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  1. i love this idea about a sign my house is recently going gluten free, but some of my family think im going over borde with it, i just dont want to chance it. she only 15 months and everything goes in her mouth, i cant watch her like a hawk 24/7 every day to make sure it doesnt go to her mouth. weve even had to stop going to family things for now till they undrestand im not being mean she cant have it it hurts her. 


    maybe just have it say please no food, in our gluten free home to keep it safe thanks we do enjoy your company

  2. hi everyone, im at a lost and im hoping you might be ably to help. my 15 month old has been gluten free for two months now, and is doing better, stilling haveing a hard time gaining weight but wasnt tested yet to see if it was just an intorlance or cealica. but evertime i give her a bath she screams bloody muder i dont know if its the soap or what. is there baby soap thats gluten free i read the back but it didnt say anything thats gluten that i seen. or baby wipes that are gluten free? thank you so much in advance for any help at all