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  1. Oh would one of you who as the 125 best gluten-free recipes cookbook please post the pumpernickel bread recipe in it? My hubby just loves it and he can eat gluten. I don't want to buy a book for one recipe. My Celiac Mother also like pumpernickel so she asked me for the recipe but they ran out Sat. at the dinner and I had no idea my hubby would be so in love with - even untoasted. Thanks if anyone can help!

  2. I let them know about the video issue but I think it might be an individual computer thing. However, I've been able to view other video's on their site full size. If if is something on their end, I think they'll fix it.

    Please everyone - make sure to e-mail CCN and Heidi Collins via the link Karen posted above. It does make a difference! Thanks to everyone who already has.

  3. I am going to a gluten free cookie swap next month and one of our members (at least one) is also dairy free so I thought I'd try making some cookies they could have. I know someone is making a peanut butter cookie for the event that doesn't call for dairy so I can't make the same. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Also, I don't really know exactly what dairy free means since I only have issues with gluten at this time so I don't know what all I'm trying to avoid using in the cookies. Thanks if anyone can help.

    Also, I can give a tip about making gluten free pecan pies for those who like pecans. I use the classic recipe on the Karo syrup bottle but of course this year was my first attempt at making a gluten free crust. I used GFP mix and it was out of this world good - much better than my old gluten Pet Ritz crust of yester year. Anyway, for a Thanksgiving meal on Sat., I made mini pecan pies. I made half the dough from the GFP mix bag. That amount was just a littel more than I needed for 24 mini muffin tin pies. It's tedious to press the dough in each cup but it turned out to be worth the trouble. Once the crusts are formed put the plain chopped pecans in each shell....about 1 1/4 cup of pecans I think. Then fill each cup to the top with the pecan pie filling (everything but the nuts). The nuts of course will rise to the top but if you incorporate the nuts in the filling first, you will not have an equal number of nuts in each pie. I think it took about 40 minutes to bake and in the future I'd bake the crusts for only 5 minutes and then fill as noted abouve. Very important tip: let cool completely before attempting to remove from pan. Also, I had to cover with foil the last ten minutes so they pecans didn't overcook/brown. Oh and I also used reg. shortening instead of butter flavored since the crust already called for butter. I didn't want them to be so buttery tasting and they were just right.

  4. Wow! What a story....so sorry you have such a thoughtless MIL. Luckily for me I can not relate at all. The worst thing my MIL did was ask me which cake I preferred at an Easter function. Everyone just busted up laughing since she only asked me....the only one who had eaten none of the cakes! It was really funny, even to me.

    I'm not sure how your DH feels about this, but it may take him giving his Mother a talking to so his Mother isn't so rude in the future.

  5. 125 Best Gluten Free Recipes by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt. I'm only recommending this book as everyone went nuts over the pumpernickel bread a support member brought to our Thanksgiving Feast this past Sat., my DH included. He took home the left over bread and made a sandwich for lunch today. He ate it without heating and loves it. I don't really like pumpernickel but this was one of the best gluten free breads I've had to date.

  6. Lauren M - I don't recall the brand but Publix carries one that is gluten free, but it does not say so on the can. Don't know if any do. The company doesn't process wheat so there is no risk of cc as far as I understand it. For the freshest yams you can bake your own but I don't have that kind of time during my busy work season which happens to come in the holiday season. I've had canned yams several times since going gluten free and each time I've been fine. Kahlua is a great flavor to use in various desserts - of course you have to modify most of them to be gluten free. The company used to print free mini recipes books years ago but I haven't seen one in ages.

  7. Personally I have been busy and mostly looking for help with baking but I'd like to add that GFP is really a great person and even told me where to shop in Paris while on vacation. He knew were my hotel was and told me right where to go accross the street. DH was concerned I told someone online where we were staying but I never said the exact date AND I doubted people who are stalkers would look for victims on celiac.com. Anyway, hope you are okay GFP whereever you are. I look foward to meeting you in Paris of Atlanta one of these days.

  8. I think it's standard practice in the UK, certainly in my area, as the biopsy is a more reliable way of checking how we are doing.

    Oh that's good to know. I'll probably have another one at my 2 year mark unless my blood work shows a problem before that. I may try and get that camera pill instead if that would work...had a bad biopsy experience so I dread ever having another one.

    Glad you are doing so well. I think the body's response to the diet is also a good indication of how well one is doing on the diet. I had no idea I had so many things going on relating to ingesting gluten until I went gluten free and miraculously the other issues dissappeared one by one.

  9. Has any one tried either mix and if so did you like it? I want to take a cake for Thanksgiving, to eat the day before while we are doing our prep work. I think my MIL will bring her usual sour cream poundcake so I don't want to compete with that...esp. if mine is better than hers :lol: . If I get the reg. poundcake mix I'd make the orange version (recipe on vendor site) but I really think I want to try making the chocolate one just to be different. I've not made any gluten free cakes yet as most call for a springform pan and I don't have one yet.

    Thanks if anyone can help!

