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  1. I got a notice on listserv about this company. There line will be distributed in Atlanta (and East Coast) starting this month (freezer section of health food stores). I have never heard of them and can't find a review on this board about them. They are based in Vermont and make baguettes, pizza shells. bagels and artisan breads in a ded. gluten free facility. Has anyone tried any of their products and if so, are they any good?

  2. For anyone attending parties catered by them around Atlanta, thought I'd share my experience with the catering manager on Sat. night at the company party I attended. They knew I had to eat gluten free prior to the evening so upon arrival the company HR person went and found the manager of Puck's catering so he could go over what I could eat. I was able to have pork tenderloin, beef medallions, tilapia, field greens salad w/dressing, rice and roasted veggies. Needless to say I had to pass on all the pasta offerings. For dessert they offered to bring me either fruit or sorbet but I snuck in my own pecan chocolate bark so I passed.

    It was a wonderful evening and I had plenty to eat and didn't react at all. Now the slightest gluten trace will cause me to double over in pain but I ate plenty and felt great and enjoyed showing DH around the aquarium and mingling with his co-workers. I was worried I'd have to pick up a Wendy's baked potato on the way home from starvation so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to enjoy most of the food without issue. I post this to let newbies know, even if you are still learning and don't eat outside your home now (probably a wise move) there is life after a Celiac dx and you can, yes you can still eat out safely but it takes planning and good communication skills in order to do so. Good luck and happy holidays to all!

  3. I'm not sure but you may be able to listen in the archive files. I found the interview to be very well done. Dr Green really pushes the biopsy for dx which I don't think necessary if you have positive blood markers for Celaic but like everyone on this board, people can make their own decisions on that matter. He really talked about anemia (yea! that was me) patients who had a hard time getting dx'd if that is their only symptom and he spoke a lot about dental enamel defects and how they are often caused by Celiac as well. He talked about how the med schools here in the US are funded greatly by pharma companies so that's why dcos don't know the currect stats on Celiac as there is no pill for it. He said it was much harder to be on the gluten free diet here than in most of Europe.

    After Dr. Green was off Dr. Oz's friend (forgot his name) came on and said that Dr. Oz almost eats gluten free from what he's observed and Dr. Oz said that anyone could probably benefit from eating gluten free as it's very healthy. Knowing my Celiac Mother loves her Snickers and chips I had to laugh at that comment. You can eat a ton of junk and still be gluten free. Dr. Oz also noted that he had never heard that infertility could be caused so that shocked him. He commented that the US is way behind Europe in getting the correct dx for people with Celiac and this is not the first time this has happened. Other conditions have had similar issues. Why does everyone always say we have the best medical care in the US? Do they just mean for cancer since we have more people with cancer than anywhere else on earth? I wonder.

  4. Well as I stated, we didn't sit with the others just me and DH alone due to long wait for a table for 8. So in fact, we didn't tell anyone except the FIL/MIL who rode home with us. They were not impressed with their own meal and could eat whatever they wanted. I didn't tell my SIL yet because she would forget it by the time we came back for another visit. The time to tell her is when we are planning to go back. Then I'll tell how bad that place was for someone with Celiac and if we are going out again with them, we'll pick the place or not be able to go. She will be fine with that. Like I said, I am the one who didn't do my job in this case. No one should ever be picking a place for me to eat out unless the place has a gluten free menu and I told them I eat there comfortably. I'm over it now but was frustrated at the time for my own stupidity. If I'd checked the place out beforehand, we could have gone elsewhere and met the others for the show/fireworks after dinner.

    mamaw - sorry about you MIL. I know how hard that must have been and then the snide remarks about where you ate.....people can be so catty and at the worst times.

  5. Dr. Green's assistant is the one who put out the listserv notice about Thursdays show so it should be at the times specified. I can't wait! I'm not even going to answer my business phone from 1-2. It's like Christmas came early for me this year! All this great media exposure in such a short time. I think 2007 will be the year for that Celiac and gluten become household words. Not like everyone will have it but there are more of us that have Celiac than many other well know diseases combined. It's our turn to be in the medical spotlight so to speak!

  6. Prgresso also has Chicken Cheese Enchilada and Corn Chicken Chowder that are gluten free BUT most of their soups have MSG so if that bothers you, you'd want to avoid that line. Health Valley has several gluten free soups (crm of mush, crm of celery, crm of chicken) but many on here can't tolerate them and think there may be a cc issue. I love Amy's gluten free soups but since they are organic, they are quite pricey.

