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  1. I too find the using the word allergic works much better, even if it's not really true. I know many with Celiac that had great trips to Vegas (not on this board) and most of them use the word allergice to get the attn. needed. However, beware that even using that word is not a surefire way to get safe food. I was recently at a hoity toity place for a business lunch. The place knew I needed a gluten free meal before I arrived. I spoke to the watier who knew what I could have on the menu...it wasn't much. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken but croutons were not listed on the menu (they were listed for some of the salads) so I didn't order without croutons (big faux pas) so of course my salad arrived with artfully placed croutons around the bowl. It was the only time I didn't remember to mention no croutons, and the first time I was served them since my dx. I don't care how expensive a place is, if you don't go over everything with them, they may not feed you safely.

  2. If I ever start feeling bad that I have Celiac (which rarely happens now that I've settled into my new life comfortably) I just remind myself that I could have been born in a country that won't allow me to vote or drive or wear whatever I want in public. Then I see how silly it is to whine about something like living a gluten free lifestyle. But I did let myself grieve in the beginning and I did the denial thing before my final dx. If you don't go through all the stages completely, you won't ever be okay with your new life challenge. Good luck to you. If I can do this, anyone can. The only thing that gets me now is planning trips and eating out. It can be done safely but it takes a lot of work which I'm willing to do in order to live my life to the fullest.

  3. Finally I got to try this place for lunch and oh my.....it was without question the best gluten-free lunch I've had in town post dx. I could not get over how good it was. Only 2 of about 12 sauces are gluten free - pesto and sweet/sour. I had the pesto along with rice, many fresh veggies and chicken. If you have allergies, you put an allergy stick in your bowl and they make your stir fry meal in a clean wok! I could not get over how great my bowl was after being cooked. They also had Asian rice noodles but as I hadn't inquired if they were gluten-free I just had the rice. Next time I'd check on the noodles for something different. You can have shrimp, chicken or beef I think as your meat or no meat of course. It's $7.99 for lunch and that is a steal for a down town lunch. They do dinner also so DH will be going back to try that out. They have a website but you need to google as I had a hard time finding it and now I can't remember it. The set up is a salad bar type thing so if that would make you anxious, you should probably skip the place. Or you could probably order from their reg. menu which I didn't bother looking as since I knew I wanted to try the stir fry bar. The only downside is that apparently it's an all you can eat place so when I coudn't finish my only bowl of food, I was informed there are no take out containers for guests dinging there. Next time I'll not get more than I can eat as I hate throwing food away when people are dying every day from hunger.

  4. Oh that looks like a good line too Ursula - thanks! I have never heard of that line of products. Like always, this is the best place to come for help with any given situation! Have a good night everyone. Gotta run check out a recliner a neighbor is giving away. DH can't imagine taking someone else's used furniture but it's for the workout/music room which no one ever sees and I'll get a new cover for it.

  5. Carla - yes that's the book. After going off the pill it saved my life. I use all natural remedies and so far, so good. Mother took hormones for year and still suffered for over 15 years with hot flashes and night sweats starting around 40. My pcp agrees with the books suggestions so I was glad she didn't tell me it was bunk or esle I'd have to find yet another new doctor - lol! Thanks for telling me about the other book, I'm going to get it too for Mother as we think she has Hashimoto's in addition to celiac disease so she's going to be tested for that now.

    Patti - thanks for telling me about the All sheets. I'm not sure I think we need the sheets anymore but DH is sort of addicted to them and he does the laundry. I do fine with Tide Free but it's the only detergent I've been able to tolerate for years. Anything else makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. Okay I went to the simple green website and called the 800#. Some of their products are in Atlanta Home Depots and Lowe's stores. They do not make dryer sheets. They seem to have a fairly large line of stuff so I'll post back what I try and how it works. I know once I saw on Today or some morning show that Windex has so many toxic chemicals in it that young children should not be exposed to it. I think it was that campaign that Kelly something (Travolta's wife) did a few years back after their son almost died after breathing in the fumes from their carpets being cleaned.

  7. Oh thanks for all the tips and I'm glad I'm not the only person with such an aversion to this stuff. I forgot about Simple Green and I think I saw it somewhere around town. I'm going to my new Whole Foods tomorrow on opening day and I'm going to see what they offer for natural cleaning items and look for the Meyer's dryer sheets.

    I'm with you abc on the whole poison thing. In my book about premenopause (not peri) the doc that wrote it notes that will all the toxic things we use in every day life, it is no wonder so many of our population is getting cancers of all kinds. He doesn't even like plastic toys for kids........I don't have kids but my neices and nephews have nothing but plastic stuff. He also suggest women use non toxic nail polish which is my change after dryer sheets. I have some info on healthy nail polish somewhere around here.

