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  1. Still Showing Damage,


    Biopsy are the old school way to test for gluten free dietary compliance.  The villi however take most people 1 year approx to heal the majority of the way.  2 years are needed for most people(if no cheating occurs hence the 2nd biopsy) for complete remission.  If the Celiac is not in remission in 2 years it is consider refractory (non-healing) type.


    Blood serology in the short term 1-6 months are much easier and possibly more accurate with gluten antibodies going down dramaticlly with in one month.  It sounds like a blood exam was called for here.  At 6 months if you are adhering to strict gluten-free diet most all the remaingin antibodies for gluten go away.


    See above how villi healing takes twice to four times as long to heal to pass biopsy (gold standard) for Celiac Disease.


    But if there is no gluten and/or ie antibodies the body will begin to heal as soon as a month as evidenced by the dramatic drop in blood (serology) antibodies indicate by a 2nd follow up blood panel.



  2. I found this link that summarizes it very well.  Buyer beware.


    But other articles I read seemed to indicated maybe a NCGS patient might be able to tolerate some well seasoned sourdoughs, ie that had been allowed to grow for 24 hours to help predigest the gluten into smaller more managable peptides by the body (only theory on my part).




    I wonder the same thing about the Ezikel bread's.  Some of my friends say they can 'eat a little' but still it is possible I suppose that sourdough might have less gluten content if prepared correctly meaning at leat 24 hours of seasonging.


    I remember when I first starte gluten-free that in the begining I thought I could eat a little but after 6 months I found any wheat of any kind was too much.


    This might be the same affect here.


    There is been some talk recently in the media that the fast rising portion of modern breads creates unusally high gluten levels to remain in the bread unlike more traditional methods used today.


    See the motherjones article for more information



    I think I mght be to scared to try.  It is interesting to read abouth though.  They say modern society is killing us?


    Maybe their are right if we are gluten inloterant.


    I think I would stick with Udi's.  Great gluten free bread.  The first I tasted that didn't taste lke the box it came in.




  3. Glutenedmommy I am on the same boat as you!


    I've been 5+ years religiously gluten free, and just got diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. I started my elimination diet yesterday (no soy, cheese, fish, and corn). Hopefully things get better for you and me both! I'll let you know if anything works for me.




    In response to the Chronic Prostatitis,


    I have had friends mostly women who have had either UTI's or Kidney infections and almost 90+ of the time D-Mannose wiped it out.


    It is just a simple sugar but really works wonders on E. Coli infections by the E.coli attaching to the sugar and being harmless flushed out of your system.


    If your prostatitis is caused by E. Coli (as I understand most are according to Medscpape) it should do wonders for it.


    A low grade version is available as drink under the Cystex Brand from Walgreens.


    You may need a full strength version available at most vitamin stores to start with then use the Cystex as a preventable.


    As for the GI symptoms you have been having see my previous post or see my profile.


    Good luck on the your journey.


    See the medscape article provide for information only http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/412693_3 


    This is not medical advice just my own personal judgment.  Always consult a doctor before making any changes but it is certainly couldn't hurt much.


    It is commonly found in Melons (Canteloupes) as an example.



  4. gluteymommy,


    I sympathize.


    See my profile


    Then follow this regimen if I am right you will see improvement in 6 months.


    It is just one vitamin and one mineral.


    Magnesium Citrate will help the fatigue, insomnia and give you restful dreams.


    Niacin(amide) - harder to find than Niacin but flush free/slow niacin will do the same.  There are two forms of B3 the flushing kind Niacin and Niacinamide which doesn't flush.


    Vitamin Shoppe sells a big bottle of 300 for $20.


    I studied for 4+ years before I began to understand the heart of my problems was nutrition related.


    A healthy baby burps and a healthy adult should.  It takes the first six months of a babies life to burp . . then we know he is a healthy growing boy/or girl.


    Your child might be colicly because this B vitamin deficiency can be passed from mom to child the way it inherited from my mom.


    35+ years later I begin to diligently apply myself to see if I could figure what had been dogging me all these years and in 6 months of megadosing  with 250/500mg Niacinamide I became regular and have been since.


    B vitamins being water soluble need to be taken frequently for best affect.  Certainly once a day will get the same result but it won't happen as quickly.  I reccommend 2/day to start but it completely safe to take 250/500 (which ever is easier to obtain) with each meal and at bed time.  The key is to take it until burping.


    I no longer take the Niacin but still continue and always will take the Magnesium.  Their is a great book called the "The Miracle of Magnesium" in my opinion the cause of most cfs and sleep problems.


    Once you are burping like a cow chews cud after every meal and you are taking the magnesium citrate 200mg 3/daily I think you will feel 200 percent better.


    It is called Pellagra once thought cured 75 years ago but still prevelant in over 10% of the population.


    3 d's of Pellagra


    Dementia Issues (anxiety, depression, etc)

    Digestive Disorder(s) Constipation Diarrhea etc

    Dermatitis issues - acne, rosea, dh etc


    Once you are regular once a day you can try the vitamin d again (salmon is a good source) the fat souble component is causing the issues.


    Start a good B Complex for stress then depending on what else is still bothering you you can research other mineral or vtiamin deficienies you may have that Celiacs are prone to.


