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  1. Atlanta Metro Celiacs is hosting a gluten free fair this Sat. at the Roswell, GA Doubletree Hotel. There will be over 70 vendors there. It's free for members and $3 (cash only) for non members but that gets a whole family in. In addition to gluten-free food companies from around the US, three of the gluten free breweries will be there. Some supplement companies and checkmytag.com will be there. One vendor will be selling gluten free slogan hats, bags and t-shirts. I hope everyone can come out and enjoy this great fair if you are in the vicinity of N. GA. We have attendees coming in from TN, AL and SC.

    A gluten free bakery will be coming from Chat. - I forgot about them. They now ship 24 flavors of gluten-free cookies - and they are sugar free as well. The owner is a diabetic Celiac. www.abountifulharvest.net is their site and they have the only ded. gluten-free bakery in the SE that we know of. Their cakes are great from what I've heard but it's astronomical to ship them so I'll try one when I'm visiting in Chat.

  2. It was just the 123 Gluten Free pan bar mix made in a mini muffin pan (plus another small rectangle baking pan as it makes a lot). I added the walnuts and a little extra cinnamon and cloves to bump up the spices. For the frosting I used cream cheese and some powdered sugar and coconut flakes but to make a glaze consistency, I added some agave syrup as well. I did the frosting by taste - no measurements - sorry. It is really fun when gluten eaters gobble up gluten free goodies but they usually won't touch them if you put a 'gluten free' sign with them...lol!

  3. We had our first ever block party for our street on Sat. and everyone gathered in the cul-de-sac in front of our house. I knew I would not be able to eat anything anyone brought because I would not be able to check the labels, blah, blah. So I take apple spice/walnut mini muffins with cream cheese coconut frosting. I had to stop my DH from eating them all before we took them outside but he's used to eating almost totally gluten free himself. Well the muffins were a huge hit, not only with the adults in the group but with the kids as well. They wanted to know where I got them......lol! I told them I baked them and they looked shocked - guess theirs moms aren't big bakers. I was the only person to bring homemade baked goods. Anyway, eventually some people got around to asking questions about why I wasn't eating the other stuff and Celiac and gluten came up and I was able to educate a few people but many of them knew someone with Celiac. It was pretty cool so if you get a chance to talk about gluten and Celiac I think you could help someone without even knowing at the time.

  4. Target is finally working on compiling a list fo gluten free products they carry in their stores, at least for their own line called Archer Farms. Their toll free # is on their website (www.target.com) and I think the more of us that call and ask for such a list, the faster they will get it ready.

    I noticed they have weird ways of marking items gluten free in some cases. On their salmon ball appetizer (frozen) you can tell easily that the ingredients don't contain gluten but the gluten free part is not near the ingredient list. I let them know this is not a gluten consumer friendly way to mark packages gluten free and they seemed to take note and asked me a lot of things about gluten free products. They also indicated they are getting calls weekly now about a gluten free product list which is why the finally started to work on one for us.

  5. Hi KG - as far as I know there still is not a group in Tall. The woman who ran one previously apparently moved. Very few people in town are dx'd with Celiac as far as we can tell. We rarely eat out when in Tall. but if we do, we go to Bonefish or Carrabas which at least offer decent gluten-free menus. Sorry not t be of more help but since you're in Destin, do you know of any places to eat in Orange Beach, FL? We're going down for a few days before heading to New Orleans, and we're hoping not to cook every dinner in the condo while at the beach.

  6. I've been to both locals and they each have very knoweldgeable Chefs reagarding gluten free food prep. They prefer to let them know in advance you require a gluten free meal when making reservations. It's Asian Fusion cuisine and my meals including salad, dinner/side and dessert needed no modifications whatsoever. However, many of their sauces contain reg. soy sauce so you can ask them to make you some other gluten-free sauce instead - not with soy sauce though. Their gluten-free chocolate souffle is to die for but must be ordered during the meal (not at end) due to cooking time. It's pricey - about $100 for two if you have wine and two desserts but more than worth it for a special treat. Be sure and ask them to leave off the pineapple shaped cookie (that anchors the ice cream) with the souffle.


  7. By the way, you mention that she didn't use the latest statistics. Which are you referring to?

    In the article it says 1 in 133 have Celiac. It's actually 1 in 100. The NIH site is usually not that up to date...they get changes and it literally takes months for them to be keyed in. This is what someone who works for the government told me anyway. Anyway, this woman (who is a nutritionist after all) is trying to learn and for that I'm thankful.

