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  1. Wow, a lot of information here. I love how you all got off topic because of poop lol!

    By what you guys say, I know I am 100% lactose intolerant. I can eat cheese and what not, but the milk makes me the sickest. 

    I am going to try different milks like the lactose free one etc. just to see how it reacts to me. 


    Thank you guys for your information. 

    I very much appreciate it. 




    I have had an intolerance to milk for a long time. I can handle cheese (in moderate quantities) but milk seems to bother me. 

    I tried more organic milk in the glass bottles at my local grocery store but it still bothered me.  (Whole milk doesn't bother me as bad, which is weird.)

    I then was told, that drinking RAW MILK from a dairy farm would be my best option. 

    I tried it for a couple of weeks and unfortunately I am still having slight issues. 


    My symptoms are:  tummy aches, gas & bloating. 


    I had recently heard that cows who are fed grass instead of grains, don't bother people who cannot handle wheat and regular milk.

    Is this true?. Are there any articles out there pointing to this being a fact?. 


    I tried the raw milk when the cows were eating their grains (for the winter). 

    Should I consider avoiding the milk in the winter months (go on a calcium supplement) & then try the raw milk again when they start

    feeding their cows grass again in the spring and summer?. 


    I'm just wondering if the grains can somehow be excreted into the milk and be what is bothering me?. 


    Does anyone know?. 


    Thank you for your replies in advance. 

  3. Good afternoon everyone. 

    It has been a while since the last time I made a message on here. 

    I have a quick question for you guys and was hoping some of you could answer it for me. 


    Back in May of 2014 I had to undergo a gluten challenge and have a biopsy done to confirm Celiacs.

    It was soon after the result came back that I found out that I have it 100%.  Last month I tested my blood after

    being on a gluten free diet for 6 months and my IGA was at 1.1 U/mL & my IGG was at 12.0 U/mL standard range was: 

     IGA  0-3.9 U/mL   & IGG 0-5.9 U/mL, 


    This month I took the test again along with a check of my Bilirubin because that has been slightly elevated along with my Ana pretty much since I found out I had celiacs. My Ana has been slightly elevated since 2008 and I got the blood test done for celiacs back in 2012.


    This is the result of the blood test again:

    IGA 1.0 U/mL  & IGG 9.0 U/mL. 

    This last reading shows me that I am healing with this gluten free diet I am on but the IGG is taking a lot longer to heal. However, it

    has went down by 3 points which is fantastic. 


    Now I still have a concern about my bilirubin being slightly higher & my Ana. 

    On my test it says: (Bilirubin Direct) standard range is: 0.0-0.2mg/dL  and I am at: 0.3 (& Both ALT & AST ARE PERFECT)

    (Bilirubin Total) standard range is: 0.2-1.3mg/dL and my value is 1.3 (which is still in the standard range right?).

    My Ana is at: 1.1 and standard range is: 1.0 (So like I said, barely elevated but still slightly). 

    Back in 2008 before I found out I had celiacs my ana was at: 1.2 and since going on the g.f. diet It has leveled off at 1.1 and stayed there from 11/27/2013 - 2/4/2014 (to present). 


    Now that you know the exact numbers, here is my question: 


    Can having celiacs and healing from it cause your bilirubin & Ana to be slightly elevated?. 


    Thank you in advance, just need a peace of mind guys!


    P.s. Had a lupus test done and that was negative! 

  4. Yeah, I found it to be a little strange that this was the only test I got back so far. I don't know if there are more coming or if the Pediatric doctor has no clue what tests to run for Celiacs?. 

    Just for this test alone, does this look abnormal, higher then normal indicating the possibility of Celiacs?. 

    I know you have to have more tests done, but just in regards to this one test- what does it look like to you?. 


    Thank you, 

  5. Hey everyone. 

    I brought my 4 year old daughter in for a well child check up and mentioned to the doctor that she has been more lethargic then normal and have had occasional abdomenal pains. 

    Her weight keeps going up and down, up and down again. Since I myself have Celiacs Disease and turns out ALL OF OUR 4 CHILDREN have the genetic codes to possibly get it, the doctor decided

    to check her for Celiacs again. Currently only one test came back (not sure if there are more coming back or not) but I wanted to ask what you guys thought of it. 