    Certainly this vitamin and mineral alone will not fix "all" your problems but they can reset your energy and digestive balance giving you a fighting chance at recovery



  5. Hi, I have looked everywhere online to answer this question and have not found an answer, I would ask my GI Dr but i have been cut off insurance for ten years, I started going gluten free when my IBS went crazy I thought I had gastro paresis, and then I wondered if I had mucosal atrophy, started passing acid and blood, my scalp got crazy dermatitis then most of my hair started falling out, I felt like i drank drano when I had coffee and it seemed all food made me this way except for potatos and broccoli of which i lived on, I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy and my GI told me he couldnt get into my small intestine and at the time I had no idea why he told me that and why it mattered, I am fatigued, I break out in the most painful comados which burned and itched my skin is dry and burns all the time now, sometimes i pass stools as small in diameter as a pencil there is visible blood and sometimes just the smell of blood and rotting that is not the normal stool smell... I have no idea of where to turn or what I have but gluten free is seeming to help and im lactose intolerant have dermagraphia and have oral allergies to eggplant and pineapple, can anyone point me in the right direction?

    and if it is celiac will my villus grow back?



    J. Podi,


    I did much research like your self and continue to research these questions you pose.


    Let me first refer you to Jane Anderson on About.com Refratory Celiac Disease: Frightening but very, very rare then let me add my two cents.  She goes one to say in her linked article that it occurs in less than two percent of Celiac sufferers.


    So yes Villi does heal and often very rapidly.  Think a shag carpet once left alone often returns to normal especially if you 'fluff' it up with your hand.


    Someone already mentioned this in the blog.  Glutamine is know to essentially do that helping the intestional lining to recover more easily.


    I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice but from my research 2 years is a normal recovery time. 


    But most people begin to see tangible results in as little 1 month unless background 'hidden' gluten has not been eliminated like some innoccous sounding as malt as an example which an old celiac knows is a barley (gluten source) product unless it has an adjective in it like Corn Malt etc.  Just one of many examples you will have to read up on or learn by trial and error or become an excellent label reader.


    This means NO cheating which mean probably not eating out much either.  Even accidental exposures can trigger this auto-immune reaction.  


    Think of a coral reef when healthy the whole sea is healthy when bleached "villi" all the host fish communities die out too but the good news you have an easily managed problem now that you are aware of what to avoid.


    While not easily when eating processed foods easy enough when you cook yourself . . . Gluten need never bother you again.


    I hope this is helpful.





    I am wondering if anyone can help me. My mum has been very ill for 25+ years, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, ibs like symptoms, pain in the upper stomach, extreme nausea, dizziness, fatigue, depression and anxiety, ulcers, she's had her gall bladder removed, a hysterectomy and a brain opp to remove 3 aneurysms and there is probably more that I cant think of right now. Doctors have prescribed her medication all her life to deal with all these symptoms, without ever, I believe, trying to find the course of them. 
    She doesn't eat a lot, but what she did eat was about an 80% acidic diet and that was all washed down with 3L of diet caffeine free pepsi and about 4 coffees a day, more acidity!
    She agreed 5 weeks ago to follow a diet that I created for her, cutting out processed snacks, whole grains, rye products, healthy carbs and fats, fruit as a morning snack only, having 1 veggie juice a day, she even switched to stevia in her coffee and has been drinking 2L of water, she was lucky to have one glass before.
    3 weeks later, she lost some weight, skin was getting clearer and her constant diarrhoea has stopped for the first time in 25 years. She still had severe pain in the belly, I stumbled across, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and coeliac disease and she has every symptom, so we cut it all out and were planning to reintroduce them next week, to see whether it's gluten, lactose or both. But three days ago her diarrhoea came back with a vengeance and we can't think of anything that she has had that could have cause this, so my thoughts were: 1. Her stomach is reacting strongly to the acid all of a sudden, because it hasn't been able to repair itself (not being alkaline) and the gluten/lactose problem no longer masks this?
    2. She is actually allergic to something she has eaten (she tried a gluten free gravy around this time)
    3. Maybe she is still reacting to the milk and we should try lactese tablets?
    4. Her medication is causing the problems
    So we are going to buy test strips this week and started looking at making her diet more alkaline, but I am so overwhelmed, im struggling to find ways to keep it simple, staying away from gluten, lactose and acidic food, its seems she would have to become vegan to be as alkaline as what is recommended, I am just so overwhelmed, every meal I look up, either is acidic or has gluten or lactose and the variations, have ingredients, that either we don't know what they are or are very expensive. 
    Any advice or ideas would be so appreciated, 


    Megan I think I can help you.


    Remember there are no silver bullets . . . but there might be a silver shotgun.


    I have had remarkable results with basic nutrition.


    I propose one vitamin and one mineral. 


    Think of the tango.  It takes two things to really make a difference.


    Hence the shotgun approach.  No one nutrient - dietary change by itself will make all the changes you seek but two or three key nutrients can make as they say in the US "a whale" of a difference.


    The one vitamin B3 Niacin and the one mineral Magnesium (citrate) preferably.


    If you will take these two nutrients I don't think your mom will still be wasting away as much as it seems now in 6 months.  For those low in magnesium are said to waste away.


    I helped chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) with it.  Helped Sleep Apnea and improved my Arthritis with it.


    Much like the book "The Magnesium Miracle" says you really feel like its a miracle to have soo much energy after haven wasted away over the years without it.


    I hope this is helpful.


    Good luck on your journey!