  8. I am highly sensitive to fragrances, so much so that if you bathe in your perfume and sit anywhere near me in a movie theatre, I have to get up and move to another seat. Wee use Snuggle fabric sheets but now the new and improved ones are so strong that I have to return them as walking by the laundry room makes me nauseous and the box is not even open. Where do you find/purchase earth friendly househould goods - assuming some of you do? I know someone out there must offer a non scented (or more natural scented) dryer sheet. There were 12 different scents at Target and I got the least offending one which still isn't acceptable.

  9. If I could talk my DH into it, I'd tack on some extra time to our trade show trip to Orlando in Jan. just to try this pizza - lol! However I think Deerfield beach is quite a trek from Orlando so I doubt it's doable. I just wondered if anyone tried it so Iguess of those on this site anyway, no one has. Deerfield beach is just above Boca Raton (I think). I'm trying the pizza crust recipe on the Pamela's bag of amazing gluten-free bread tonight so I'll see how that goes. I've decided that now that I had Foods by George pizza I just don't really get excited about Chebe anymore...but I can't afford FbyG pizza for DH (he eats a LOT of pizza) so I just use it for me occasionally for a lunch treat.

  10. I ate at the location in Orlando in Jan., a week before my biopsy so I was eating gluten. The food was wonderful and I knew they had gluten-free options that the servers had on their pda's. Well our location finally opened near Perimeter Mall in Atlanta two weeks ago. We went last night and even though their pds system was down, I was able to order with the help of the server who consulted with the chef and my meal was very good and I was not glutened. However, the nuts on my salad were suspect as they looked just like they were coated in a flour/sugar mixture and the server thought it should be investigated - back the salad went as no one knew what was on the candied walnuts......then my entree was called Cedar Plank Salmon but had grill marks.....the server explained that due to cc issues they had to grill the fish..... None of the apps were okay and same goes for most soups and sauces. So my question is, and I apologize that I don't remember who told me they dine gluten-free at the Orlando location frequently, hence my excitement over them opening here.......if you eat gluten free at any Seasons 52 location - what do you eat? I can get plain fish and meat anywhere. They didn't even have a choc. mouse or creme brulee for dessert....I was so dissappointed and am wondering if different locales have different options for gluten-free meals.

  11. Unless there is a boycott of their products that takes real money out of their pockets, they are not likely to care what anyone who can't eat gluten thinks. This is not good news for us, but true none the less. Same thing is true with all the biggest companies. I do think Kraft wants everyone's business and therefore, at least labels their products so we can clearly know if it's safe for us or not.

  12. Sounds like what he did was what my dentist calls "bonding". In my case, he has done this on several occasions when I complained about sensitivity. In my case, the problem has been a receding gum line which exposes some of the roots of the teeth, where there isn't much insulation around the nerve and hense, heat/cold sensitivity. It has worked well for me - sometimes.


    That is exactly what my old dentist did and it worked fine and I'm not about to have another root canal right now (had one last month). Looks like I may end up with yet another new dentist soon....have to wait until Jan. as I have no time to start over now. My old dentist did not push a lot of uneeded work on us and now this one seems to be doing just that. He sold my DH a tube of $30 toothpaste.......I seriously doubt anyone needs a $30 toothpaste but we'll see if it helps I guess.

  13. There is a place in Deerfield Beach, FL called Pizza Fusion. I think they make both reg. and gluten-free pizzas but their company focuses on natural, organic ingredients for a healthy pizza. They make deliveries only in hybrid cars. Pretty cool I think! Has anyone heard of/tried this place? Their website is www.Lame Advertisement. They were listed on another site today with an article about a kid getting his first gluten-free pizza delivered recently.

  14. Sorry I can't help but I can tell you that when I presented with a mystery rash over five years ago, the doc didn't do the biopsy right. They called and gave me the name (chronic dermatitus something) and gave me a steriod cream. The cream helped but of course did not make the rash go away. Fast forward to 8 months ago when I started the gluten-free diet. Just to see what would happen, I stopped using the cream. As you might imagine, it went away about two months into my new diet. No more expensive potentially harmful cream and no more rash. When I read in Dr. Green's book how the biopsy for DH should be performed, I knew that mine was not done correctly. I think your Dr. wasted your time and it's highly likely that it will come back with some other name, besides DH.

  15. I am 43 and it took a small battle between my GI and insurance company to cover my bone density scan. My regular doctor said (knows nothing of Celiac but what I tell her) told me they'd never cover that test on someone my age. They did and I didn't even have a co-pay for it. Get the test now, then you'll have a baseline to refer to later. I have Ostopenia which is a pre-cursor to Osteoperosis. I'm hoping to reverse it with the supplements I take (combo pill of calcium, vit. D3 and mag) and weight bearing exercises. Luckily my numbers are not bad enough for the doc to push a calcium rx on me.

  16. I miss Krispy Kreme doughnuts . . . at night, when they're hot, right off the conveyor belt.

    I'm with Lynne on this one but in fairness my DH told me to stop telling everyone I miss KK doughnuts since I ate about 1 per year and he thinks it's silly to say I miss 1 doughnut a year......guess he's right.

