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  1. The gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies were to die for! I used Naturally Gluten Free cookie blend flour and for every cup of flour, you deduct one tbsp. of the cookie blend flour. I also made a few pan bars since all the cookies did not fit on the cookie sheet. They were very good for about three days and after that they were too stale for me. Also, the cookie recipe I used was from Quaker which I found on www.recipezaar.com. My hubby shared some cookies with gluten eaters and they were impressed that they were good and gluten free!

  2. At CVS only you can use any Lumeme lipstick and liner. I don't like it but I'm just telling you it's a swiss line and everything in their line is gluten free EXCEPT the Moon Drops stuff in their line.

    Another one (what I use) is Loreal 8 hour lipstick. Many of their contain gluten so you'd have to call on them. Revlon won't confirm theirs is gluten free - or would not last Feb. when I called them.

  3. The gluten free oats I got are most definitely gluten free but I chose them since the owners daugter has Celiac and he started the company so she could oatmeal for breakfast like she'd done her whole life. I've also met others who love the oats from Wild Oats (we don't have here) and some from www.giftsofnature.com. I'll let you know how my cookies turn out..........I'm so excited I may not wait until tomorrow to bake them!

  4. Oh my! Never would have thought of Lyme disease. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the situation.......just found out some info that would explain some of the scatterbrained incidents. The knee person has been off gluten for about 10 months so gluten won't do anymore damage at least. They want her to have surgery on both knees at the same time next month. Seems better to split them up but I'm sure the doctors like their fees sooner than later.

  5. I also agree as this type of forum goes, celiac.com can't be beat. Only very few negative people told me some things that thank goodness turned out not to be true. I ignored them and plunged on learing this new way of life. Now I find I don't have time for this board as much so I love listserv since I it's quick and you may be able to help someone and if not you just don't reply. But when you really need help with a product or anything really, someone on this board is likely to be able to, and take the time to help you. Some of the boards out there are so fanatical they are scary. I got some really bad medical advice from several people on such a board. When their advice about exactly what type of supplement to take turned out to be wrong, I left and never looked back.

    Though it's been said before - special thanks to Nisla and Patti as they let me know I would be okay when I was so scared in the very beginning. Happy Holidays guys!

  6. I was wondering if a torn miniscus in the knee (or both actually) without an injury could be attibuted to eating gluten. Both knees went bad in about a three month span but there was no injury or fall the person had that it can be blamed on. She thinks it's just her age (63) combined with her being about 40 lbs. overwieght.

    Next question - could someone be scatterbrained as a symptom of having undx'd Celiac? I know someone whose hair started falling out due to low seratonin levels in the brain. Lexapro reversed that issue but now she's forgetting things like picking up her son from daycare after saying she was on the way there to someone on the phone.........

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

  7. Sorry don't live in the area but there is a gluten free brewery in your part of the state. Maybe you can call the owners who have Celiac. Website is www.darkhillsbrewery.com ....I think. It's in the publicity thread on this site if I listed it wrong. Good luck to you.

  8. Moderators please put this in the right place...no time to hunt for it now. I'm now having gluten free oats several times weekly and they are soooooooo good! Have to start out slow since it's so much fiber your system may not be used to (not true in my case) but they come with an instruction card. I got mine at www.glutenfreeoats.com. I'll be making oatmeal raisin cookies this weekend and I can't wait!

  9. One of my most memorable Christmas' was when my younger siblings woke up about 4 am to find that Santa had already brought their long awaited trampoline. They went out in the pj's (no slippers) and jumped and screamed and probably woke up more than just me and our parents - lol! Luckily it was in FL so it wasn't that cold.

    One of the funniest times (funny now anyway) was when Mmy Mother ordered me a stereo but when she picked it up she didn't confirm it was what she ordered. So I got up that morning with no 'big' gift since my stereo turned out to be a silver tea service set. I was so mad, really fuming that Mother could have made such a huge mistake. I was a bit of a brat as you can tell. Today I wish I still had the tea set - it would be much more valuable that the stereo that worked for about two years.

  10. All you can do is say thank you. At some point, you touched them and they felt like buying you a gift. Certainly they are aware that it was "out of the blue" as much as you were!! If you feel motivated, buy them something as well, but don't feel obligated as it might start a new tradition.

