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  1. Canyon Bakehouse recently came out with a sweet Hawaiian bread, similar to Hawaiian rolls. I haven't been able to find them yet. Has anyone?
  2. My brother found he had it about the same time I was diagnosed. His son was diagnosed this summer 4 years after us. Mom passed recently, but we are certain she had it now that we know much more about it. A second cousin was diagnosed at 1 yr. of age about 25 years ago. My daughter was tested...
  3. You've received a lot of good info from other posters. A few of my favorites, including those already mentioned, are: Glutino English Muffins - my niece discovered them! Yum! Ronzoni, Barilla, and Jovial pasta - Jovial egg noodles are great! Pamelas pancake mix Glutino or Kinnikkinick...
  4. It's not really out of the U.S., but I'd consider Maui or Oahu. Both islands have a good variety of gluten free food options, including a few gluten free bakeries. I've had great success at both.
  5. Not to be rude, but I seriously don't get all the doom and gloom about a celiac diagnosis. Maybe I live in a bubble, but I can't recall an instance where I felt put down, humiliated, was given disgusted looks, or felt I was being treated any differently than anyone else. If it's happening, it must...
  6. I have used 3 or 4 different brands of braces wax without any problems. Two of the brands were purchased at CVS when I left the house without the wax I got at the orthodontist's office. No problem with any of it.
  7. It's unfair to make such a general statement about ER's and hospitals. Unfortunately, I've been to the ER several times and hospitalized three times in the past few years. The staff took me seriously when I told them I had celiac. Popsicles and drinks were checked for gluten, and a good laugh...
  8. I love Aldi's gluten free bread and have never had a problem with it. Yes, they still make it, but it is hard to find lately. I found the bread, burger buns, and hot dog buns in Kentucky this weekend. The buns are honestly my favorite of all the brands I have tried. They show up at the stores...
  9. I had the same problem long before I knew I had celiac. Restasis did not help me at all. I was referred to an eye specialist, and he was very helpful. He said to continue with Restasis, but I told him it was a waste of time. He told me that it doesn't work for everyone. He also gave me a Bruder...
  10. It's a salad dressing with balsamic dressing as an ingredient. I've never found straight balsamic vinegar that contains gluten.
  11. Schar Baguette is really good! My husband (not gluten-free) now prefers it over regular french bread.
  12. What Karen said! My sister and I eat them all the time without any issues. Any rich chocolatey candy will bother me a bit if I eat them on an stomach.
  13. I had the same problem for about three years, and finally last year I started gaining weight and am back to normal plus and feeling great. I worked with a dietician and my g.i. I used a product called Muscle Egg which is essentially liquid eggs that come in flavors. It comes in quart and gallon...
  14. I've had them about six or seven times at several different Starbucks locations. My sister has, also. Neither one of us have had any signs of getting glutened. They are served in a parchment paper bag that should be handed to you straight from the oven sealed. I've heard many internet complaints...