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  1. Walmart sells a cookie called Sunstart which is gluten free. It's made in Ireland and they only make five different flavors of cookies - nothing else from what I can tell. Since I don't shop at Walmart EVER, I had to find them online after tasting them in FL over the holidays. I could NOT believe they were gluten free AND they don't crumble easily when traveling. I love Pamela's cookies but they are in pcs. if I try to travel with them or take them to Starbuck's when meeting freinds for coffee. This cookie really stands up for taste and texture and the ginger cookies make a great cookie pie crust. I found them on both www.glutensolutions.com and www.sunstartbakery.com. The latter is the best value if you order five boxes since you get free shipping that way. I have no financial interest in the product or either website I listed.

  2. I rarely watch this show but I saw most of it last night. Jim's wife's character mentioned a ficticious actress and said 'she sings, she dances and even has her own line of gluten free pasta'. I almost fell off the chair. I was surfing other channels later and switched back and someone had delivered a gift basket to Jim's house and the wife said 'oh she sent pasta!' but she didn't say gluten free again. I'm wondering if someone on that show or a writer maybe has Celiac.

  3. mb1984- I think I got my bags from the Connis Sarros (sp?) site. Google her and toaster bags and it will come up. There are lots of places that sell them so you may want to shop around for the best deal. There were only two bags in my pack which is fine when using on for travel but they won't last long for everyday use.

    kimjoy24 - that would really get annoying if someone were doing that all the time at work. I guess humans are curious by nature but some should remember 'curiosity killed the cat'.

    Rusla - as always you make me laugh!

  4. I was at a small hotel in Gainesville FL last week on the way to Orlando for work. DH was with me and the hotel serves breakfast in the back lobby. The only thing I could have was a boiled egg and fruit as everthing else was bread related. So I had my own bread in a cooler in the room and I took it and my new toaster bags down and then put the bread into the toaster bag and put it in the toaster. There are 2 toasters next to each other and one was already in use by someone standing next to it. I scoured the offerings on the bar and then saw that the toaster light wasn't on so I went right back and commented that it would probably work better if I turned the toaster on and I laughed and for sure, without question the woman standing two feet from me heard me and ever acknowleged me. So I head out to get my coffee on the other side of the space and when I turn around I see the woman from the toaster area telling the woman who worked there that someone put plastic into the toaster. I ran over quickly to explain what the bag is and the lady that works at the hotel is very nice and asked me about what I couldn't eat and I could tell the narc woman was very dissappointed that the hotel lady didn't scold me or something. It was so odd. The narc woman then proceeded to say that she thought some kids had put the bag in the toaster.......ummmmmmm...no she didn't since she saw me do it so she is now not only a narc but a liar as well. I could see if she thought I was literally retarded and thought I was going to ruin the toaster but when she then backtracked and said she thought kids did it when clearly she did not think that, I felt I could slap her but then the police would have been called...it would not have been pretty and we would possibly miss our dinner reservations in Orlando for that evening......lol! Dh would have been mortified if I'd told the narc off so I let it go and later as she passed by our table and looked at me and I gave her the nastiest look ever. It felt good too.

    Why bother posting this? If you are out in such a venue using toaster bags, you might want to stick by the toaster so the same thing doesn't happen to you. People can be so nosy. I might add that the toaster bags are totally worth the $8 investment. They work great and my toast was perfect, browned to my liking and the bag is reusable, though not indefinitely.

  5. I really think The View will do a 'proper' segment on Celiac because from what I was told, Rosie mentioned last week that they were doing a segment on it this week. I think Friday's blurb was really just a teaser and an ad for the beer. True everyone who is gluten free knows about the beer already, but I know of someone dx'd with Celiac who couldn't give up beer so he didn't go gluten free just because of that. So if someone told that person he could have beer now, he might give the gluten free diet a try.

    More importantly Elisabeth did mention Celiac is often misdiagnosed as IBS (and the meds don't help much) and that comment would peak the curiousity of hudreds or thousands suffering from that alone. Then she mentioned infertility as a symptom in some.........it's not like the average infertility doc is going to tell his patients they should be tested for Celiac even though studies show 10% of infertile couples have one partner with undiagnosed Celiac. So the blurb did help some if not many in my opinion.

    Of course we need a show about Celiac like the one they did today (according to jerseyangel). I saw they were doing a show about Autism in the beginning but I had no idea they were going to do a whole show about it. I think that's amazing really. Maybe we're next but anyone who knows much about Celiac knows you can't fit everything into 40 minutes (air time for an hour show) so plenty of people will still complain about an hour long show. At this point I think any publicity is good publicity. Until we get our 'Michael J. Fox' we have to take any crumbs we can get.

  6. I'm sure it's not coincidental that she was promoting the new AB beer but if that is what it took for her to 'come out' so to speak I'm thrilled that AB approached her. Maybe she had them donate money to Celiac research or something. AB is a huge ABC sponsor and having anyone on The View drink Redbridge on air is priceless advertising. Either way it works and at least she mentioned infertility in addition to IBS. Hopefully they will do a proper health segment on Celiac next week. We should all send Elisabeth TY e-mails today and ask they do so.

  7. The new and improved support group in the Atlanta area kicked off the new year on Saturday. Key note speakers were: Venessa Maltin (author of 'Beyond Rice Cakes'), Alice Bast (founder and director of NFCA / www.celiaccentral.org) and the NFCA's new National Spokesperson Heidi Collins (anchor of CNN Newsroom, M-F/9-12). We knew Vanessa and Heidi would be there but Alice showing up was a complete surprise and what a great surprise is was! All three ladies did a fantastic job, each speaking eloquently about their own Celiac journeys. What a great way to start off the new year and our new group!

