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  1. I don't think I've ever reheated except in the microwave. Now it's always had sauce or something in it so maybe that makes a difference?

    Nisla - I know my own Ceilac Mother was in Italy and didn't even look for gluten-free pasta to bring back (I told her the brands) or order any gluten-free beer from the pharmacia. Eight of my parents friends were with them and I think maybe that's why she didn't bother. Man, if I ever get back to Italy I'll probably want to stay! Schar makes gluten-free everything but most things never make it this far, even for online orders.

  2. Bell & Evan gluten-free chicken tenders are scrumtious. My new Whole Foods carries them. Many I know prefer them over the Wellshire Farms brand but I haven't had those (and don't plan to). WF had them on sale 2-for-1 when they opened so I got two boxes for $2.50 ea. ($6.99). Hubby hates chicken fingers so they are just for me which means the cost is well worth it when I'm in a rush. I make my own honey mustard and I feel like I ordered them from a restaurant - they are that good. Bell & Evans also makes a gluten version so look for the right box if you find them.

  3. All I can say is 'I told you so' - lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both pasta brands are the best on the market in my opinon and best of all they are also good as a cold pasta. I long for the day when I dont' have to pay shipping for it so PLEASE tell me if your store starts carrying it and I'll come over and get a six month supply. Also, schar makes ladyfingers so I'm ordering them to make tiramisu. I posted about both brands months ago and no one seemed to care. If you want a cheaper alternative Bionature really is decent, better than Tinky to me. But nothing bests Bi-Aglut, Schar is my second fave but it's really not that different! So glad you are hooked on it too now Nisla! Bon Appetit!

  4. In the beginning I could not live without the Clan Thompson guide. I bought the updated version and I don't regret it but now that I myself know how to read labels and know what products are safe (unless ingredients change) I will only buy the basic version of the program which is not updated throughout the year. I really don't know how so many others live without the program in the beginning. Like Dr. Rudert said, who has time to call all those companies to inquire about gluten and even if you do call, you don't know who you're speaking to but Lani Thompson does. That's why you see people saying different things about different companies all the time on this board and others. Lani gets to the right person at these companies and she challenges what she's told. I've been told (when calling companies myself) something was not gluten free only to find out later that indeed it is and visa-versa. If you have a PDA get the Clan Thompson guide that can be downloaded into it. Then you can just check the PDA when you're shopping.

  5. www.helthybynatureshow.com/archive/2006.shtml is the link. I had to paste it into my address bar to get it to work. It's a pretty interesting interview with Ron Hogan who co-authored the book 'Dangerous Grains' which I've yet to read. However, he basically thinks gluten is bad for everyone and has published papers to that end. He has a Ph. D but I don't know in what discipline.

  6. We ended up getting a 2005 Camry a few weeks ago. It's wonderful...lots of bells and whisles which I love but DH does not. He's rather odd that way. He doesn't even use his remote to unlock the car so the other day he went out to the car from Publix and he could not get in the car with his key. Why? Because it was not his car of course! That'll teach him to use the freakin' remote - lol!

    Anyway, this was just to say thanks again for all the car advice. I'm so happy to have a reliable car for short trips now (besides mine) and I have to agree that Camry's seats are it's only downfall so far. My car is like a posturpedic feel compared to the Camry.... a 2 hour trip will be fine but I'm not so sure about a 5 hour one.

  7. Ditto to everyone else's comments. My Celiac Mother had a biopsy 14 weeks after being gluten free. No surprise her test came back neg. for Celiac. Her blood test before going off gluten were positive but her best indidcation was her response to the diet. Luckily she's smart enough to figure out she should believe her own body and not her uninformed doctor. It's a sad repetitive story on here........90% or so of US docs don't know didley about Celiac disease. Once you accept that you'll do a lot better taking care of your health.

  8. I'm with Nisla, the only thing I can't find is the fried onions for a green bean casserole. I made some homemade ones this weekend but I'm not sure how they'd be in the dish. I ate all I made without sharing with DH as they were that good. Just soak onion strips in milk for five minutes and then dip in gluten-free flour with salt/pepper in it, and fry. I just don't think they will hold up and stay crispy in the casserole. I'm almost thinking gluten-free onion flavored potato chips would be a better alternative as they'd probably stay firm when baking.

  9. Thanks for posting. I never watch Martha but did listen to her XM radio show when she had Kim Kholler on taking about eating gluten free around the globe. I'll be sure and tape it tomorrow. Wow! That would be aweseome if they mention at least gluten on that show. That could really do a lot in terms of people getting used to the term. That crazy Steve Colbert (comedy central) made up a word 'truthiness' and now it's litterally popping up everywhere....even on Oprah one day.

  10. Carla is right and if it's the same place, you can order gluten free pasta ahead of time. I have it with their gluten-free alfredo sauce and a nice salad. There's enough to take left overs home. Some locations always has corn pasta but both ours require calling ahead so they have it for sure when you arrive. The Chef comes to the table to tell you what he can safely make you. They take allergies very seriously, at least in Atlanta.