  10. Next time I'm going to make a Pesto chicken or bbq chicken pizza. I prefer almost any type to the standard pep and chs version. I have never made homemade pesto and used some from a jar in the past. I think I'll try my hand at making it homemade as it seems pretty easy. The bbq pizza is super easy though and probably my favorite. The chicken gets cooked until done (but tender) in your gluten-free bbq sauce and I like smoked gouda cheese with it. I also use scallions (sauteed in pan before the chicken and removed) Then you put bbq sauce on the crust and add the cooked bbq chicken and the cheese and scallions. This is very close to one you can find at CA Pizza kitchen. Yum!

    Gotta get back to work now I guess so I can afford all my gluten-free holiday food. :D

  11. Wow Patti you're fast - thanks! I'm making pecan pies, the only kind I ever make or probably ever will (not really a pie person except during the holidays). The pies cook over an hour for two so I'm sure the crust will bake in that time. Also, I cover them close to the end so the crust won't burn (with Pet Ritz crust) so I'll watch to see if that's needed with gluten-free crusts as well. I'll make sure to put the onions in the fridge and then we'll transport to TN in cooler.

    I wanted to tell you that I made your pot. starch/cornstarch pizza crust recently and it turned out fabulous. I made it really thin like I prefer and I could not get over how easy to make and how great it was. I'll be using this recipe when time allows (to make crust) from now on. I looked for the thread about the crust but could not find it so sorry I'll have to thank you here.

    Also, I just ordered that Robyn (something) cookbook since I know that's where this recipe came from. I know you altered and used all pot. starch and I altered to use more pot. starch than cornstarch and I loved it that way. I'm sure it's great either way. Also, I baked it a bit before I added the toppings so it would be really crispy like I like it. Thanks so much for the recipe and tip about the book.

  12. bump - wanted to share a couple of things and also need help with a couple of things.

    I made a really good gluten-free green bean casserole the other night. Previously I made one with Health Valley cream of mush. soup that I didn't like. This time I used Progresso creamy mush soup. I had to make a rue with gluten-free flour and butter to thicken the soup to the consistency of Campbell's which was easy. Then instead of frying onions this time I used Lays stax sc and onion pot. chips which worked well in the dish but not for the topping. For Thanksgiving I'm going to fry real onions (I already did a test batch which were awesome) but I want to fry them on the Sunday before turkey day. Will they keep for four days in an air tight container? DH says this is no problem but I want to double check that. I batter my onions with skim milk and gluten-free flour and fry until very crispy.

    Next question is about pie crusts. I am making one with the GFP mix but as a test run, I'd like to make mini pecan pie tarts. I e-mailed GFP about using their crust and they weren't really helpful. I need to know if I am to bake the mini crust (in muffin pan) before I bake the pies or if I just put raw dough into the tins and fill and then bake all together. Never being a baker before, I used frozen Pet Ritz crusts which I assume had not been baked beforehand so I assume I do not need to bake the GFP crusts beforehand either. What do you experienced bakers think?

  13. Kahlua Candied Yams

    Canned yams (I use canned yams in syrup)


    Brown sugar


    *I don't list quantities as it depends on how many servings you want but a simlilar recipe is on the Kahlua website and I think I modified it just slightly as theirs may call for cooding the yams in the skillet as well, which I don't like to do.

    Melt the butter and brown sugar in a skillet, then add kahlua to taste. Simmer on low for a few minutes.

    Place pcs. of yams in a single layer in a baking dish and then cover with sauce. Cook on 350 until bubly - probably lesst than 30 minutes. In case you didn't know, Kahlua is gluten free according to the manufacturer.

  14. I ditto BFreeman's post. Dr. Green's book helped when I was first dx'd but's it's not an entertaining book to read. Danna's book was not only helpful on learning the gluten free 'lifestyle', not just the diet, but it was also hilarious at times. I was reading it at the pool with my mini radio in my ears (not an IPOD, not hip enough for that) and I kept busting out laughing outloud and got some looks from the people around me.

  15. Jillian - I am so sorry to hear about your friend but I have a feeling with a friend like you - she'll be just fine. I truly believe that the power of the human spirit is stronger than science will ever understand or be able to explain. The way you describe your friend I think she's already way ahead of the game. We're all pulling for you both to get through this trying time.

  16. Wow - this is neat! I was recently asking for help with finding places in Orlando (not at Disney) so the leader of their support group told me the places he knew of and Brio was listed (same group as Bravo) so I contacted the Brio corp. office and some Chef e-mailed me today from there. She wants to talk on the phone to go over their menu so I'm speaking to her Monday when I have time. The best part is that there is a Brio here (2 in fact) so if they are any good, I can eat at them besides the one in Orlando.

  17. I saw that recipe elsewhere so I printed for future reference but I actually made gluten free funnel cakes last weekend and they turned out awesome. On the site www.recipezaar.com you can just type in gluten free funnel cakes and it will come up. Someone on our Celiac meetup.com board posted it for us. The only thing I'd do different is add some oil to the batter to make it greasy like the original kind. It was fried but really not greasy like you would expect. I loaded mine down with powdered sugar and went to town. Then I could barely eat any dinner that night :lol::lol::lol: .

    p.s. I used GFP flour mix instead of Bob's Red Mill which it called for.