    If you live in the Atlanta area, check out the non-profit group's website - www.atlantametroceliacs.com.

  8. Veru interesting posts - thanks everyone.

    ravenwoodglass - I gave her the Ener-G crackers and she does like them best for a gluten-free cracker. Still she says it's no Saltine and of course she's right. I guess I just don't miss anything as I've found more food than I ever knew existed that I love. One thing is for sure, if I was ever tempted to cheat -it would be with a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut - not something as boring as a Saltine.

  9. Well I finally had a Redbridge on Friday night. It was really just like a beer to me but I think I prefer Bard's Tale if I had to vote. Hard to say without doing a taste test side by side. I really mostly have beer at Braves games so now it's my mission to get Turner Field concessions to carry Redbridge. They already get AB in so they should be able to bring it in without issue. If you live in the Atlanta metro area and want to enjoy a brewsky at the games, please take a moment to e-mail the Braves (www.braves.com) and ask them to carry Redbridge at the stadium. There should be a phone # on the website if you prefer to call instead. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the thoughts on why someone would do such a thing. I guess I really have had it much easier that Mother since having to go gluten free. In Dr. Green's book he says there are two kinds of people in the world (he did not coin this phrase) - those who live to eat and those who eat to live. Mother is the former and I'm the latter. I'm sure that makes a big difference in how we each dealt with having to go off gluten. Food is an emotional crutch for her which I can't understand, but I know that's her reality. Okay I feel much better now so I'm off to make my gluten free lasagne and I'm having a Redbridge beer to go with it. This is a good day after all!

  11. Strongbow was one but I forgot the other. Maybe I'll try one when it gets hot.....that's when I like beer. I'm only having one tonight because it's here. It's not really cold today so that's good. I'll probably let it sit out and warm up before drinking. I think the Europeans drink their beer the right way. Here it's too cold for me.

    Have a great weekend everyone - with or without a gluten free brewsky!

  12. Okay - for any of you in the Gwinnett area of Atlanta, the Publix at the corner of S'loaf and FFT rd. got the beer in today. The manager actually called me as promised so I went after lunch and got a 6-pk. for $7.49 which I personally thought was a good deal as I paid $10 for Bard's Tale. Anyway, it's a bit early to start drinking so I'll try it tonight with my lasagne. I really like Bard's Tale so I think this will be just fine.

    BYW, next to the Redbridge at Publix were two brands of English cider which appear to be gluten free based on the ingredients listed. Does anyone know what is it, if it's good and of course if it is indeed gluten free?

    The poster above has good idea. If you want to order a beer when out, make sure and ask for it everywhere you go. Eventually it'll creep in some place you frequent.

  13. I've been gluten free for almost a year now and my Mother was dx'd (due to my dx) about 10 months ago. She is not careful when dining out (tries to be but her personality gets int he way) so she occaisionally gets glutened and doesn't enjoy it when it happens. I've accepted the fact that she is not as careful as she needs to be since it's her life. I know when she gets cc'd after eating out some times, she does not feel well for a day or two after. She also does not enjoy feeling badly - gets typical reaction that I luckily was never afflicted with. Bloating or a stomach ache is the worst is gets for me now which happens rarely anyway. She was at the point before her dx of being careful to know where every bathroom in town was. So today she tells me she decided to do a little gluten challenge yesterday, her b-day. The grandkids were having saltine crackers which she loves and misses so she had one. Needless to explain what followed but how ridiculous is that?! She is not a dumb person, at least I didn't think so but having a cracker to see what will happen when you really know what will happen is embarrassingly stupid. When she told me about it she was complaining that one little cracker made her sick. Duh!!!!!!!!! You have Celiac disease. I made an excuse to get off the phone. I don't feel right scolding my own Mother but I had to vent so I figured I'd bore you guys with my rant. Thanks if you had time to read. Oh and happy 2007!

  14. Wow! Thanks so much for posting this. I'm always a bit wary about booking places overseas (before gluten free even) so I check the reviews at www.tripadvisor.com. Most places worth staying at have been reviewed on there by actual tourists who've stayed there. In three years it has not steered me wrong yet. Good luck and have a glorious trip! Remember in the phamacias in Italy, you can order gluten free food to be picked up at a later time...either the day you order or the next day. That is possible in the larger cities anyway.

  15. This info below was posted on list serv.......if the person who posted it gets a reply back from the university about getting the bread to the US, I'll post that here too. She e-mailed them yesterday. In many places in Spain you can get gluten free tapioca bread in restaurants...... That's why Spain is my next European destination.

    The university link:


    The article link:


  16. AB said the site is not functional yet but will be soon.........hopefully then the retail locator will work.

    In the mean time you can call the toll free AB number (www.budweiser.com) and ask for the number for your local Bud ditsributor and they can tell you if it's coming to your area. Apparently some bars/restos will be offering it as well - yea!

    Publix update - I called the store closest to me and was told they may get the beer tomorrow but if not, they will have it on the 26th.......the Publix 2.2 miles down the street from the first store says they think it's there but not up on the shelves yet so she has to call me back to see when it will be available for purchase. She will also tell me the price per 6-pk. So Turtle - you should be able to get it if you are here on the 26th if not before!