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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Port St Lucie & Fort Lauderdale, Fl

    Hey there, I'm going to PSL this wknd! I dont know any specifically gluten-free places but i do know i am going to a place in Palm Beach Gardens one night called Seasons 52 - it is supposed to be a "healthy" restaurant so i'm sure they can accommodate. Other than that, i plan on going to Publix and stocking up on snacks, as i'm sure i cant eat anything at the ballparks. Have fun - i love spring training! Oh and go mets
  3. Hey guys, I just happened to check out the Stonyfield Farms website (I couldn't find the kind i used to buy and wanted to see whether it was still available) and i found this link: Certified Gluten Free Apparently, they have (finally) completed their gluten-free certification process and now ALL of their yogurts are gluten-free! I for one am ecstatic, as I am not a huge fan of plain yogurt and this has always been my favorite brand.
  4. Aww, thanks Deb - I definitely fall under the category of those who disappeared for a while... it's definitely a sign that I've adjusted to the diet but I have learned so much from you guys and just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me get to where i am with this diet. Maybe when things quiet down a little for me i'll be able to post more regularly again. In the meantime... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
  5. Ny Timies Health Page

    Funny, i laughed when they talked about using the diet to lose weight because you cant eat twinkies - i for one ate healthy before the diet and now i eat much more sugar, carbs, etc. b/c the gluten-free substitutes are simply not as healthy as their gluten-filled counterparts. I didn't love the tone of the article - i was thinking that if i didnt know anything about gluten i would have thought it was some weird fad or something. The writer seemed to think that people are blaming gluten for everything, when really i think a bigger problem is the lack of knowledge about gluten. But, publicity is publicity. Great to see gluten in the times!
  6. Gluten Free At Yankee Stadium

    FYI - the Carvel at Yankee stadium and shea are gluten-free...had some today at Shea I have also had the popcorn without any problems (at both places). And the shelled peanuts. those are the only foods i will eat at either place though. Actually, today i also had a fruit salad because apparently you can order it from the good seats - who knew?!
  7. Bonefish Grill

    This was the one in FL - it is in between Jupiter and Palm Beach, dont remember the exact location, maybe Palm Beach Gardens?
  8. Glutened At Bonefish Last Night!

    Just an FYI - the only time i have eaten at Bonefish they brought my meal out with the garnish - i had seen on the menu that it wasnt gluten-free so i asked the waiter and he INSISTED it was gluten-free - i spoke to the manager and he took it back. But the point is, my experience was that the waiters were not well-informed about gluten - the other waiter i spoke to and asked for the gluten-free menu said "i dont know what that is but i'm pretty sure we dont have one!" SO while their food may be good and their intentions are great, i dont know how well-trained the staff is. I suggest being very assertive with your waiter or speaking with the manager when you eat there.
  9. Wait - so does that mean you guys need me to buy these a few times a day all over nyc so that they succeed and are nationally distributed? I think i can take one for the team
  10. What To Eat At Sporting Events?

    I guess shame on me too, but I eat popcorn at games all the time. I am a sports fanatic so i go to games all the time and the only things i will eat at baseball games are popcorn, soft serve ice cream and peanuts in the shell. I have never gotten sick (not that those options are so great) because i have yet to find gluten in those items - i know it could be there, but im pretty sensitive so im pretty sure i havent been glutened
  11. I was also wondering about the Amys gluten-free lasagna - havent seen that one in a LONG time and i loved it
  12. Starbucks

    Jillian - that's awesome! And good for you for calling corporate - i thought about it but have been really busy and havent had a chance - i guess the more people that call the more likely they are to institute a policy about it. FYI, was at Woodbury Commons today and they had it at the starbucks there too...its everywhere!
  13. Starbucks

    So i walk into starbucks today and the first thing i see in that little case of treats is a gluten-free Brownie called the Aztec Ancho Chili Brownie (random!) It was in the case with the rest of the pastries - wasnt touching anything but i was still a little hesitant (and not hungry). Anyway, has anyone tried it? This was in Midtown NYC. Seems like a strange flavor and i dont know if it is any good, but i was thinking if Starbucks is carrying gluten free, it really has become mainstream...
  14. Six Degrees

    So funny - it totally didnt strike me that way. I am from NY and i feel like everywhere i go these days, when i tell people i have celiac (or an allergy to gluten, as i do say sometimes when i'm around people who probably dont know what celiac disease is), they always say things like that - it seems like everyone knows someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance these days. I assumed that was how it was intended - and that someone involved in the show has celiac and threw it in. i got 3 phone calls after that episode to tell me i needed to watch it, but no one would tell me why - they said "there is one line that made me think of you"
  15. i love those crackers! i bought them once just to made bread crumbs as breading for fish but i tried one and was amazed how good they are! totally a cross between a ritz cracker and a saltine