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  1. GFinDC et Al, Wikipedia is a good place to start...not end up.. (often). I have...
  2. Cyclinglady, Knitty Kitty et al, I agree more research and study needs to be done...
  3. KarenG and Knitty Kitty, I don't have time to answer this in more detail tonight ...
  4. Connie, I am not completely up on this thread but this might be why. https:/...
  5. To All, Recently Cyclinglady asked me to find some cases (that were not Alcoholic...
  6. Pikakegirl, You might try taking some B-6 in the P5P form. Also try taking some...
  7. RMJ, Try reading this thread....it might help you ...it has a lot of good research...
  8. Link didn't work for me....Jefferson Adams link either. I hope this is helpful. Posterboy...
  9. BlurryFace, I forget to add this link. It shows how Raynaud's syndrome can also...
  10. To All, I am sorry ....I didn't mean to get every one upset. I was actually trying...
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