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  1. Probably old news but here is an artiticle claiming Mcd's frieds have both wheat and dairy. http://www.mercola.com/2006/feb/28/does_mc...ed_to_share.htm
  2. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions! Stef good luck getting pregnant soon.
  3. Your right^ dont they have to list gluten wheat by law now?
  4. No I dont have psoriasis but I do get patches of something ever once and awhile on my hands like dry skin patches that wont go away. My doctor just said dry skin but who knows...
  5. I am hoping she has some meals with meat/protein because of my insulin resistance.
  6. This is so interesting. I know its allergy related but I wonder if the swelling is from the nerves or circulation. This always confuses me. I thought it was carpal tunnel but...
  7. Thanks for the link. We also have a Whole Foods and Kroger. I did notice Kroger carries alot of gluten free stuff and they list it. Interesting.
  8. Good for you~I agree I have proven doctors wrong many of times.. I am sorry Raven I guess this came out the wrong way.. it still was a problem just nowadays they pumped...
  9. That is exactly how mine feel like I cant pick anything up......like they are puffy, sore, and frozen. I have to shake it off for about 10 minutes just to get feeling back in them...
  10. You sure did congratulations! I hate the idea of doing infertility treatments but it may come to that because of my Polycystic ovaries. My eggs suck.. Carrie I havent...
  11. I may have to visit my Whole foods again. It is an hour drive but that is the only place that has anything around here.
  12. Where do you get the Amy's dinners I never heard of them?
  13. I have 2 machines. I have tried so many loves of bread and they always taste gummy or just nasty. Maybe I need to buy a mix or something because all the homeade recipes taste...
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