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  1. Thank you for that great information.  I have used 100 percent pure and i agree that they have wonderful products. Just be aware i was told that the only product in their line that contains gluten is the mascara.  Also, another great line to try is Pacifica their link is pacificaperfume.com  You can purchase some of their products at Target and Ulta! They have awesome smelling natural perfumes and  lotions.  They are coming out with lots of new products as well.

  2. I have been using the online website glutenfreedrugs.com as a valuable source for all of my medication since I was diagnosed with Celiac 7 years ago.  Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of stomach discomfort so I turned to GASX which was on the glutenfreedrug list. I believe the GASX made me even sicker.  I then searched the internet and found that it was filled with lots of people getting sick from GASX.  This has me worried on the validity of this list.  I am going to be having an outpatient procedure soon and have a list of medication that I need to be taking.  I don't know where to turn now. It is always so difficult getting answers from drug manufacturers. Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts?

  3. I like to carry with me a Gluten Free energy bar just in case I am somewhere and I am hungry and not able to get a gluten-free meal or for a quick snack.  All of the bars that I have been looking at are so high in calories, fat, and sugar. I am looking for something that tastes good but still not going to be crazy fattening. Any suggestions? Or a recipe that I could make the bars myself?


  4. Oh yeah, some of these corn websites say coffee can be a problem, but I drink Folgers every day, and Dunkin Donuts coffee when it goes on sale, and I have had no problems. THANK GOD!!!!!

    OMG - Thank you. This has been so helpful. I appreciate the time you took to give me all this information.  Can I ask - do you find that besides from stomach issues you develop other issues when you ingest corn? Such as fatigue or mood swings?  Thanks again!!

  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 6 years ago and if have lived a 100 percent gluten free life ever since. I read labels, I am careful about cross-contamination issues; I check my medicines and beauty products. I am so careful about watching out for gluten.  Over the past 6 months or so I have become super sick to the point where I throw up.  Once I finish throwing up I feel perfect.  I think I have narrowed it down to corn.  I have eliminated corn from my diet and I feel much better.  Is this possible to become sensitive to corn after eating it and enjoying it for so many years?  Any way - I have become extremely depressed because as we all know a lot of gluten free food is made with corn (pasta, crackers, cookies, bread..).  That is fine for when I am at home but how do I go out to eat now with out getting sick.  Asking a server to handle gluten is one thing and adding corn onto the mix is another.  Also, any ideas for snacks? I am so tired of fruit and I am trying to find something healthy that won't add on the pounds. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.  I feel like I am never going to eat anywhere but home again.

  6. I was diagnosed with Celiac about a week ago, and I start the gluten-free diet in 2 days (after a small intestine biopsy tomorrow).  I am wondering of any of the women out there have some favorite makeup products (especially lip products) that are gluten-free.

    I know about red apple lipsticks, but I'm a college student, and I don't have $20+ to spend on one lipstick.  I know EOS lipbalms are gluten-free(hooray!), but I'd like something with some color in it :)

    I'm using a slew of different drugstore brands for the rest of my makeup (covergirl, maybelline, NYX, etc.), but the only one I think I really need to change is my lip products, since it can be easily ingested (compared to foundation or powder).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


    You can try Pacifica Perfume they have great lip products and also 100% pure also is good to look at

  7. I thought after years of having Celiac - that I had this whole gluten free thing down.  I follow a very strict gluten-free diet. I thought I could always have on a glass of wine when I went out to dinner.  But lately my stomach has been really bothering - bloating, headache  - the whole thing.  I now find out that what I thought was a given - wine was gluten-free is not true.  I just found out that the way some wine is made and stored causes it to contain gluten.  Help - how do I go about finding out which wines are safe? (Besides calling each manufacturer )  Does anyone know which are safe wines for celiacs?  With Friday being tomorrow I need some advice!!!

  8. Anyone know off hand if this is gluten free? Emailing customer service is a pain sometimes

    I actually contacted Olay about a month or so ago.  Their response to me was they could not tell me if it was gluten-free and I should take it to my doctor.  But according to them the biggest source of gluten in their products was the fragrance.  I don't know - I just did not feel comfortable .They were not friendly and sort of nasty so I will not use any Olay product.  Neutrogena has always been VERY friendly and helpful though.

  9. Have a question and was wondering if anyone knows an answer to this?  Each Friday - all my co-workers order pizza and each Friday I feel left out.  The pizza place  started serving Gluten Free Pizza - i was excited.  I called to ask them how it was prepared and to ensure that there was no cross contamination.  They told me it was cooked in the same oven as traditional pizza and any gluten that got on it would be burned off. Is this true?  Could gluten burn off a gluten-free pizza cooked in the same oven with traditional pizza?  I am very skeptical at this and very sensitive to the least little bit of gluten so I passed on the pizza.  The place I normally buy my pizza cooks the my pizza in a separate oven.  Any thoughts?