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  1. Hi Laennie - I am currently on Clomid (100 mg) and this is my fifth course. I have always had really painful periods, but they do seem to be even crampier on Clomid (waking me up in the middle of the night, for instance). I also spot for about half a day before the full period starts, which was new for me. Hopefully what you'll find is that going gluten-free will help with your fertility issues. I know a number of people have had success getting pregnant after following a strict gluten-free diet (it may take a few months). In my situation, I haven't had trouble ovulating but the doctor
  2. I had an appendectomy at 16. Prior to that, I had several appendix attacks through my preteen and teen years.
  3. Check out the Vegetarian Diet section of www.diet-portal.com. They have very interesting arguments regarding The Protein Myth.
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