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  1. I had a gluten-free burger with bun and veggies. I think here in Texas, they use the same gluten-free buns they have at Saltgrass. They are delicious. I'm not sure about elsewhere.
  2. It would be depressing walking into a Dunkin Donuts and walking out with oatmeal, even if it was certified gluten free lol.
  3. I live in Houston and travel around Texas frequently. I have family in Austin and I would agree Austin is the top spot for Gluten-free dining. There are options in more place than not! Its a bit surreal at first since we are always second class citizens everywhere else. Everyone in Austin is...
  4. Probably because the bun is wrapped in plastic, KarenG.
  5. I had the gluten free bun this weekend in North Houston and I was pleasantly surprised. Its surely not the BEST gluten-free bun I've ever had but it emulated the original Chick-fil-A bun fairly well. The bun is the biggest gluten-free I've ever had, however. I know they do prepare the meal...
  6. Yeah most of their locations offer gluten free buns and will grill on a dedicated grill. Their gluten-free hamburger bread is really good overall, although they don't offer the hotdog buns as they did for a while, which is a bummer.
  7. I had really good gluten-free Mickey Mouse waffles at one of the imexpensive Disney non-resort hotels on the property . I believe it was the Doubletree.
  8. Denny's has a gluten free English Muffins now. It's no pancake, but it's great to have an additional option on the plate from a national chain.
  9. gluten-free for 5 years now and I still get the Niacin flush if I take Niacin. First time I took the supplement I thought my head was going to explode and felt like I was turning into the Red Hulk.
  10. Good point. I've found a few places that add Soy Sauce to their beef marinade. Same with adding flour to their corn masa. The more Americanized the Mexican restaurant, the worse off you probably will be. Conversely, the more traditional, the better off you'll be (wouldn't be caught dead putting...
  11. Resident Tex-mexican here! Depending on the severity of his allergy, if cross contamination is an issue, you are going to have to find a Mexican restaurant that actually has a gluten free menu. Depending on your location, that may be near impossible or very easy to do. That being said, if cross...
  12. Mine would be Saltgrass Steakhouse. They even have gluten-free bread for free before your meal comes out. Second choice would be Johnny Carino's - There menu is huge. Much better variety than Carrabas and they have really good gluten-free pasta.
  13. I'll have to get that cookbook. I've actually just recently started baking my own biscuits and have finally gotten a really decent mix. I use Pioneer brand country gravy instead of mixing it myself but its not bad at all. As for pancakes and french toast and waffles and the like, I mastered those...
  14. Just to second what everyone else has said - I think we all loathe hearing we have to omit sauces or bread or whatever makes the item that item. I for one, don't believe a burger without bread is a burger. It's a slab of meat. Also, if there is a Mexican dish or Mexican styled dish, have options...
  15. I've had Waffle House several times and they have cleaned the grill and switched gloves on request - very accommodating. But unfortunately, no pancakes. I guess since its batter-based, they would have to worry about cross contamination. I've heard of Original Pancake House, but unfortunately there...