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    It's possible you had an allergic reaction to the sulfites in the wine. I get bad allergic reactions when i have any exposure to sulfur, avoid dried fruits unless they specify sulfur-free as they are laden with it.
  2. JAY-RU

    Reactions To Non-Gluten Food

    Re:durrsakja Yeah its pretty awful, . Interesting that it started around 2 weeks for you as well. You have been gluten free for quite some time compared to me. Are you still having these reactions regularly, or have you finally pinned down what you can't eat? It's very frustrating, I feel like I'm in a dietary landmine, not to mention the looming threat of full blown anaphylaxis is quite scary.
  3. JAY-RU

    Reactions To Non-Gluten Food

    Re: Gemini Yeah I'm not overly paranoid about exposure with proper stuff like Amy's etc. I'm just not a fan of processed foods due to preservatives, food coloring and factory conditions. Re: Bartfull I agree I would continue to eat this way as well, I have a mental clarity i haven't had since I was a kid but my body is doing very strange things. My last exposure to soy has left a feeling of a lump in my throat for the past 4 days, almost like there's a large pill stuck to the lower left side of my throat. Has anyone experienced this in relation to Celiac or otherwise? I can swallow food fine but i have to clear my phlegm often or it starts getting more difficult to breathe.
  4. JAY-RU

    My New Celiac Girl

    Yes there are different degrees of sensitivity, but there is no such thing as a Celiac sufferer that isn't greatly harming themselves by continuing gluten consumption. You are right to be worried and a good man for taking the initiative to learn more. I don't know the specifics of your relationship but, if she trusts you it's time to talk to her about it.
  5. This doesn't seem like an issue for those of us that aren't extremely hyper-sensitive to gluten. I kind of doubt the wheat would still be around to get on the dates considering it's administered before they even grow. At that point it seems like we wouldn't be able to eat anything, considering wheat is grown alongside a lot of produce, or that a man that just ate a sandwich is picking the fruits etc.
  6. JAY-RU

    Reactions To Non-Gluten Food

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. So you think that maybe I am eating cross contaminated produce? I have eaten soy and milk for over a decade and suddenly they started making my throat swell and giving me intense reflux and cramps, as well as rashes and an extremely upset stomach after eating the other things I listed. I try to add one food every 2-3 days, maybe I am adding things to quickly to pinpoint the cause properly. It's very strange to me that the allergy to wheat could possibly have been masking allergic reactions to other foods. I wonder what the mechanism to something like that is.
  7. Hey all, first time poster. I have been gluten free for a little over 8 weeks now following a Celiac diagnosis. After about 2 weeks in I started getting mild to strong allergic reactions to all sorts of food, being a vegetarian for 14 years this limits my diet immensely. Things I have been reacting to: Corn Soy Rice Pinto Beans Milk Eggs Black Pepper Quinoa Flax Strawberry Peanut butter I eat very little processed food, with the removal of bread I eat next to none. I check labels and ingredients obsessively on those few that i do eat. Is this normal when you are new to a gluten free diet? I am at a loss, at every corner there is some reaction lurking.. I also suffer from GERD if that factors in at all. I have been eating avocado, cucumber, garbanzo, broccoli, banana, and lentil as they are the only foods that i have found i can tolerate. I love fresh food and don't mind a restricted diet so that is not a big problem for me, I am more worried about these new reactions. Has anyone experienced this? Will it go away after a while? Thanks in advance, much appreciated.