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  1. dzrtrz

    Urticaria And Celiac

    With the cold weather I went outside to play with my daughter and broke out in hives. This happened a couple of other...
  2. dzrtrz

    Busch Gardens

    Please be advised.... I was told by an employee that the French fries at grogans grill were fried separately and not...
  3. I found your post by googling Gluten Allergies and Pork Allergies. I have been sick with intestinal issues for 13 months...
  4. dzrtrz

    Probiotic "align"

    Here is a link that says Align is gluten-free: http://www.glutenfreefitness.com/say-hello-to-my-little-friend-probiotics...
  5. dzrtrz

    Probiotic "align"

    I had a better improvements on Florastor.
  6. dzrtrz


    Here is a link to Dominos' Allergy Information. I was surprised to see that their white sauce (not alfredo) is gluten...