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  1. Hi Alfrieda I too like I was taking one step forward, two back, early on in my gluten-free diet. It really does take time. Try supplementing magnesium in your diet, or taking warm (not hot) baths for about 20 minutes with a fistful of Epsom salts thrown in for muscle and joint pain. Take care not to fall asleep in the bath though, it's very relaxing. This was recommended to me by a ballet dancer, apparently dancers swear by it! I felt very anxious when I was first diagnosed, and one of things that really helped me was Dr Steve Llardi's book, The Depression Cure: The Six Step
  2. HI Leslee It takes a while to recover - although some things appear to improve in days, other things take much longer. It also takes time to figure out that there may be other foods that are slowing down recovery - such as dairy and oats. Add to this the confusion that sometimes we may have another condition that is causing symptoms that we mistake for the effects of gluten. It takes time as we heal to sort all of this out. For example, I had persistent left sided bloating after going gluten free which only went after I gave up dairy for a spell. But I also went through month
  3. Hi Lucy Just a thought... are you still consuming dairy? I find I have the same issues if I overdo the dairy products such as milk and yoghurt. I'm not saying to you exclude dairy - I have a family history of osteoporosis so I have tried to keep it in my diet (although at the moment I'm supposed to be cutting it out for other reasons, but that's a different subject!) but things are much more, shall we say, "solid" if I don't eat it, so much so that I'm prone to constipation, fibre or no fibre, if I don't consume it. Sometimes coeliacs cut it out while they are still healing, then
  4. I was raised on Weetabix -loved it- and my parents took a cine film of me eating it when I was a toddler! I haven't had it since my gluten challenge - but I do miss it!
  5. Thanks for sharing, never heard of them. This could be fantastic if I'm ever in a position where someone offers me a plate of food that they say is gluten free, but it turns out not to be - I'd rather find out this way, than getting ill! It's happened all too many times before!
  6. Martin... good detective work! I have read of this issue somewhere else. It would never have occurred to me. I'm so sorry you have to move - I hope the hotel you mentioned in an earlier email isn't too pricey! I would really like to try getting hold of the gluten kits you mentioned, I've never thought to look if they were available in the UK although I know they are on sale in America.
  7. Hi Hev I feel dizzy when I'm glutened. Over Christmas I was handed a piece of cake which was meant to be gluten free and it was made using wheat flour. Within a couple of hours I couldn't stand up with the dizziness - I'd describe it as something akin to motion sickness. In your case, it could be gluten or perhaps just be something like an inner ear infection, and totally unrelated? C.
  8. Hiya Flower, I have a flare every few months. What I will say is that in the past I waited quite a long time before taking any medication for it. Now I will give it a few days and if things don't improve will take just a few days' PPI. For me - and everyone is different - it seems to help if I act fast and "nip it in the bud". I know a lot of people won't touch PPIs with a barge pole but it has taken me quite a few bouts and trial and error to see that this is what works for me. I quite understand your current approach, though, and I think a lot of people reading this would also app
  9. You are more than welcome, Hev. Yes... dairy might also be a factor, although hopefully a temporary one. Once your gut is healed (if you are a coeliac) things will most likely improve on the dairy front. Take care. C
  10. Hi Hev and welcome to the forum! If you haven't had any gluten/much gluten for a while, and you do have undiagnosed coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten intolerance, your gut might well be protesting about it! As regards Bran Flakes, I had a particularly hard time with fibre around the time of my diagnosis when my coeliac was at its worse and I found lentils, oats and some other high fibre food made me feel really bloated, uncomfortable and sore. You may find that the high fibre content plus the gluten is creating the symptoms you describe. Dairy was an issue then too. Yo
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum, Flower! I am sorry that you are still encountering symptoms. They can take a while to settle. It is difficult to tell what's going on if you have gastritis as well, as your symptoms could well be attributed to both conditions. I have gastritis too sometimes - I get a burning sore stomach though, not nausea. A few questions: how is the diet going? Are you managing to keep to it strictly or do you think gluten may be sneaking in somewhere? Are you sharing a toaster with friends/family? (you will need a dedicated toaster). If you are living in th
  12. Hi Martin I have to say I find labelling a real minefield. As far as I am aware you are quite right - all food products have to state in bold if they contain gluten. That said, over the past few years I have eaten foods containing no such warning and I have had symptoms. Then I google various forums and find out others have had similar issues. Is it possible, perhaps, that she has developed a food intolerance - such as dairy, oats, etc? Has she started to eat anything new in her diet that is upsetting her, other than the iron? Is it possible that she has been eating a product
  13. Hi Martin If you are based in the UK - not sure? - you may see the letters PL (Product Licence) followed by a number on the packaging of prescribed and over the counter and prescription medication. I was told by a pharmacist that if these letter appear on a medication it is gluten free. See link below for more info. I've had to supplement from time to time, until my haemoglobin levels actually became too good (but that's another subject!) and I found ferroglobin harsh on my gut, so much so that I got such bad diarrhea that it caused fissures and bleeding - sorry, TMI. My doc
  14. You are very welcome. I wish I lived in Scotland - love it, Perthshire esp!
  15. Hi Leslee Welcome to the Forum! It sounds as if you may well be onto something linking your symptoms to gluten. In Britain (I'm a British member of this forum!) a staggering number of coeliacs are misdiagnosed with IBS every year, and there is a real push from the Coeliac UK charity to address this problem. When it comes to getting a diagnosis in the UK you will first need to make an appointment with your GP and explain your concerns. Prior to the appointment it will be worth your looking at the Getting Diagnosed section on the Coeliac UK website to see what lies ahead wi
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