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  1. I just read gluten ataxia seems to be something different than what i have! nevermind, just ignore the title xD
  2. Hello. I write this as a rant, i'd not felt this bad in a long time! I was glutened 2 times in the past week, the 2nd time gave me the worst symptoms. I consider the ataxia symptoms as a kind of torture! I get panick attacks. I realized I had been glutened before yesterday ( I think) , had a little stomach ache, acid reflux, a bit swollen.. nothing that bad for me, the bad symptoms started this morning, I woke up extremely tired, in a horrible mood and later I started having symptoms of my worst enemy, the panick attack: I woke up an hour ago (at 2:30 am) really dizzy, feeling like I was drunk and now I really can't sleep because of this panick thing I can't control! I'm really sleepy but I just can't relax. Ahhhh I hate this! This is what happens when I relax and forget I'm really not a normal person! I'm also sad.. maybe it's caused by gluten too, who knows.. I'm sad because I want to become a flight attendant,but if i get this crazy with a bit of gluten, I don't know if I'll be able then. Do you guys know any flight attendant with celiac/ gluten sensitivity? I guess this is one of my bad days or nights..
  3. ceceliac

    Avoiding Cross Contamination!

    nvsmom, my mom wont do that for me, she still thinks that the flour cant hurt me and that im exagerating! so i dont think she will stop using it, anyway i keep all my utensils and food in my room, including sugar, salt etc! i just shared the oil, now i wont xD JosieToo, haha no, they wont go gluten-free for me! i tried gently suggesting that to them, and they got angry!! so no, they gont go gluten-free or stop using flour :/ thats why i stay in my room while she cooks! i dont know if that's enough anyway. jennifer101, i bought utensiles for myself and i keep them in my room, im very careful with that, i dont let anyone else use my stuff! so i dont think that could be the problem
  4. Hello, i have a big problem with cross contamination.i get glutened very often!! i am usually very careful when cooking, i cook my own food iafter my mom finished cooking for the rest of the family because i know something may fall into my pan and gluten my food but there is always someone around in the kitchen, and they go wash their hands and spill water everywhere, or they pass food over my pan, or anything similar!! and i dont know how to stop that, i've told them thousands of times to please stay away from the kitchen while im cooking! but they dont pay attention to me. Other problem is airborne gluten, my mom cooks with gluten flour very often, i keep all my stuff in my room so thats not the problem, the problem is me! i dont know if staying in my room is enough and for how long i must stay there so that the gluten goes away.. I was glutened on sunday but i dont know how! my mom made a gluten cake, i stayed in my room as i always do but i dont know what failed! I dont know if it was the flour itself, or some flour fell on the oil that i used later when cooking! The thing is i got glutened. I was glutened once again today, and again, i dont know how. I suspect it was one of my friends who was eating cookies, then she cleaned her hands and tiny cookie particles spread around in the air (i saw that!! those were no crumbs, but tiny stuff flying around!). That sounds exagerated, i dont know if that's actually possible! But an hour later i started to feel bad! Could that be possible? Please tell me if im going nuts or whats wrong xD
  5. Hello, i read that oats are still being studied for the reactions they cause in some celiacs. Here in argentina oats are not safe for celiacs, the foods are labelled SIN TACC, that means in spanish without wheat, oats, barley or rye, anyway i think thats because of CC..
  6. Bartful: i dont have a diagnosis because i went "gluten free" or gluten light or whatever before being tested. I know how to avoid CC, ive read a lot about it, i just need to understand i must not eat the stuff my family touched with probably gluten hands and avoid eating out, im working on it, im doing the best i can, i live with 4 gluten eaters who dont believe i have gluten issues and dont respect me, i think now they're starting to understand but it took like 1 year for them to understand i need to avoid gluten, i dont totally blame them for my cheatings, it was my fault as well, because i wasnt sure i had a gluten intolerance so i needed to feel bad to understand or i dont know what i thought in those moments, but my family helped a lot, because they didnt buy anything gluten-free, not even oils (here there are some oils with gluten in them) I got really desperated because i had not had this diarrhea episodes for a long time and im not even sure if gluten caused it at all, the thing is im really gluten free now, if i only had D it would seem more normal, but i really see lots of blood! I'll ask my doctor for another colonoscopy and an endoscopy next month, im sure i'll hav those done in january or so because things are that slow here! but i'll stay gluten free now, it doesnt matter if the endoscopy doesnt show any celiac damage, then i give up on the testing, i dont know what else i can do!! im sure i have celiac or gluten sensitivity, i dont know if i have anything else, thats why i'll have to get more testing done..