  7. You beat me to the punch! I was just about to post about this....I'm so excited! I know it's not as good as having a whole Oprah tv show but it's better then nothing! I think you may be able to sign up for a three day or week trial for free on XM site but not certain about that. That's how I listened to the Celiac story on Martha Stewart's Sirius show for free.

    p.s. okay you can sign up for a three day free trial. I just did it, it's easy and I use a 'trash' e-mail address that I just empty out every so often. I use it just for a reason such as this so my real addresses don't get crammed with unwanted ads. I figure if Oprah is finally doing something for us, we'd better show our appreciation to her or her staff at her radio show at least.

  8. My ex-fave Chinese place guy went over my Chinese gluten-free dining card and started marking out everything I could not eat on their take out menu. When he was finished only white rice and some chicken dish made with a nasty white sauce was gluten free. Even the soup contains soy sauce (I make my own at home now) so we either have Chinese food at home or we go to PF Changs (very rarely).

  9. Yes I'm the one who said everyone would have a salad if I had to. But as we didn't even sit anywhere near the others and my SIL thought I could just have salmon plain (no thanks since no sides were okay) I didn't complain. And my meal was very filling (turkey, cheese, egg) and good. I couldn't even finish all of it so the meal wasn't bad, it was just not great and I would never go such a place on my own.

    In all fariness, I see many less trips up there as it's been more stressful than fun since the second child was born which seemed to overwhelm the parents quite a bit. When the time comes to go back, I'll be certain to ask if they plan on us eating out. If they say yes I'll let them know that I'll be picking the place or we won't be able to go - period. I picked the place last time and it was outstanding. This time I dropped the ball by trusting someone else to pick a place. That person seems to believe that I can always get plain salmon (not always the case) and at this place, none of the sides that came with salmon were okay.......why would I pay $16 for one pc. of plain fish? Mmmmmm.......I wouldn't of course.

    The only reason we were there Friday night was for the Grand Illumination on the river which was wonderful with fireworks at the end. It was quite spectacular and we viewed from a waterfront condo of friends of in-laws who were out of town. That event made the meal situation acceptable in the end.

  10. Oh I just love this thread! When we left town on Wed. am, several homes in our SD had their weaths up on each window, well they were up at least by Sunday night actually. I thought, can you let me have at least Thanksgiving without haveing to see Christmas decor? Skip to Thanksgiving morning when my nephew (his play room is full of toys plus basement has more) is dying to open a gift since we all brought their gifts with us as is tradition - no shipping cost that way. His parnets go up and find some gift from his b-day that was a toy still in the plastic, wrapped it and told the kid his grandparents gave it to him. I saw the 5yo storm upstairs and knew he was very unhappy but I hadn't heard what happened so my SIL told me. He opened the gift, yelled 'I think I already have this one' (transformer) and ran upstairs to find out. His punishment was sitting in his room comtemplating his behavior and when it was time to eat, he opted not to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us. Some other grandparents stopped by after dinner to say hi and they were told they could not see the child since he'd been so bad....... Can you imagine what such a child will be like when he's 15? And you can't blame the kid since it's the parents giving him a hundred toys throughout the year that made him this way. I think I'll follow jegstars example next year and give those kids a note that explains how we gave to needy children that otherwise would not have anything on Christmas morning.

    DH has never enjoyed Christmas as an adult. He doesn't want to exchange gifts with in-laws (mine or his) since we all have any and everything we need or want and he'd rather give to charity. We do that too, but we still give gifts to everyone as well. I think next year I'll agree to not give to our siblings gifts and see how that goes over. My sister will be fine with that but DH's probably won't be. It's just too much stuff and people are starving to death every day. I think we can enjoy Christmas more if we get back to what the season is really celebrating. The only people I know who aren't stressed at Christmas are my agnostic friends. That's pretty sad I think.

  11. We had a lovely visit with in-laws there over Thanksgiving but Friday night we went out to dinner at The Blue Plate which is about the worst place in town to go if you can't eat gluten. Have no idea why SIL picked such a place as she knows how hard it is for me to eat out but it was my fault for not contacting the place until Friday afternoon to inquire if they could feed me (SIL said she would do but never did). I called and was told they thought they could accomodate me but I should check out their menu online before coming in. By the time my BIL booted up the computer(password) for me to peruse the menu we were walking out the door for dinner. Every dish contained gluten seemingly except some salads and probably a burger without the bun. It was so busy and we were a party of 8 so we ended up sitting at two tables (6/2) and so DH and I sat alone. No problem as I was highly aggitated at this point about having to have salad for dinner so I wasn't the best company by the time we sat down. If we'd known that we'd split up beforehand we would have gone around the corner to a place that is much better for me. Lesson learned: never trust your non Celiac relatives to pick a place for you to eat.