    Carla - have a great time here! Didn't you enjoy the weather (until today...lol)? Wildfire is open for lunch but I've been out at meetings so I did not see your note until now. Lunch is absolutely their best value!

  8. I was interviewed for this piece, the woman spelled my name wrong (everyone does..lol) but overall she did a decent job. She got the medical info from the NIH, which unfortunately doesn't have the current stats but it's still great exposure for our cause. In the actual paper they have colors photos of the salmon, steak sandwich, choc. cake and Redbridge beer mentioned in the story. It's about 1/3 page in the Better Health section.

    The author is the same woman who posted a horridly inaccurate blog about Celiac on the ajc.com site and kimjoy on this site posted about here. At least the author now knows more correct info about Celiac and gluten free dining than she did!

    You can view the article for free for six more days.


  9. Think it was a technical glitch with the video link. It's working on the NFCA site now...still not up on ABC.

    I tried to e-mail both Bill and Elisabeth to thank them for the awesome segment. Neither would go through. Anyone else try and if so, did your note go through? I was able to go to another contact address for ABC and send them a note so I asked where the View's Celiac video link was as well as the list of foods they were going to post.

  10. I agree! Dr. Green doesn't have the most energetic speaking manner so for him this was a wonderful effort! He touched on many important points in a short time. Infertility will get the attn. of many I'm sure as will the term IBS since we know so many out there with that label of IBS really have Celiac. The food table looked great as well and it showed we can eat plenty of great tasting foods - they're just free of gluten. My only criticism was that Alice wasn't given time to share her personal tragic story of delivering an 8 month still birth.

    Now I think we all need to e-mail the View's producer (Viewmaster on their site) and thank him for such an informative segment which shows you can live a healthy life free of gluten and not miss out on great tasting foods! Let's hope this is just the tip of the Celiac iceberg!

  11. It just proves it depends on which location you go to when it comes to gluten free knowledge. The managment of Mimi's in Atlanta is woefully undereducated about gluten. The server we had didn't seem to know the word gluten so I was not at all surprised when 2 of our 8 dinners had to be recooked. When my food arrived it was good but I could barely enjoy it since I was starving by then. I complained and was offered a gift card by the CA office but I declined - it wasn't a place I'd ever go back to - in Atlanta anyway. I'm glad the San Jose location is more on the ball and that you enjoyed your meal.

  12. Okay - so my one year anniversary of being gluten-free was at the end of January. My six month blood work was surprisingly great and the year check up was even better. My vitamin levels were way up (B's, folic acid, etc) but my iron stores is only at 50 so the doc said I had to stay on the iron therapy. My iron level was high (not dangerous) but she said the stores or ferritin take a very long time to build back up. Just wondering if anyone else has been where I am and was eventually able to stop taking iron. How long on average does it take to build store back up to high levels? For the first 9 months on iron I didn't know I had Celiac so I wasn't absorbing much of it. I went from a 4 to a 10 for my stores (dangerous) eating gluten. So now it's 50 in a year off gluten, but I think it might have to get to 100 to stop the pills. What have others been told? Seems each doc has a different number they think is the goal. Thanks if anyone can help.

  13. Back to the View segment, I have a suggestion for us all just in case it doesn't turn out the way we'd like it to. Certainly I hope it's the best Celiac segment we've ever seen but just in case it's not, I hope we'll come here to vent our frustrations and not slam the show directly. The way to further our cause is to court those in power. After the piece, if I think they left out something important about Celiac I'll calm down, then send a thank you e-mail to Bill Gedde (producer) and suggest info they should include if they do another Celiac segment. Send Elisabeth a note too if you like but she doesn't have as much power as one might assume so please don't forget Bill, her producer. Click on The Viewmaster to e-mail him. It does make a difference when we flood them with e-mails but they have to be the right e-mails or we'll only hurt ourselves in the end.

    Hopefully with both Alice Bast and Dr. Green on the show, the important parts about the disease will be touched on. Keep in mind that if anyone googles celiac this site is the first to come up usually so if Dr. Green says you have to get the biopsy for a dx (which he probably will), don't worry about that. People will come here and decide what's best for them with the help of the great people here. Together we can make a difference but we have to think about how our actions can help and hurt our cause.

  14. I'm in charge of inviting doctors in the Atlanta area to participate in the NFCA's Gluten Free Cooking Spree which is October 27th, 2007. The only hospital I need help with so far is Grady Memorial downtown. Does anyone know a doc from there I should invite? It does not need to be a GI, better really if not because we are trying to raise awareness outside the GI world of medicine. If you offer a contact, you can either give me your info (pm me) if you'd like me to use your name for influence or tell me you'd rather not be mentioned.

