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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Thankfully, at this point, she brings her own snack and the school requires all kids to wash their hands before and after eating (they started that just for her). I send in all playdoh (the gluten-free kind from discount school supply) and she has a sink in her classroom. So, on the whole, things have been okay. Unfortunately, her teacher went out on maternity leave and the new teacher is pretty old school and likes things her way. There are no class parties and no outside treats allowed at all in our district, so that makes life a LOT easier. The art supplies issue is really the only one we have had (we had it with our oldest's kindergarten teacher, but she was just an idiot anyway). I just want to make sure I don't miss anything. I'm going to get moving on this ASAP. I'll put in a call to the district nurse (I'm fortunate there, because her daughter is a Celiac!) and see where to go. I've already dropped the word "504" in relation to this, so I"m hoping that scares them out of doing it tomorrow. Frustrating!
  2. Cape Cod! We have SO many gluten-free options. There's a place in Yarmouth called Idgy's that is a fully gluten-free restaurant. There are also a bunch of other wonderful restaurants (I once counted 13 within a 10 minute radius in Hyannis). It's also just such a beautful place to be.
  3. Hi everyone, My daughter is currently in preK (she's a peer model in an integrated public program) and currently does not have a 504. We have never needed it with our son (3rd grade), because he has an amazing elementary school nurse who goes above and beyond. Alas, we are now having to look into it for our daughter, because her teacher just really isn't getting it. The final straw was an email we received yesterday asking if she could help make papier-mache as long as she wore gloves or should she just watch. I explained the dangers of being in a class with flour (AGAIN) and sent some links along as well as alternatives (making it with watered down glue), but I'm now just feeling like it's time to move forward. I would love to know ideas of what you have in your plans for young ones. I know that the challenges they face are different than kids in an elementary class, so I don't want to miss anything. Thanks!
  4. I think this is the real key here... I think she just doesn't believe us. My guess is she "knows someone" who isn't as strict or something. You know the type. It's been a long nine years with this woman. If it was up to me, I'd just pass the toys along. My husband probably won't want to, since they're from his mother, but maybe I can just toss them in storage for a bit until he forgets about them
  5. This is bizarre, I know, but I figure someone on here has to have come across a situation like this at some point. My mother in law has struck again... She sent my daughter some handmade upholstered doll furniture for her birthday. It's cute, it's a nice gift, she bought it at a craft fair... great. Problem is, she packed it IN A RAISIN BRAN BOX!!!!!!! How do I clean something like this? I'm not certain it can be submersed, because it's handmade with cloth and wood and batting. I know just wiping with wet wipes will not be adequate. So, now what? What is my best bet to make sure i get the gluten off. Also, what the heck would you say to her? I mean, this is NOT new for our family. We've been gluten-free for NINE YEARS. She should really start to know better by now. My husband thinks we shouldn't bother, because obviously she doesn't get it, but I feel like we should say SOMETHING. what a pain.
  6. Sleepaway Camp

    We haven't yet (my oldest just isn't quite ready yet), but we plan to send him to Camp Celiac in Rhode Island when he is. I've heard great things about it and it's an entirely gluten-free camp for a week that lists every single food they serve on their website. I think it will be great for him, when the time comes.
  7. Gluten Free Greenbean Casserole?

    I don't recommend the funyons. We tried it once and they got horribly soggy. I'll grant you, it was years ago (we've been gluten-free nine years) and I don't think there was a readily available cream of mushroom soup, so I'm sure we made our own and it may have been too thin. I honestly don't remember, I just remember being so disappointed in how soggy and gross the funyons got.
  8. Substitute Or Skip?

    We aren't allowed to have any parties at school for any holiday or birthday. This makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!!!! There is NO food allowed for anything, except once in a blue moon, a teacher might bring in smart food or something and once a year, the kids get hoodsie cups from the principal. I'm so incredibly relieved for this!!!!!! It's also nice, because we're the token Jewish family in our school, so having to deal with holiday parties for holidays we don't celebrate would be annoying. They do other treats - they hire a DJ to play music in the lunchroom a few times per year, they allow the birthday kids to be star students and share info about themselves, but no parties and no treats. This is the norm in our area. nvsmom- do you send treats to birthday parties at peoples' houses or at public places? Are the parents okay with that? ARe the places okay with that? I've never tried that. I don't know most of the school parents well enough to suggest it.
  9. Just curious what you do and what age(s) you kids are... If your son or daughter is invited to a bday party, do you bring their own cupcake/pizza/etc or just skip the food? I'm curious, because we have been changing a bit here. My oldest will be 9. He brings his own pizza if they are having pizza (we are fortunate to have several pizza places near us with gluten-free pizza), but I no longer send a cupcake. I don't, because A - he doesn't need that much sugar just because and B - at this age, other kids are saying "no thank you" to cake anyway, so I think it makes him stick out more. His own pizza pretty much looks like theirs, but his own cupcake just makes him stand out so much. So, we've been skipping it and letting him eat the candy that inevitably comes in the goody bags on the way home instead (or swapping him for safe candy at home). My daughter is nearly 5. I still bring cupcakes for her (no pizza, because she won't eat pizza). She is too young, IMO, to just skip it and not care. I'll probably have her start skipping when she is closer to his age. Im curious to see what you do? I've noticed the kids with peanut and tree nut allergies have mostly started just skipping rather than bringing their own as well, so I wondered if this is the age (8-9) that people stop sending subs. Thanks!
  10. Veggie straws, puffed goldfish (or whatever th are called), smartfood, Chex. My sons scout troops always seems to buy one if those huge boxes of frito lay bags, so he can eat several if those. Not the healthiest option, by far, but easily accessible.
  11. My daughter has one orgain kids protein shake each day. It's the only way I know she gets enough. The only meat she eats is turkey tacos and we can only do that so often. No veggies that aren't hidden in other food and she can be picky about her fruits. She is brutal. She would happily go days without eating to avoid foods she doesn't like. It's a killer.
  12. Simply organic makes an amazing carrot cake! Not sure if it dairy free, though. This may sound horrible, but when each of my kids were diagnosed, we went out of our way to bake cakes and brownies and sweets, just so they always had something great to look forward to. As they got more used to their new normal, we cut that way way back. Having lots of treats seemed to make the transition easier. I is so hard, though. It's been worse with my daughter. She was a carb loader and is a terribly picky eater. There are days I honestly don't even know what to feed her. I swear that child lives on yogurt and homemade granola bars.
  13. Need Help Please

    Truth be told, I've never ACTUALLY run my dishes separately, and everyone has been fine, but this mom seems particularly stressed out, so I was trying to alleviate her stress by suggesting it.
  14. Need Help Please

    Oh and another thing I'm sure you already know, since you have already replaced so much, but make sure you don't run them all together in the dishwasher. Theoretically, it should be fine, since it is all being washed, but it's not worth the cross contamination risk.
  15. Need Help Please

    Do you mean the velveeta stick or the squeezy cheese that comes in a non gluten-free Mac n cheese? The stick is gluten-free, the other I wouldn't trust. Try the Annie's Mac n cheese with the squeezy cheese, it tastes the best,IMO. Also, the trader joes is really good. My kids have never have fast food, so they don't know to miss it, but my husband will sometimes get a chocolate ice cream thing from Wendy's (forget what it's called). Honestly, with all of the work you are doing, it would honestly be cheaper and easier for you to all just go gluten-free. I'm actually shocked at how much our food bill dropped once we all stopped eating gluten. No buying double of everything.