    IGA TEST: Standard range is: 25 ML- 150ML. 

    Her result was 89 mL


    I figure that she would have to watch her gluten intake if she had a result of 75mL but being she is over that, does this look like she could be borderline Celiacs?. 


    I haven't heard back from the doctor and probably wont until after Labor day. 


    Just curious, what does this look like to you guys?. 


    -Mrs. Anderson

  6. Ya, the only thing I can think I can think of that is causing it, is perhaps that my diet isn't as rich in nutrients and vitamins like a gluten filled meal. ??.

    I do agree that it could be nerve damage.

    When I was off gluten for the 17 months, I would get numbness in my feet and hands too, that is what actually caused me to make an appointment with the neurologist. But once again, when I went on the challenge, the numbness disappeared and the only change I made was ingesting gluten again. Could a lack of fiber cause this?

  7. Hey guys,

    I wanted to see if anyone out there has has this issue. Ever since I got on my gluten free diet, I find myself having random zap sensations in the oddest of places on my body. It only lasts for a matter of seconds but is kinda freaking me out. I have gone to a doctor for this and they did a series of blood work on me and all of which came back good. I also had an MRI done and that came back good too. They want to do a nerve test on me to see if I have symptoms of m.s. However, I am thinking this might just all be because of Celiacs disease. When I went back unto gluten for a gluten challenge, I found that the zaps seemed to improve. Any idea what this could mean too?. My thought is that I am lacking in some area. However, I did have my levels for all of my vitamins etc. Checked and that was fine too. What do you think could be causing this and has anyone else experienced this?.

    Thank you in advance.

    Mrs. Anderson

  8. Hey guys, 

    I know I wrote something similar to this before but I have more information this time. 

    I got tested for Celiacs disease back in September of 2012 and it came back positive, however, my doctor only did the IGA AND IGG test on me, he didn't do any other test. 

    He then told me to go on a gluten free diet right then and there without any further testing. 


    Now exactly 17 months later I did the same test over again being on a gluten free diet and my readings were all negative for having any antibodies. 

    My question is this, since I only got one test and it was positive, is that in itself proof enough that I have celiacs disease or should I go on a gluten challenge?. 


    Here are my readings in comparison: 



    Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody:  My reading: 27.4 u/mL   (Normal reading is anything between 0-3.9)

    Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IGG: My reading: 60.4 u/mL (Normal reading is anything beteen 0-5.9) 



    Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody: My reading: 1.0 u/mL (This is because I was on a gluten free diet for 17 months)

    Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IGG: My readoing: 7.1 u/mL (This is because I was on a gluten free diet for 17 months) 


    I just want to make sure that I for sure have it or not but yet I don't really want to undergo all of this extra crap. 

    Does this sound like it is Celiacs to you guys just by this one test?. 


    Thank you





  9. I am new to this forum but not new to having Celiacs Disease. 

    Before I ask my questions I want to tell you a short story about how I ended up finding out I have Celiacs Disease. 


    It was a year ago that I started experiencing abdominal pain that felt as though my intestines were knotting up. I've always felt bloated and

    sick but just chocked it up to just a normal feeling. However, when I started getting horrible stomach cramps, I couldn't ignore that and decided

    to head to the doctor. The doctor {Who is more of a primary doctor then a specific GI doctor} preformed a blood test to determin if I had Celiacs

    Disease and it came back more then positive. 

    This is how my result looked: 


    Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA (My value 27.9) Standard Rage 0-3.9 U/mL

    Interpretation: Positive

    Tissue Transgltaminase Aby IgG (My value 60.4) Standard Range 0-5.9 U/mL

    Interoretation: Positive




    My doctor instructed me that I needed to get on a gluten free diet right away without doing any further testing like an endoscopy and or stomach biopsy. 


    Now, back to my question, after seeing the above test result. Do you think I need to undergo any further tests or should I just stay on this g.f. diet?. 

    Ever since I started the gluten free diet, I haven't experienced any further discomfort in my stomach and I am pretty sure the gluten is the culprit but

    I have heard from a GI doctor that in order to confirm that I for sure have Celiacs Disease is to do a stomach biopsy. 


    What are your thoughts guys, should I contact my doctor and tell him that I would like to this to be more confirmed?. 


    Thanks in advance to reading and sharing your comments with me.