    For more infomation about this exciting 7 city event go to www.celiaccentral.org and you'll see a video clip of the CNN coverage which also includes a story of one of Dr. Rudert's patients. The cooking spree blurb is after Dr. Rudert's part is over.

    If you live in the Metro Atlanta area I hope you will come out and support this event. I'll post ticket prices and more details as they are available. The event in Atlanta is at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, downtown. As you can imagine this project is very time consuming so if you post questions here and I don't reply quickly, forgive me. If your request is urgent, please pm me for a quicker response.

    Thanks if anyone can help!

  15. Back when I first started eating out again after my dx, we found a great Sushi place that told me there were five dishes (not sushi) on their menu I could have. I liked two of them so we went every few weeks. The last time we went (months ago) my food came out with a watery type sauce and the server explained it didn't have cornstarch since it now had wheat in it. I didn't care for a water based sauce so we never went back. Well today I was going to the nail salon and ended up parking near the Sushi place and the server recognized me and came up and asked me where I'd been. I explained about the sauce and that if they could not make it with cornstarch I didn't care to dine there anymore. I was nice and so was he. He told me he'd check on the cornstarch ingredients on the label and told me to stop in on my way back. I went in later to the restaurant and he said he was sorry that the cornstarch clearly states wheat on the label. I almost asked to see it but I know the place is barely hanging on for business so they would love us to come back. Therefore this is no reason for him to tell me there is wheat in the cornstarch if there isn't. I'm just baffled why anyone would put wheat flour in the cornstarch. Is it cheaper or something?

  16. I've ordered from the following sites:

    *www.glutensolutions.com - has some of everything

    *www.gfnaturals.com - contains soy but has the best gluten-free pancake, cookie and yellow cake mixes

    *www.123glutenfree.com - fave biscuit, pan bar and brownie mixes

    *www.amazon .com - go to grocery section and then search 'gluten free'. This site is great once you know what you like as they sell by the case only. We get cereal, bread and hamburger buns from them at a great discount. Free shipping on order of $25 or more, just like with their books.

    *www.shopbydiet.com - you can check all things you avoid (gluten, dairy, soy, corn, etc) so it's great for those with multiple intolerances.

    Good luck!

  17. Someone posted this on listserv -

    I just found this TV segment and thought I would share. If anyone would =

    like to see it, it's in 2 parts and you can watch the video of the =

    article if you click on the link with the little video camera icon. =

    Every little bit helps to get the public informed. Enjoy!



    I also will include the link for Dietitian Central for food =

    intolerance/allergies where I found this and a lot of other great links.


  18. For those of you in, around or near Atlanta, GA the Atlanta Metro Celiacs group is hosting Shelley Case for our April meeting. Check out the website for details (www.atlantametroceliacs.com). There is no charge to attend the meeting.

    Also, in May we are hosting a Gluten Free Vendor Fair. Come try before you buy - vendors will be sampling their wares. It should be a wonderful event!

    The officers of this group are really making things happen for our rapidly growing Celiac community. I'm so glad to have such a great support group here. Everyone should be so lucky.

  19. That totally sucks Rusla. I'm so sorry to hear this news....why didn't the guy at least say he was leaving? How odd - maybe he was fired. I'll be thinking good thoughts that you find an even better doctor but I know how frustrating the search can be. Good luck and keep up posted on your progress.

  20. Please moderators move this to the correct topic. I know there is one but I can't locate it now. I got bagels from www.gfgreatbakes.com and they are not to be believed! English muffins also very good but the bagels are better than 'real' bagels to me. I always found bagels to be a little too heavy for me. These are dense like a bagel but not too much so. They are the perfect gluten-free bagel to me and well worth the expense.

  21. Thanks for the replies and info. I think it's worth this woman getting tested for Celiac if she has not been. I met her briefly and don't know how to contact her but my instructor will make sure and tell her that it's important she at least rule Celiac out. I have a feeling that no doc has thought of this but maybe they will in NYC. She is either just back from there or coming back this weekend.

  22. My exercise teacher told me last night about her friend who is 45 and is NYC this week for a second opinion about why her bones are so brittle. She has about four pins in her body from various breaks, all from doing normal activities as far as I can tell. The doctors in Atlanta have not been much help and one of them 'thinks' she could have bone cancer but isn't sure of that. Can anyone tell me if someone with Celiac could have such problems? I have a mild case of osteopenia at 43, due to my Celiac so I figured it's worth asking. This woman has been looking for answers for a while now. Thanks if anyone has any insight on this matter.