    Good thinking Carla and I love your new pic btw. We are having a New Years Day lunch here and inviting them along with others so hopefully that will suffice in a way.

  11. Okay - we went out to eat last night with dear friends to one of our new fave places Wildfire Grill. It was my fourth time there and their first. They were there upon our arrive as we met there and the female of the couple was holding a little bag but it wasn't that noticeable so it slipped my mind and we went in to enjoy a fantastic meal. After we all paid the server my friend handed me the bag and said Merry Christmas - slightly odd since this couple doesn't celebrate the season as they are agnostic. I tried to put the bag on my chair but she insisted we open it right then. Now I'm really feeling strange since we have known the guy for about 10 years and his new wife for three and we have NEVER exchanged gifts of any kind with them. Okay, I reach in and there are too small calendars - Monet for me and Dali for DH. Okay - these are not pricey and I like lots of calendars so I can use them. Next there is a long linen envelope........like something that would hold a gift check or card. There is no writing on the outside so I open it up and it's a $50 gift card to Wildfire - where were are still sitting. Now I'm mortified.........we have nothing to give them since we've never gotten a gift from them, we'd never think to get them anything and remember - they don't really celebrate Christmas like we do anyway. We thanked them profusely but DH never knew the amt. until we were in the car alone and he was perplexed when he found out. This couple is very conservative when it comes to spending money so they are the last people we'd ever suspect doing something this extravagant.

    We still don't know what's up but I mailed a formal TY note to them today. It was the most thoughtful gift I've been giving since my dx last Jan. but still.......I don't think it was appropriate given our history. What do you think and how have you handled the same situation?

  12. Our Meetup/Celiac group had a gluten free cookie/goodie swap on Sat. and it was so much fun! All the goodies were great - one member brought multiple things and she could open a gluten free dessert business if she wanted to! There is a company in Atlanta that sells gluten free entrees and she brought some of her meals for us to try as well. Shrimp and grits to die for! I'm busy now but I'll post her contact info later today.

    Since this group usually meets at a restaurant we needed a place that would allow us to bring our own food in. One of our members knew of such a place - a coffee house in downtown Norcross. We took over the entire space - all 6 tables and the owner seemed fine with it. We has a much larger turn out than expected. I highly suggest other support groups try a gluten-free goodie swap either this year or in the future. I'm sure our event will become an annual tradition.

  13. In San Antonio they are having a tasting of this beer. I got a six pack of Bard's Tale and I wasn't much of a beer drinker before but I love Bard's Tale. However, I think Whole Foods brand of gluten-free beer will be this new Redbridge since they told me theirs was being made by AB. I'll have to ask them this weekend when they will have it in Atlanta - how cool!

    Update - I called AB (1-800-342-5283) to inquire about where/when Redbridge will be available in GA and after being put on hold for quite a while she said I'd have to give my phone number for someone to look into the matter as this product is on in test markets now and she couldn't say anything more. Someone should get back to me within 10 days. In the mean time, I think anyone who wants this product in their market needs to call AB themselves so they see there is interest in getting this item out there. Even if you choose not to give your number, they will make a note that you called about Redbridge gluten free beer so it will help us all. For obvious reasons, you must be 21 years old to call.

  14. Personally I'm sick of paying overnight shipping costs to get food that I throw out which has now happened to me more times that I can count. I asked Everybody Eats if they'd bill shipping to my Fedex acct. and they would not so I won't order from them. Every other vendor has done that for me which saves me 40%. The bread from Against the Grain Gourmet has rave reviews even from people who eat gluten so it'll be worth the few weeks wait so I don't pay shipping charges (they won't ship direct to consumers). I do still order Bi-Aglut pasta but at least that can ship ground. Also I got the Gluten Free Oats brand of oats and that was more than worth the shipping..........so great to finally have some hot oatmeal again.

    United Foods rep. just got back to me. There is no plan at present to bring this line to Atlanta. They are starting off slowly in the NE - distribution warehouse is in Chesterfield Vermont (I think) but I don't know where they would ship to. You can contact them for stores as stated in my first post above. I'm so bummed.......maybe eventually it will get down here.