    Luckily my salad was fine and I was able to mix some of my own vinegarette packet with their olive oil for a safe dressing. The dressing I wanted was not gluten free. I actually felt sorry for our waiter because he was astonished by my dining restrictions and he looked at me like 'why would you choose to come here, a down home Southern cooking place with a metropolitan twist'? Good question indeed and I'll certainly never go back!

  12. In the course of 3.5 months, a close friend of mine was shot (by her schizo brother) and paralyzed from the waist down, another close friend was dx'd with cancer (he died a year later) and my sister's first child, my first nephew died the night he was born. They revived him just to give the parents time to say goodbye as he was brain dead.....he had reflux and choked to death and well it was the worst thing we'd ever been through.

  13. Thanks for all the great advice and tips on what to say. The largest part of the party is actually socializing before we sit down to eat so that should be good. I'm not sure what I'll take for me to eat....contemplated taking lasagne so others would envy me but that seems more trouble that it's worth. I'll take my pecan mini pies which no one will know until after they rave about them that they are in fact gluten free!

    I'm lucky that with the large company party this year, they moved it to the GA Aquarium and Wolfgang Puck catering is the food but they said most of the buffet food is off limits to me. The caterer is making me something special and gluten free but I think that means plain as many have commented that at the actual WP places, they bring out boring food for gluten free diners. In any case, I'm eating something beforehand in case there is a pc. of bread on my 'special' meal and I'm packing snacks in my purse in case I get hungry and can't have anything there. Since it's not a sit down dinner it will be much easier to just enjoy the fish and have a few cocktails. I told DH this is the first time where my evening bag is more important than my outfit since it has to hold my gluten free food. :lol:

  14. Every year my DH's boss hosts a holiday dinner just for his people at his home. This year, the boss is out with heart problems so the event is being held somewhere where the hosts' first language isn't English. Of course I know I have to take my own meal and it's not a fancy event but many of the people there will not know anything about my diet and last year they all saw me eat whatever I wanted. What things have the rest of you said to explain why you're not eating what is offered? I'm not planning on educating everyone on Celiac at this particular event. DH already does that with everyone he works with but some of these folks don't work directly with him so they most likely will not have heard of Celiac or gluten. I know questions will come up with some that know me but I don't want to spoil everyone's dinner explaining what happens if I eat gluten. Truth is worst case for me is painful bloating or horrid stomach ache but still, it's not polite dinner conversation to speak of such things....except when eating at a gluten-free event of course. :lol:

  15. I agree with the advice above me. That woman was totally out of line to sign you up for pasta anything and she should be told so. zansu is right - some people get it and go out of their way to accomodate you and you need to thank those people profusely.

    Not to hijack the thread but Sat. I went to an At Home party (like Pampered Chef) and the hostess knows of my food issues as she is my workout instructor and saw how screwed up my arm was when I started her class. She had some fresh veggies and dip and corn chips that I could have. I didn't know there would be food so I wasn't hungry and it was a treat that I could have anything. What I found most interesting about the outing was that no one asked me why I wasn't enjoying all the mini quiches, cream puffs etc. I'm not sure if the hostess told them before I arrived about my food restrictions but I wasn't the last one there so everyone could not have been told. Sorry this is not meant to offend anyone but I think it's pertinent to the story.....over half the women there were somewhat or very overwight and ate the high cal stuff and not much else. I was the first to leave after placing my order as I had last minute Christmas shopping to do that afternoon. It dawned on me that since I'm fairly thin and seemed to eat like a bird, some could have thought I was anorexic or something. There was one extremely sickly thin lady there who ate lots of everything so now I don't thing she's anorexic anymore - lol! I don't care people think of me and got a chuckle out of it but I just feel certain that the hostess did say something to them before I arrived since at other similar occassions, people always asked me why I was tasting this or that. It's just the way people are so when these ladies were not that way, it didn't make sense to me.

  16. I got the bread on Friday at Nutrition Depot in Lawrenceville, GA (got last loaf) and it is pretty close to a cheap white bread for those who like that. I do like such a bread for a grilled cheese sandwich so that's what I'll have next but so far I heated a pc. let it cool and put peanut butter on it. It was quite good. Also, I think this bread would make a really good bread crumb. It does not have that gluten-free spongy texture which I find with most breads. I think Bry's Bread is the best white gluten-free white bread but I have to order online so that frt. is more than the loaf. This Ener-G bread is a close second and much more economical at $3.69 a loaf. Thanks for the tip Nisla! Happy turkey day everyone.

  17. I would say it's easy to spend at least $30 on dinner if you have an app/dinner or dinner/dessert. You can get a burger with a KK bun and fries for much less I think. Lunch is an amazing value. We still have some greens left over after both having salad left overs with dinner.