    But there is something I had at least three times a year that I miss - Captain D's fish-n-chips meal. It must be one of the worst things on the planet (health wise) for you which is why I very rarely had it. I'm going to have a fish fry (outside) later this month when it's cooler and attempt making fish, fries and hushpupies.....mmm.....sounds good. Now let's just hope it's edible. I have Zataran's coating which we used on shrimp and it was great.

    All_About_March - we have always made cornbread dressing, if you make the cornbread from scratch, you don't need flour so it's naturally gluten free. Also, reg. Swanson's chicken broth is gluten-free (not all are) and we use that in the dressing. If you want some fantastic recipes go to www.epicurious.com and you'll find anything you can think of, and several variations of every recipe to choose from. I could not live without that site to keep our meals interesting. I found the best crab cake recipe ever on there.

  17. For many reasons I have a new dentist and though I was not happy my root canal took more than one trip, all and all I like this guy better than that last. As I had this small cut/cavity in the top of my upper tooth (#14) he said he could just put some type of filling material on it and not drill and I say fine. He did that yesterday and it did not help at all, still hot/cold sensitive, pain, etc. So I had to go back in today and they do something else (can't remember but the word sort of sounded like glue something) and I'll know soon if that worked or not. The dentist didn't do the treatment today, his asst. did. Okay here is what I need some informed advice about. The dentist came in and said he hoped this other treatment works since the next step is a root canal.........since I had the exact same issue on the other side of my mouth, two years ago, which was taken care of with a normal composite filling - I was shocked by his suggesting a root canal. Nicely I asked why he couldn't just do what the other dentist did and he explained that he never does that type of filling and would not do something to a patient that he would not do to his own mother. He said the other dentist in effect, put bondo on my other tooth and down the road it would cause more problems that it fixed temporarily. The tooth is question has a cut in it at the gum line and the other guy just bore out the area with a drill and filled it. It has not given me any trouble since. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and which dentist might be right about how to fix such a cavity? I'm about to stop going to the dentist all together I'm so sick of this crap.

  18. I had anemia just over a year before my dx but I too was surprised that my biospy showed so much damage and I didn't have the GI symptoms except for very occasional bloating or a stomach ache that coule be explained by a spicey Mexican dinner or so I thought - lol!

    I can say that after almost 8 months, living gluten free really is just second nature to me now. I never thought I'd get use to reading labels or paying a small fortune for gluten-free food but I did. I just have a new normal now and since I feel better than ever (without knowing I didn't before) I can't complain.

    I should add that about a month in to eating gluten free, I got very overwhelmed that I had to do this forever. That feeling passed fairly quickly (less than a week) and each month since has just gotten better and better.

    Welcome and good luck!

  19. Mouse - I can't beleive you went to Choct. high school! We played them in b'ball conferences. I went to Port St. Joe High. It really is a small world. Oh and you would not believe Destin now. There is one property that I think has 5000+ hotel rooms. It's like a little city in itself. It's not the charming place you remember, in my opinion. And the outlet mall is the nicest I've seen and I've seen a lot of them - lol!

  20. Well Turtle - it wasn't the college spring break, but Fulton and Dekalb county public schools....we didn't have much of a choice about when we could go due to other obligations...a friend warned me that we picked the worst time to go and she was right. The hotel service was so bad that a small complaint e-mail got us a coupon for two free nights. I'd never go back there since there are so many other places I prefer so my sister and hubby got to enjoy two nights there for free. They let me transfer the coupon to her. Oh and I did think the Outlet Mall was pretty nice but their Coach store was more than the one here for same items.

  21. Yes - we were in an cabin with full kitchen too, hence we only ate out one night. If you go to Cashiers, the other place I researched is called Cornucopia which apparently serves lunch as well as dinner and it's down the street from The Ochard. I can not vouch for them though since we didn't get around to eating there. Also, there is nothing much to do in Cashiers so the shopping (if you're so inclined) is best in Highlands which was on the way to Cashiers for us. It's only about 10 miles between the two places but with the windy roads, it's almost a 30 minute drive.

  22. In case anyone goes there for vacation (perfectly lovely in the Fall) I found two places to feed us safe gluten free meals. We only had to dine out once so I only tried one place but it provided me with one of my best meals out in months. Gourmet all the way but it was hysterical as it's in a 'dry' county so they actually list their service fee for serving your own booze as 'brown bagging fee'. We took our own wine which went perfectly with our goat cheese/chive app. with sundried tomatos and various olives. It came with bread (on the side) so I used my own Schar crackers with it and it was to die for delish! Rest of party said the bread was nothing special but obviously I can't attest to that. My meal did not even have to be modified in any way, it was all gluten free. The Chef is very knowledgeable about gluten and everything is made from natural, fresh ingredients, so no mystery components to cause a problem. The place - The Orchard - do not miss it if you're ever in town. $66 for two including 1 bb fee, tip extra.