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  1. As an update to this thread, I saw my naturopath today. I just happened to be having one of my itching episodes on my left forearm right before the appointment started, so she was able to see that the skin was undamaged or different in anyway. She explained it's because I'm having issues with...
  2. Thanks all, for the suggestions and the feedback. I had a full allergy panel done last summer, the only things that came up are gluten and almonds. I've since cut out both, (I also have the double gene for celiac). I will ask my doctor about liver function when I see her at the end of the month...
  3. tonalynn

    Celiac Rage

    Moosemalibu, I'm angry right there with ya! I'm only 4 months in, but either I want to feel better RIGHT NOW, or go back to eating the way I used to so I can just order a friggin pizza and not have to cook anymore! And I hate those sneaky little poos that make you think you'll be feeling much better...
  4. Here's a thing to try that hasn't been posted yet: Dark or Tart Cherry Juice. Not from concentrate, there is a brand that is just straight juice. It has a laxative effect if you drink too much. For me, too much is a regular size glass. Tastes a LOT better than apple cider vinegar (if you aren't a...
  5. Thanks Mendylou, but I don't have any hives, bubbles or eruptions where it itches. It's just normal, pinkish skin, nothing visibly wrong with it, both before and after the itching starts. It seems to like the softer parts of skin (the inside of my forearm for example) but it's not really picky....
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Bartfull. I'm 43, but I've had this itchy weirdness for as long as I can remember. Any suggestions on the type of humidifier? I live in a rental, so I can't use a whole-house humidifier (like I would love to!) and don't know what else to look for. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I was diagnosed with celiac on October 1st of this year, and have been gluten free ever since. I've de-glutened my home, and have only eaten out 3 times since my diagnoses (I don't think I was cc'd but you never know). Anyway, I have a terrible problem with itchy skin. It's not DH...
  8. Thank you Kareng! This is all new to me. I have all the ingredients ready for my stew, I just need to swap out the regular flour for gluten free. I'm keeping your recipe for the next time I make stew - it looks delicious!
  9. Sorry to sound like a dolt, but I'm just not sure about this dry onion soup mix. I have a package of Lipton Recipe Secrets onion soup mix (dark blue writing on the white envelope) and I threw the box away. The lipton website says it does have barley, but some posters on here say if it does have gluten...