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  1. I live in a small town in coastal NC.  They are finally starting to stock some gluten free items.  Udi's bread is just too expensive so I make my own.  My husband and I through trial and error have found a great bread recipe that tastes just like regular bread.  The texture is a little firmer but other than that, it's wonderful.  Depending on the things you like to eat, there are gluten free cookbooks out there for just about everything.


    One thing a lot of people don't mention is that if you have been diagnosed with Celiac then the difference in price between gluten free items and their "normal" equivalent is a medical tax deduction.  It doesn't help in the short term but at tax time, it can be a definite blessing.  Just make sure to keep your receipts.


    I don't know what state you live in but another thing that's tax deductible is sales tax.  We didn't really worry about it in Ohio because most things weren't taxed.  However, here in NC, it was literally sticker shock because they tax EVERYTHING!  Plus they have more than one tax rate so figuring it out in your head as you grocery shop is impossible.  So, we keep all our receipts and I have a spreadsheet for sales tax, medical items, etc.


    Hang in there.  It does get easier.  Every once in a while, I do get blindsided by something but for the most part it's not bad.  

  2. I was diagnosed with celiac around 9 months ago with a blood test and endoscopy. I have been eating gluten free since then and had a few months of feeling a little better but over the last couple months my gut issues have returned and gotten worse. I eliminated all dairy products and I'm out of ideas. Anybody else in the same boat?


    Are you taking any medications?  Doing any cooking with natural flavors ie vanilla, eating pickles on a regular basis, etc.?  I can only speak from my experience but I discovered that my meds contained gluten, natural flavors can contain gluten.  If natural vanilla flavoring is made from vodka distilled from wheat, it will make me react.  Dextrin makes me react.  You may want to look a little closer at the ingredients and check www.glutenfreemeds.com to make sure that your medications, Rx or OTC are gluten free as well.  It was a real eye opener to me.


    Very interesting. My symptoms present similarly to when I used to get glutened. Wouldn't it be funny if I had GB problems all this time! Though I don't imagine that GB issues would have flattened my gut villi, as an endoscope revealed years ago when diagnosed.
    I'm 32, which I understand is generally a little young for GB problems, but who knows. Lifelong celiac and strong susceptibility to stress.
    @CathyO, so you take some Aloe juice after already feeling nauseous?  I just got the same kind you use. Expensive stuff! Label says take 2oz 2x daily. You prefer to take it specifically to relieve symptoms when they happen?
    Had a good night & good sleep achieved with omeprazole (was told to try it again by doctor), aloe juice, a tab of gravol, and a tab of gaviscon. Felt sleepy and a little bit of a narcotic haze. However I'm just starting omeprazole, tend to be hypervigilent about how I'm feeling, and indeed I hadn't eaten much all day to try and stabilize. Gravol might be just the thing to have an easy night & sleep early. Perhaps will upgrade to Zofran/etc next time I see doc.
    Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions.


    I would be careful with the Omeprazole and use Prilosec instead.  There is a great website, www.glutenfreedrugs.com  If the drug is listed, it's gluten free.  Omeprazole, is not listed but Prilosec is.  I used to take Omeprazole and would get ill not long after taking any of my drugs that contained gluten.  When I switched from the generic ones that contained gluten to the brand which didn't, I could tell a huge difference.  I'm one of those Celiac patients that vinegar makes ill when it's distilled from wheat.  Another thing is natural vanilla flavoring.  It is made with vodka.  I have to make my own vanilla flavoring so that I don't get sick.  So, what I'm trying to say, is yes, I'm hyper sensitive but I got that way from three years of hidden gluten exposure after being diagnosed.

  4. Last night my husband and I had potato skins made by Heinz.  I did my research, searched numerous websites including Heinz's website.  Everywhere I looked said they were gluten free so I ate them.  This morning I am ill from gluten ingestion.  I read the label and noticed that there is dextrin listed in the ingredient label. 


    How do I know if dextrin is safe or not or is it never safe?  Is there a way to tell if dextrin has a wheat component or like natural flavors, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. should it just be if present do not eat?


    I am so very sensitive that even vinegar will make me ill if they are distilled from wheat.  Yes, I know that everyone says the protein doesn't pass through the process.  However, I have gotten very ill from eating nothing but dill pickles.  The only dill pickles that don't make me ill are Mount Olive brand which doesn't distill their vinegar from wheat.





  5. Hey guys,


    I checked to see if this had been discusssed, but did not see any previous topics. Please forgive me if it has. I normally take the brand name Ultram for my small fiber neuropathy since I have had so much trouble in the past finding out which generics were gluten free. My pharmacy has just informed me they will no longer be carrying the brand name Ultram and have the generic tramadol by Amneal. I called Amneal today and was told there is no wheat, barley, rye, or oats in the tramadol and it is in the clear for celiacs. The lady said the only item that may cause some an issue was the corn starch, which comes from corn gluten, so they do not say it is "gluten free", but they will say it is ok for celiac patients.


    My question is, has anyone had any experience with this manufacturer of tramadol and how did it go? Any information is helpful. I can start searching for other pharmacies that carry the brand name Ultram in my area if necessary, but if the Amneal generic works just as well, then I see no need to do so.


    Thanks in advance for y'all help!



