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  1. I found their soup at Publix and they had a cream of mushroom that seemed gluten free but of course I would not know if it contained barley so I e-mailed them about their policy. They said they list all forms of gluten in addition to the main allergens, one of which is wheat gluten. They process wheat in many products so if you buy from ded. gluten-free facilities only, you'd want to skip this product line. I'm going to get the soup tomorrow and see how it is. I need it for green bean casserole but can anyone tell me how to fry up some onions like French's in the can?

  2. I e-mailed CBS as well....we all need to do so if we want to see a more comprehensive story on Celiac in the future. A CBS producer today could be working for NBC or ABC tomorrow. Producers get credit if a story gets a lot of feedback, especially if it's good.

    Since Dr. Green was in the segment I figured his staff would know how it came about. One of his assistants told me via e-mail, that Dr. LaPook (sp?) works at Columbia too so he apparently knows Dr. Green. So kudos to both Dr. Green and Dr. LaPook for making this happen. I also sent Dr. Green a thank you e-mail to his staff anyway, who promised to pass it on. I said what we need now is Dr. Green and Danna Korn on Oprah...the doc can talk about the medical side of Celiac and Danna can show how the gluten free lifestyle can be tasty and fun as well, besides being healthy. Now if that ever happened, I'd probably faint so I'd have to be taping it - lol!

  3. I was so worried about ruining Christmas dinner last year that I put off my biopsy until Jan. Now that I know I can still make pecan pie with gluten-free crust, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole sans onions/with Progresso soup, and I never ate gravy anyway, I feel silly that I thought I'd not be able to enjoy eating during the holidays if I was dx'd with Celiac. Now that my Mother is also gluten free, after being tested after my dx, it'll be easier since there are two of us and my husband and I do a lot of the cooking so the bulk of the meal will be gluten free and delicious as well. Anything others bring will not be placed near my safe food so Mother and I won't get sick.

    We actually had to switch our plans for the holidays and see my family for Christmas and DH's for Thanksgiving due to my needs and various in-law plans that affected where we'd be eating. It worked out fine and no one is upset about it. The main change is that I'll be cooking a lot more for both meals from now on and since I don't want to get sick, that's just fine with me.

  4. I also watched (or listened rather) to Oprah today while working on a project in the kitchen. I could not believe that poor lady with the *D* after having the baby....um, yeah she needs to get tested for Celiac - STAT! Here is what I'm going to do as mentioned above. I'm going to e-mail the Oprah show, yet again, and I'm not even going to mention her doing a show on Celiac. I'm going to say I'm praying she gets in touch with that woman from today and suggests she get tested for Celiac because there is a high probability she has it (birth being the trigger) and we clearly should not assume Oprah would know this, since as stated above, she's never heard of probiotics. Next, as stated above also, it is Dr. Oz's fault that he didn't bring up Celiac or gluten intolerance. Surely he's more informed than the average US doc about the condition. In any case, if anyone knows how to e-mail him, please post this. This guy has been on Oprah a lot and he may be able to get her to do a show if we appeal to him. He seems to enjoy the media spotlight. So to him, my suggestion is that we be really nice and say how concerned we are about that lady on today's show. Good luck to everyone who takes the time to write Oprah and/or Dr. Oz!

    p.s. Dr. Mehmet Oz practices at Columbia (so does Dr. Green) so I find it hard to believe he is uninformed about Celiac but anything is possible. I just e-mailed him at info@columbiasurgery.org and his phone # is 212-305-4434. Maybe we just pester the heck out of him for a while. Unlike Oprah, he probably doesn't have tons of people to read his e-mail for him so maybe he'd at least get back to one of us eventually, even to say to leave him alone. It's worth a try in my opinion.

  5. CBS Evening News with Katie Couric will be featuring a segment on celiac disease with Dr. Peter Green tonight at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Tune in!

    Above is just one of the listserv posts about the program tonight. Another group posted about it as well.

    par18 - listserv is something you have to subscribe to. It was originally started at John Hopkins University. For tips about dining out most anywhere in the world, this is the site I use. It is an invaluable site for me and it's free.