    Dinner reservations are highly recommended at night but not so much for lunch as of now anyway. Also, if you like ice cream and they don't have it with the cake, ask them to consider getting some for the future. If we all ask about it, eventually they're going to have it.

    I should have noted above that this place specializes in meat and even though they have seafood and I loved my shrimp, their cedar plank salmon and bay scallop entrees both come without much seasoning and no sauce. I would stick with meat for dinner in the future. I can make salmon at home as good as theirs but I can't make the chops/steaks as well. Their cuts are primo from what I understand. My next meal there will be a steak of some kind. Oh and if you like potatoes and eat dairy, don't miss the au gratin potatoes.....I almost cried they were so good. You will be hard pressed to find any other place in town that has this type of dish not made with flour. I know...I've been searching for about 10 months myself :D .

  18. First - thank you Dangerkitten! My Celiac Mother I found out also wants to try this bread. It's interesting you note about the pea flour because the lady who made this bread for our function told me she didn't have one of the flours and it didn't matter - it still tasted great and is good without being heated! This is no joke people.

    emcmaster - thanks for listing that recipe site. I use epicurious.com and recipezaar.com but for this bread, I had to have the exact thing my husband ate Sat. Now I'm going to look for some new things to try from cookinglight.com. I agree about using reg. recipes and tweaking them to be gluten-free. They almost always turn out just as good as the gluten dishes.

  19. There are other threads about Wildfire on this site, but I want to give the Atlanta location it's own special review since I have only been to that location.

    I attended a private party last week which was simply wonderful! The ambience, service and food are really something to get excited about. I can assure you there is no better trained staff on Celiac and gluten in the state of GA. Our server was great, thoughtful and even challenged my choice of vodka and said she could not guarantee is was gluten free...I knew it was and ordered it anyway but still, it was delightful that someone would go to that trouble to keep me from getting sick. I don't get really sick if I eat gluten by mistake, but she would not know that. The only downside of the evening was that for some odd reason, the vanilla ice cream supplier could not verify their ice cream was gluten-free so the flourless choc. cake was served with choc. sauce but no ice cream. The cake is good but it would be great with ice cream. The company is looking into getting some gluten free ice cream so hopefully they'll have it soon.

    Today I had a business lunch at Wildfire with two gluten eaters who enjoyed the fresh bread upon arrival. Someone came out to offer me a gluten free bun but I knew it was KK brand which I don't like so I passed when the confirmed it was indeed from KK. My entree was a mediterranean shrimp salad.....it was not only beautifully prepared, but it was one of the best shrimp salads I've had anywhere and I'm from the Florida coast so that's saying something. I had at least 40% of what they brought to box up and have tonight as an app. with dinner. This was not a shrimp salad with mayo, it was skewers of shrimp with onion that was grilled and set on lovely field greens that were dressed with some delightful yogurt mediterranean dressing. It also had a generous amount of fresh goat cheese in it. Please note: they will accomodate those with other allergies as well, ask your server for help. My meal today was one of the best lunches I've had in the US since my dx. If you live in Atlanta, you definitely need to try this place, assuming you are comfortable eating out which should be the case if you took time to read this thread. If you come to Chrimtmas shop in Atlanta from TN or SC, you should make a point to go here as well. They are in the parking lot of Perimeter Mall, near the JC Penney side.

    If you make a reservation, tell them how many in your party will be dining gluten free so they make sure you server knows it upon arrival to the table. Their site is www.wildfirerestaurant.com and when you click on reservations, you are sent to opentable.com where you get free points for every reservation you make. When you get to 2000 points, they send you a $20 gift check from opentable.com to be spent at any opentable.com restaurant. Most places allow you 100 points per visit. I have no affiliation with either Wildfire or opentable.com, except that I think they are both great! Enjoy!

  20. I am shocked that such a support group exists that would care about why people can eat gluten. That saddens me so much. Our group in Atlanta has every type person you can imagine in it that can't eat gluten for whatever reason. Without that group I would not know nearly what I do about where to shop in town, where to eat out, etc. Personally I wished I'd just gone on the diet instead of getting that biosy proven dx on my records. I believe BCBS is trying to find a way to drop my health coverage now and if they can legally I'm sure they will. Due to enormously high non compliant rates on the diet, insurance companies think if we have Celiac, we're going to get lymphoma.

    I've gotten off subject but to the original poster I'd day, I'd give them one more chance to send you info on the group in your area. I agree with the other poster who said those in leadership roles do take themselves too seriously sometimes but if you met the whole group, I bet you'd find many new friends to share your gluten free life experiences with. And if you don't like the group, try and start your own - even if it's with only one other person.