    Hi Jamie,


    I use www.glutenfreedrugs.com for my meds.  If it isn't listed there, I don't take it.  I stopped taking Tramadol and went to Ultram because Tramadol isn't on the list.  I am so sensitive that on some of the drugs, it has to be a specific manufacture or I will get sick.  If the manufacture states that the only gluten in the product is from corn then it should be safe.  The only way to really find out is to take a dose on a day when getting sick won't interfere with things you have planned.  I'm so very sensitive that I play it safe and use the web site.  My pharmacy will order in special for me.  If you explain to the pharmacist that you have Celiacs disease and Ultram is gluten free but Tramadol may or may not be and you really don't want to get sick to find out, they might stock it for you.  Otherwise, if it were me, I would go to a different pharmacy.  I have one drug that I have to get filled at Walgreens because my local pharmacy can't get it anymore.  I would rather do it that way and not get sick than take something and be very ill for 24-48 hours afterwards.



  6. Thanks so much, guys!

    Oh and believe me- my mom and I LOVE Cabot. We have some of the Seriously Sharp white cheddar right now and it's sooooo good. I bought the Kraft pre shredded because it's better for salads. Not really taste wise but in texture. The Cabot is very moist and it tends to stay in one big clump when you put it in a salad while the Kraft doesn't really stick together at all. Plus when I shred up some of the Cabot to put into a salad it tends to disappear before it makes it into my bowl...strange haha. Anyway, thanks again for the help!

    The reason the Kraft cheese shreds don't stick together is because of the potato starch.  The shreds are covered with the potato starch so they don't stick together.  You can use that same thing to keep raisins suspended in breads, etc.  Just coat them with potato or corn starch before putting them in the batter.  Then they grab onto the dough instead of being so heavy that they drop to the bottom.  I don't know if you can make this work with cheese that you shred yourself or not.  I'll have to do some experimenting.  I usually just dice the cheese up very fine and that works pretty well.

  7. As much as I love the taste of baked goods, do you think they should be avoided even on gluten-free diet? Once I went back to gluten-free toasts, pasta (all we have ere is corn-based!) and heavy meals like kapsalon (like a duner without the bread) I have trouble with digestion and sometimes my heart races. I found that I do best on lean meat, fish, chicken, rice, potatoes, fruits and veggies. Would you go as far as to quit all processed foods, even your gluten-free treats, fat meat like pork? I'm starting to think that just because something is gluten-free does not mean it is healthy. I guess I have to kiss gluten-free pizzas and pastas good-buy, probably my Celiac did so much things to my gut that I should better stick to the aforementioned diet.

    Part of the reason that some of the processed gluten-free treats ie cookies, brownies, etc. taste so good is because of the sugar and fat that are added. I gained back a fair amount of weight because when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, it was easier to just buy processed foods online and have them shipped than it was to bake/cook everything from scratch.  Now, I rarely order anything online.  When I get tired of making my own flours, I will order from Bob's Red Mill because I know that there is no gluten in the plant and there's no added sugars or fats.  So, it's "safe" for me to use.  Other than that, I make my own flours and we cook everything from scratch.

  8. I was buzzing the internet today looking to see if the Green Giant frozen veggies are gluten free, when I stumbled upon the Gluten Free statement from Kraft.  I'm SHOCKED and had to share this with everyone.  To me, it says ... check the label on their products but beware that even though they do not add gluten to a product, thus not declared on the label, that some of the ingredients in that product MAY contain gluten because they do not verify from their ingredient vendors of the gluten free status, and thus cannot guarantee the end product!!!!  Well, no WONDER I still feel like I've been glutened sometimes!  Thought it was just all in my head!!!  No more Kraft products purchase for me!!!!!!!  :o


    So, here's the sneaky statement they have on their web site:




    For labeling purposes, Kraft includes wheat, barley, rye and oats as sources of gluten. Our packages identify gluten by listing these common sources. Other grains that contain gluten are triticale, spelt, kamut, mir and farina, and if these grains are included in our products, they will also be labeled.  However you should know that we do not guarantee that our products are gluten-free because we sometimes purchase flavoring, color or spice ingredients from suppliers who do not list every possible source of gluten beyond what is required by law.


    If you have a concern about possible trace amounts of gluten from sources other than wheat, which may be contained in flavoring, color or spice, you should avoid purchasing the product.  A small number of Kraft Foods products are labeled as "gluten-free" according to the proposed definition by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These are: Crystal Light, Kool-Aid and Tang powdered soft drinks. We take this claim seriously and for such products, we are assured there is no unintentional contact with gluten during every step of the agricultural growing, transportation and manufacturing process. You might notice that many additional Kraft Foods products may have ingredient statements that do not list a source of gluten, but without the extremely specialized procedures in place to diligently validate gluten purity, we do not label the finished product as gluten-free. In this way, we are very serious and thorough when labeling products as gluten-free.

    I have gotten sick from eating some of Kraft's products too.  The most recent being sugar free jello.  I know everyone says it's gluten free and it doesn't make them sick but it does make some of us sick.  

  9. In my personal experience distilling doesn't remove gluten.  Vinegar is also distilled yet if it doesn't state that it's gluten free, I react to it.  Even pickles make me sick if they vinegar isn't distilled from corn.  So I would be leery of any site that says distilling removes the gluten.


    I love Baileys so I so wish it was true for me and I could drink it.  

  10. I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease the beginning of this year.  About a month ago, I became intolerant of dairy.  Every time I drink a glass of milk or have ice cream, I get very nauseated and vomit.  Once all the dairy is out of my stomach, I begin to feel better.  The same thing happened when I ate homemade custard.  I just discovered yesterday that all of the medications I take except one have hidden gluten in them.  I went off all of them yesterday and am seeing my Dr tomorrow afternoon.  Is it possible that by continuing to unknowingly ingest gluten for almost this entire year that I have damaged my stomach and instestine to the point that I can only tolerate certain foods?  Will it, the dairy intolerance, ever improve or am I destined to no milk products or items containing milk products?