  6. I was just watching the CBS evening news and there was a teaser for a story coming on tomorrow night. The teaser went something like this: this whole family has a disease but none of them knew it until little Emily got sick. It's thought a million Americans have it but most of them don't know it yet (end of tease). Chills went down my spine and I usually have excellent instincts so I think the story may be about Celiac. I don't even watch the CBS news so it was a fluke that I had it on. I can't be home tomorrow to watch but I'm going to tape the whole show tomorrow night, just in case I'm right. I'll post back if I'm right or wrong.

  7. Thanks and I know it's expensive for a room with a view of the parade. The lowest price I see this year was $499 and that wasn't for a suite or room with a kitchenette. Same room without a view was $349. We may end up a a B&B which we prefer anyway and several in Greenwich Village (and other areas) have mini kitchens for less than $300/nt. This will mean we'll have to leave at 5:30 to find a spot on the street and stand out in the cold but I know how to bundle up like an Eskimo (sp?) and keep warm. I think one B&B I liked was very near the park so that would be cool to walk down and see the balloons being blown up. Thanks for mentioning jkmunchkin.

  8. Wow! Thanks for posting. What I think this means is that once regulations are in place for labeling gluten free food, some of the main food companies will want to get in the gluten free food game because they want every penny out of every consumer they can get. There are many companies (P&G) that think gluten free is a flash in the pan and therefore won't be jumping on the gluten free train but when the numbers of gluten free consumers just keeps growing year after year, smart forward thinking companies will tap into our market.

    There is no company that I despise more than Walmart but in 2005 someone wrote and article about them and gluten free products and it was posted on this site. I'm not going to look it up but basically it said that Walmart has over 900 items in their store marked gluten free. They know the gluten free market is going to explode because they pay people a lot of money to figure these things out. They are the greediest company around and even if there are only a million of us, they want our money. Of course, Dr. Rudert stated that GIG's estimate of gluten free people in the US is around 4.5 million if you count those with gluten intolerance, Celiac disease and severe wheat allergies. When I have the opportunity to educate people about Celiac disease many times they ask if the gluten free diet is like Atkins or something. I explain that it's not because we are not going away like that fad did. Once people realize the gluten free diet isn't a weight loss program eventually companies will come around.

  9. We are planning a family trip (10 or so of us) to NYC for next Nov. to see the Macy's parade among other things. Does anyone know of a good hotel on the parade route that we could book a room in with a view of the parade so we don't have to be on the street? I know they book up fast, so we're tyring to book now for next year. We really need a suite set up if possible since we have at least two Celiacs and we'll need to store some food. Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

  10. Yes, the Accord was the other car we were considering but I like the look of the Camry so much better. I'm a bit of a car snob and my DH would drive a wreck if I let him. Growing up we had a new demo every six months so for me to keep a car for three years is quite difficult. The other day I drove around a parking lot to find a newer Accord and a newer Camry so I could look at them in person together, not just online. Camry wins hands down and is a great car too and since I have a Lexus (made by Toyota) we'll keep it all in the family so to speak. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share your car info. It really did help!

  11. I had a doctor actually tell me he was hesitant to put me on the gluten free diet since my worst symptom was anemia. This was AFTER my positive blood tests and biopsy for Celiac. Unfortunately it seems that some doctors are very hesitant to diagnose Celiac, and even if they do, you still have knuckleheads out there like my ex-doc hesitant to prescribe the gluten free diet. Obvioulsy I went gluten free the moment I hung up the phone after asking the jerk if I continuted to eat gluten, wouldn't I eventually get worse symptoms. He said probably so maybe it was best to go gluten free.......ya think???? Duh!

  12. Thanks everyone. The seats are a non issue for my husband and it's his car. We would only take his car to TN (two hour drive) and we'd take my car on any longer trips than that. We can't take his current car out of town because I don't think it's reliable and the seats in it are so worn out that it's like sitting on cardboard (I'm not exaggerating).

    My DH would never buy a new car so the 2007 is out and the 2006 is just over the budget since we're paying cash there is no wiggle room in the budget so we'll have to get the 2004 or 2005. I found several of both models around town and if there still available Sat. we'll probably buy one of them. The good thing about a Camry is that there are so freakin' many of them (since they're a top seller) that the market is always flooded with them here so if you want a used one, you're really in a good place to negotiate the price down.

