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  1. Just wanted to share this with you all. I found a product called Ka'Chava, which is a plant-based powder made from a substantial list of various plants. (see www.kachava.com) I'm not trying to advocate for this product, but it was something that interested me and I decided to try it. I received...
  2. Hi - I'm in the middle of peri-menopause with hopes to be done with whole thing very soon (can't come soon enough if you ask me). I have been experiencing weird periodic nausea for the last couple of months and until I just read your post had not considered the two might be linked. I've actually...
  3. FYI... as of Oct 2017, Green Chef is now certified Gluten Free. (Sun Basket states on their website that cross-contamination is likely and their food is NOT recommended for those with gluten intolerance.) I haven't tried Green Chef yet, but am due to get my first shipment in a couple of weeks...
  4. For me, it's butter, sour cream, mayo, and ketchup. I never trust these in a restaurant because you never know who stuck what in the tub of butter, etc. back in the kitchen. So even if they had decent gluten-free bread, which I could actually do without anyways, I wouldn't trust restaurant butter...
  5. Just to clarify - it's not the gluten that must be in your system, but the antibodies. And yes, false negatives do occur. False positives are more uncommon.
  6. Your doctor is right. After being gluten-free for that long there is no point in getting tested. However, if you are getting even more sensitive to accidental glutenings then you can pretty much rest assured that you have Celiac. Tell your husband that wanting to stay alive and healthy isn't weird...
  7. This will either help, or give you a headache: http://www.jbiomedsci.com/content/19/1/88 Just one word of caution... approximately 30% of the general population has at least one of the precursor genes for Celiac. Only about 1% actually develop Celiac.
  8. Hi Jmg and Welcome! The question of whether to pursue testing is a personal one that really only you can answer for yourself. All we can really do is give you some pros and cons - which it sounds like you've likely read already on other, similar threads. Your doctor is wrong about the 6 days...
  9. This is facinating because I'm finding the opposite to be true. Before going gluten free I started having perimenapause symptoms... mostly night sweats and not really hot flashes, but just noticing that heat bothers me more. Like my body had a harder time keeping my internal temp down. I've been...
  10. Yep - I was getting a lot of "break-through-bleeding" for years before my diagnosis. You definitely want to get it checked out to make sure it isn't something more serious going on. For me, every OBGYN I ever went to looked really concerned, ran a bunch of tests, then when all of the tests came...
  11. I used to get those very same eye issues right before I got a migraine. For me it was related to low blood sugar. Have you had your blood sugar tested? It can be low or high (approaching diabetes) - either can effect your eyesight.
  12. My mother gets itchy, crawly sensations on her back when she eats oats. Even certified gluten-free oats. Neither her or my uncle can tolerate oats (both have Celiac), so I haven't touched them since going gluten free.
  13. Hi JTS and Welcome to the Forum! (If you don't get many direct responses to your question, you may want to try starting your own thread - even though your question is closely related to the OP's.) That said, it sounds like you may have other food intolerances going on - you already mentioned...
  14. Hi Greg and Welcome to the Forum! The good news is that your strict gluten-free diet seems to have elimated the evidence of Celiac from your gut - so good job on that one! Otherwise, I agree with Arlene - try eating easily-digested foods and keep a food journal. Your body may just not be able...
  15. IMO, you should have it checked out. Possible causes for pain in that area are kidney infection, kidney stones, or ovarian cysts: http://voices.yahoo.com/causes-severe-pain-lower-left-side-the-6694210.html Sources for this article: The National Institutes of Health on Abdominal Pain and...