  11. First of all you need to request a copy of all your lab work, no matter what you're being tested for. A B12 def. I had went unoticed by the doctor and due to that I have spent the last 7 months working to get my shoulder/arm back into working order after falling down my own stairs TWICE in one month. Next please consider my own test results. My first Celiac panel came back with a 10 on the tTg, positive for Celiac (barely). After knowing I could have Celiac, I subconsiously ate less gluten so two months later my next Celiac panel (run by different doc) showed a 7 on the tTg (weak positive). I ended up having the biopsy and that test showed significant damage....years of damage. My main symptom was unexplained anemia. Today I would skip the biopsy since now I have Celiac on my records and BC arleady tried to drop me because of it. Good luck, whatever you decide to do but the best test you can have it your response to the gluten free diet.

  12. I'd just like to add for those of us who are 'mix' bakers, the Gluten Free Naturals line out of NJ makes the best gluten-free cookie mix I've had. I use it for choc. chip since DH is allergic to the dark choc. in the awesome Pamela's mix. The GFN mix tastes like roll and bake cookies if you like those. The mix does not have choc. in it so you can use the mix to substitute in other cookie recipes and it tells how to do that on the package. This line also offers a wonderful pancake and pizza mix. All their mixes contain soy flour which must have similar properties to wheat.

  13. There's a pan-asian place called Chopstix that does sushi and various asian things -- I've had takeout sushi there and used my restaurant card -- they've even got packets of gluten free soy sauce!

    There's an excellent Indian place way up in the north end of town called Chutnees -- I haven't eaten there since my diagnosis, but Indian food is generally pretty celiac friendly and the owner/chef is extremely conscientious. This is the next place I'm planning to go out to eat.

    Other than that, I haven't really been eating out at all since I'm still healing and haven't really wanted to take any risks. There's also an Outback and a Carrabas on Archer Road near where Hops is.

    Thanks eleep.....I totally forgot about Carraba's which will be perfect for our group. They are big on 'ethnic' fare which is why we always go to Hops. But they can do Italian so that'll work! Thanks again.

  14. I've only eaten in Key West (recommend Mango's there) not Largo but much of what you'll find there is fresh seafood. You should be fine ordering fresh fish or shrimp as long as you tell them how to cook it. They usually offer rice or fries or potato for a side so through fries probably aren't safe. If you can make it to Deerfield Beach you can get some gluten-free pizza. I forgot the name of the place but if you google for gluten-free pizza in Deerfield Beach it should come up. Have a great trip!

  15. We'll be stopping over in G'ville one night on the way to Orlando for a trade show. We have to see DH's family and we always meet one group at Hops. I'd be open to trying another place if anyone has any ideas. I can get a bunless burger and baked potato at Hops and tell them how to prepare it but I'd rather have something tastier if there is a really good Celiac friendly place in town. I know as of three months ago, there wasn't even a support group there since that's where I thought to ask in the first place. Help. Also, I should mention we can't go too high brow.....DH's family members wont' be dressed for it.

  16. The best gluten free meals I've had dining out were in Paris. Many told me the city wasn't Celiac knowledgeable but until I went I didn't know that was only when compared to other European countries.....it's way ahead of the US in my opinion. London was really easy too and my celiac mom had no problems in Rome. I think Dr. Green mentioned also in Austrailia you can get gluten-free pizza and a gb bun at MD's...he's from there I think. Truth be told, almost every civilized place on earth seems better prepared to handle diners with food allergies than the US. I now plan vacation around what places have the best dining options. In the US they seem to be NYC (#1), then in no paritcular order, San Fran, Chicago, Orlando, Vegas, San Diego, LA, Napa Valley(CA) and San Antonio. Anyone know anything about dining out in Greece?

  17. My Celiac mom was visiting over the weekend and I went to the CBS website to show her the video about Celiac that aired a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, a new video popped up about Celiac and dementia as well. Then yesterday we watched just part of Sunday Morning on CBS and they did a story about food allergies and showed a restaurant in Boston (I think) where the Chef had an allergen listing in the kitchen. They showed a lady getting her meal delivered and the server said 'gluten allergy right?' and the reporter sat down with the lady and she just said her food was prepared safely for her, the sauce was modified and the food cooked in a clean pan. The Chef said there is no reason people with allergies should not be able to eat out safely and his staff were happy to accomodate anyone with any food allergy. It was a great peice and I think we should continue to thank CBS for all this publicity. So far they are beating the other major networks hands down!

  18. Organic produce isn't supposed to have MSG in it. I started reacting to it about three months into the gluten-free diet. I only buy organic meats and produce now, turkey bacon with no nitrates....organic soups...anything I can find that I think is the healthiest option around. My system is pretty clean now so I can really tell when I have MSG as my stomach bloats up like a gluten reaction. So I think if something makes you feel bad, you should not consume it. Doesn't matter what study proves what. MSG makes me sick - end of story for me.