    Okay - you've all sold me that indeed we should stick to the Camry. I read a lot of reviews on it's comparable competitors and only the Honda topped it in one area - resale value. Since my DH drives his cars until the repairs cost more than the car's worth, resale value means nothing to him. :lol:

  13. I'm helping my DH shop for a new (used) car. He is specifically looking for a Camry if we find what we want, at the price we want. Can any of you that may own a Camry say in the last four years post if you like it, don't and why? So far we have found a '04 and '05 model that might work. Most reviews I've found are positive with the biggest complaint being that the seats are not comfortable for long road trips. For trips longer than 2 hours we take my car so this is not a concern for us. Thanks if anyone can chime in with their Camry review!

  14. Maybe other stores already had this brand but my old Whole Foods did not. Now they have the frozen pizzas, mac & cheese and penne alfredo and something else I didn't get at the new store in Duluth, GA. I was already sold on the m&c since I got it elsewhere but it's cheaper at Whole Foods than where I used to get it. I've yet to try the penne alfredo so I can't vouch for it yet. This line has really good frozen items but I don't care for the cereal bars at all. The frozen stuff is good enough for DH.

    Also for those of you waiting on gluten free beer in GA (or elsewhere) I was informed by the wine manager at the new Whole Foods in Duluth that due to a new contract with Whole Foods corp. and Anheiser Busch they will not be carrying the Bard's Tale beer in GA. They will instead carry their own brand of gluten-free beer which from what I understand is just in the planning stages now. That means I guess there will a bit of a wait but the fact that AB is getting into the gluten free beer game is truly amazing to me. They will sell the brand in all Whole Foods stores accross the country apparently - those that already sell beer anyway.

  15. I don't have a bread machine - one bag makes two loaves of bread. And regarding what makes it different well.......it tastes like really good bread. Not like that spongy stuff that I had with every other type - Pamela's, Authentic, every other one I tried was not like bread to me, or good bread anyway. Breads from Anna (new name) is just fantastic! It's not like gluten free bread at all.

  16. Yes - this is the only bread I've made that tastes like bread to me. It is out of this world great! I pay $10 for the bag but get it locally and that makes two loafs so I don't think it's that bad, as far as gluten free prices go anyway. I'm going to make the pie crust as soon as we get some cooler weather here. Need to practice for my famous pecan pies I always make for the holidays.

    I also use the reg. gluten free version but there is a corn free version as well as the yeast free one. I froze some of this for over three months and it was still great. I forgot it was in there but now I have a system so that won't happen again. This stuff is really so good I don't think it's a good idea to have around all the time. It's just empty calories but man it is great!

  17. Over the weekend we were in Sevierville TN for a family reunion. It was DH's family and surprisingly no one acted as if the gluten free diet was horrible or sad or depressing and someone even brought a bag of caramel candy marked gluten free but I didn't know until after they and the candy left since we had our own gluten free (mostly) cabin with in-laws. Anyway, the only worrisome part of the trip was that we had to go out to dinner at some local place which I figured never heard of Celiac or gluten. I e-mailed them before the trip and they replied in a very knowledgeable way about how they can prepare their on site cut meats or seafood for me safely gluten free and all dressings are made in house and blah, blah. So far so good. But you know that this does not mean your salad will not arrive without croutons (no matter how obnoxious you are about it) once you're actually there in person. We had a private room for our group of 21, with two servers. The male server was on my side of the room and told me that I could get the swordfish without the cajun seasoning, and it would be cooked in a clean pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, they would not cut my potato and would bring s/c and butter on the side and also the asparagus was going to be prepared gluten free and that none of my meal would be dusted with or have flour anywhere near it. He also told me he was pretty sure there was no flour in the Cesear salad dressing (a true recipe does not call for flour) but he said he'd double check to make sure. He arrived back quickly to say that there IS flour in the dressing but they will give me a free house salad with oil/bal. vinegar on the side since they told me I could have the salad at first. They had already made the Cesear which my DH enjoyed. My meal arrived as ordered and was delicious and I did not react. I was blown away that a place in the middle of nowhere TN (sorry if you are from there) knew exactly what I needed to be fed safely, and did just that. I mean TN does not have a no smoking rule in restaurants so they were actually smoking in the bar area. We had a nice enclosed non smoking room for our party but still, it was just such a delightfull surprise to find they could deal with a gluten free meal, and not in a plain, boring way either. There are a few places in Atlanta that could learn a thing or ten from the staff at Puleo's Grill. There are three locations in TN including one in Knoxville. I can only vouch for the Strawberry Plains locale personally.