute fresh fruit for the muffin that came with my meal. I had e-mailed the chef prior to my visit and he was most helpful, even if he didn't know much at all (if anything) about Celiac. When I ordered I explained to the server that I was allergic to wheat which meant bread so that a muffin could not go anywhere near my plate. I find when places are not trained about Celiac, this works best for me when I already know what is safe and how to modify it if need be. You do whatever works for you, of course. My meal was perfect, the fruit was more than adequate as a replacement for the muffin so I thought they may charge me extra - they did not. The service could have been better towards the end of the meal but we got there before they were on a wait so I felt the server did listen to me when I ordered. Certainly she acted as if this was not the first time she'd had this request. In any case, I never reacted, no bloating and not even a small break out I tend to get (have twice) when I get the slightest bit of cc going on.

    As this place tends to use a lot of flour in the dinner menu options I personally would not go there for dinner at this point. IF the chef there gets more people inquiring about gluten free meals, then he may be able to feed us a nice gourmet dinner as well, sometime in the future. From my prior dinners there (on gluten) I remember a lot of gluten in most everything I liked. In sauces for fish, in soups and most apps. As far as I know they bake their desserts and pastries in house.

  17. Well I'm sure the soy sauce does contain gluten but in the woman's e-mail she did say plain, unmarinated steak and chicken were the only safe menu options, plus a baked potato. So I think they read enough to know at least that gluten could be in sauces. However, there is a new development in this saga. The woman has a sister who was told last week she needed to be tested for Celiac. Now it seems that the company may be interested in trying to feed us if they can learn more about how they could do that. I'll keep you posted if anything positive comes about from what started off negatively.

  18. mamaw - where do you get F by G pizza. My local store has the cheese pizza with the sauce but I'd like to make my own so I can have varied types. Do you order the cases of frozen crusts and if so from where?

    Now, about the cookies from this line. Even though I did not mix to specifications (still learning to bake) these cookies came out wonderful. 'Normal' consistency, great taste and the best part is they do not get hard when they cool. If you like roll cut and bake cookies, you'll like these. Pamela's is my number one cookie mix but hubby can't do those with the dark chocolate so gluten-free Naturals is nice as another option that he can enjoy too. The company told me they freeze well so I froze half the batch I made. I'll post how they are later. My gluten eating hubby will surely be asking me to defrost them soon.......he thinks they are the best gluten-free cookie since he's never had Pamela's.

  19. *Fettucinni Alfredo - only every other weeks as it's laden with fat/calories.

    *Pizza with Chebe crust

    *Grilled pork chops

    *Turkey burgers w/cheddar garlic bun from Silly-Yak bakery


    *Turkey tacos

    *Chicken enchiladas or enchilade casserole

    *Pasta/pancetta casserole

    *Quiche with Gillians gluten-free crusts (not great but edible)

    all I can think of for now......I have to go find Nini's chicken recipe apparently

  20. Not me but my Mother except she had symptoms on and off for many, many years. She of course, was always told it's IBS. Well once she was told she had Lupus when if fact, she didn't. Though now I know it is not that uncommon to mix up Lupus with Celiac, since docs don't know about Celiac, generally speaking. Good luck getting better soon. This board will give you more help that you ever could imagine needing.