  7. Hi cristina, thanks for the advice! Are hemorroids or fistulas always visible? even when i feel good? because the colonoscopy was done when i was feeling "normal" without diarrhea and without any blood loss, and it all was normal, not even a little hemorroid, nothing!! These diarrhea episodes always start slow, the first days loose stools with no bleeding or just little, then normal D and after some days i get that terrible bleeding.. (sorry TMI) This is confusing, i really hope i dont have crohns disease!!
  8. Hello, this is what has been happening to me http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/109761-gluten-withdrawal-symptoms/ (sorry for posting so many links!! i do this so i can extend less this post) I APOLOGYZE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS LONG TEXT HAHA, I NEEDED TO VENT. My symptoms have not improved yet, i've had diarrhea for 14 days now, and bright bloody diarrhea for 5 days or so, the blood was a very common symptom for me before going gluten-free, i had a colonoscopy one year ago, it was all normal but they couldnt check the 1st portion of my colon, so i was thinking i may have Crohn's disease in the end of my small intestine or beggining of my colon. (i'll see a doc in a month) The only bad symptoms i have are the bloody D just every time i eat, lots of pain, then i dont eat to stop the pain and get extremly weak.. i have kind of flare ups every several months, these flare ups usually last 1 month, so i think i'll still have this D for 2 more weeks, fun. It makes it impossible for me to eat, today i only ate cookies, a couple in the morning, a couple at 4pm and a couple some hours ago, i still had bloody D but less frequently and had a lot less pain, i found not eating is the only way to stop the pain. Some hs ago i was really starving so i ate some rice, and the symptoms were VERY BAD, horribly painful bloody D, really bad. I found imodium makes the pain more bearable and made the bleeding stop, but as soon as i stop taking it, all the symptoms return. (it doesnt work on stopping the D) As you can read in my other posts, im not diagnosed with celiac disease, i started a gluten free diet exactly a year ago, it was a strct gluten-free diet in the beggining, then in january i switched to a not so strict diet for personal reasons, still had not horrible immediate symptoms. In february i ate a lot of gluten cookies for like a week or so, and i got one of this flare ups, i got really sick! i went gluten free again and got the flare up to last only 15 days or so.. this was an improvement since i had only had 1 month flare ups before. In april i cheated a lot, usually one gluten sandwich or so, i got bloated, "normal" pain (compared with the pain im suffering now) A LOT of very bad smelling gas and tons of intestinal weird and loud sounds, i remember i just avoided gluten because i was ashamed of those weird sounds, because i was going to the uni and all the class was silent and my stomach was like: hbeuceeuri hbeqiracdwxmcrei nnvinemdcowcoiinwekjjm grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrjniewcedc.. I got those symptoms every time i cheated "lightly" (a cookie, a little sandwich) Then in june or july i tried to reintroduce gluten once again, eating it progressively but i failed, it ended in another flare up, i dont remember how much it lasted but i think it was less than a month. I remember that even on a gluten light diet, i got relief from almost all of my symptoms, my hair stopped falling out, the leg cramps and numbness stoped, i gained a lot of weight, the dizzyness also stoped, the rash i had on my feet cleared up, etc, however i still had some symptoms like bloating some days, stomach aches and bearable stuff but i wasnt feeling 100% good so ----> I went strictly gluten free again i think in oct 1st, and my severe acne cleared up. i think i was glutened 15 days after, but it may just have been a little glutening, just cross contamination, i think it triggered this flare up im still having now, with my classic creepy symptoms, bloody D that wont stop, etc. Im bleeding and it looks like im dying but my face is clear (lol?) the little in between hours i dont eat and get pain free, im really pain free, no bloating and gas! (maybe a coincidence) So as you can see, my body reacted or reacts bad to gluten, now i doubt it because of the extreme symptoms im experiencing, but then i look back at all the improvements and its clear for me that i have celiac or a gluten intolerance, besides, my mother, grandma and 2 brothers have tons of symptoms of celiac disease, my little brother has a rush that looks like DH, he gets it on his knees and elbows! my mom has always been anemic and was recently diagnosed with hypothidoidism or whatever its spelled.. so i think i have gluten issues. I'm so confused because i dont really know whats wrong with my body, i shouldn't be reacting to nothing this way, this only happened when i ate big amounts of gluten before, and these dont look like normal celiac symptoms, i strongly suspect crohn's disease, i have an appointment with my gastro in nov 25, by that time my symptoms will be gone.. This crohns stuff has been driving me crazy for the last couple of days since the idea of a chronic horrible illnes like crohns is the last thing i would wish, i get sad every day (just some hours) when i start to think i'll never be healthy again and that my health is going to get worse and worse with time, that i'll have a higher colon cancer risk, liver and kidney issues (probable) and most of people with crohns eventually need surgery during their lives, then i think of the extremely expensive medications!! there's a lot of stuff going on my mind, mostly because it isnt a disease that can be stoped with the correct medication like other autoimmune diseases, i may get symptom free for some months and suddenly my medication wont work and i'll have to adjust it or change it for another stronger one, then if nothing can stop the inflamation, i'll get surgery, repeat. So there's not basically a way to see if i'll stay as healthy as im now for a long time, some people get retired for disability and i really dont want that, i dont want that life. im 18, i had a lot of dreams, a lot of stuff to do in life and now this happens to me, most people may say you must not but i feel sorry for myfelf!
  9. Thank you for the advice, i just thought charcoal could help, as i heard some relatives used to take those pills when they had D, but it didnt work for me so i'll take imodium, i hope it helps! Tthe problem is that im not even sure if i got glutened or what. Today my brother prepared juice with those powdered juice mixes, he used one which contained gluten (ohhhh!!), he was too rough and the powdered thing spreaded, i breathed a lot of it, i could even guess it was an apple juice mix. I know it may sound obsessive, weird but i feel worse now!! i even got worse D, it seems i have very bad luck. I'm afraid i may have some other disease like ulcerative colitis, i had a colonoscopy last year and it was all ok!! i'll set an appt with a gastro tomorrow, i just want to know whats wrong with me!! im sure gluten is part of a problem because i cant even have a piece of cake without having symptoms, ive made many attempts to go back to eating "normal" and it was impossible. I just cant understad why i get D on a strict gluten-free diet and i felt good on a non strict diet, and if i really got glutened, then i cant understand why the D doesnt stop!! Im just scared that all of my symptoms will return and the gluten-free diet wont help me anymore, thats why im so worried!!
  10. Ive been thinking on food intolerances, i dont eat bananas because i get bloated within some minutes, the same with coffee, im now lactose free to se if it helps! it may be a virus, ive already set an appointment with a new gastro, maybe i should have a new colonoscopy done, i dont know. How long is it normal to have diarrhea after a glutening? do you take any meds to stop the diarrhea? im going to buy imodium, i read it helps a lot! charcoal doesnt seem to be doing anything
  11. Hello, i wrote this thread some days ago: http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/109649-glutening-food-poisoning-or-both/ I started a gluten free diet about a year ago before being tested, tried to reintroduce gluten several times and failed, got so sick, etc so i decided i will follow a strict gluten free diet forever as if i have celiac So i went gluten free again about 1 1/2 months, it was kind of progressive so i think ive only been strictly gluten free for 1 month. I started having symptoms in the first days of october, then i wrote that thread of the lemon pie (10/7/14) and the ice cream (10/12/14) and ive been having diarrhea for a week or so now, i may have got glutened with some jam, my sister touched it but i thought i was being a little obsessive so i ate it (10/15- 16/14) went to mc donalds (10/17/14) and ive had diarrhea since october 16th. its not as bad as it was before, only a 3 or 4 times a day, i used to go to the bathroom 12+ times but it doesnt seem to get better. i started taking charcoal today, i dont see any difference but i'll keep taking those pills for some days. I also have some other symptoms along with the D, some days ago i was very tired, yesterday i had a headache, and today i feel nauseated but im only in real pain after eating, im not bloated all the time! this is really weird.. Does this seem to be gluten withdrawal? i thought it was a glutening, but i should feel better now, 5 days after, right? :/ im kind of lost. I followed a non strict gluten-free diet for some months and never got D unless i ate really big amounts like a piece of pizza and now i get sick for nothing.. Has anything like this ever happened to you ?
  12. i wasnt home when i had ice cream, i always wash my hands as soon as i get home and the package i touched literally had bread crumbs on it so i dont know, anyways it was many days ago.. i dont feel good yet, im writing a new post about new fun stuff happening to me now ( )
  13. thanks cyclinglady!! i stayed in another room, i think that was enough
  14. Hi, here where i live it's mom's day so i just came to my grandma's house, they're gonna make asado (a kind of barbaque) they dont care of cross contamination, no problem with that, i brang my own food!! but when i entered the house, surprise surprise!! i saw my grandmother with a package of flour in her hands, she told me she would make empanadas. im recovering from a glutening i had 3 days ago, i dont want to get worse! will it be enough if i stay in another room until she is done with the cooking? and then go back to the kitchen, or should i wait some more minutes?
  15. i've been feeling bad but I feel worse now, i touched some bread crumbs that were on a bag when i went shopping some hours ago, forgot to wash my hands, then i had some ice cream and unconsciously licked my finger.. do you think i got glutened? i just licked a tiny bit!! Ive been bloated and in pain these days, now had D (sorry tmi haha) i want to feel better..