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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. HI All Well for 3 weeks now i have been eating gluten and i have now decided not to carry on i am bright red from head to toe and cant stop itching, when i first started eating gluten again i felt fine but after the 3rd week i can no longer tolorate this itchiness am experiancing. did anyone else have this reaction when doing the gluten challenger for tests thank liz
  3. Hi all well i have done 3 days on a small amount of gluten and so far my lymph nodes in the base of my head near my skull are swollen and sore and i think i have one under my arm pit too as its really tender. i am going to leave the gluten alone today to see if they go down, i cant believe after such a small amount my body would react so quickly and if so i may chuck in the towel early. like you say whats the point of making oneself sick ,just to get a point over. thanks for all your help liz
  4. THANKS for your reply. i now live in england and they do it more by blood test than the other cos of the cost. a friend of mine just had to do the same thing to get a result , if i think that i am getting too sick back on the diet i will just simply stop it and get back on the gluten free diet.but so far for i dont feel any different but i guess time will tell liz
  5. HI all after some long thoughts of doing this i have decided to go back on gluten after 3 years of being free of it so i can go to my doctor and do the tests to get the right diagnose. how long wil i have to eat it to show up again in my blood work? so far i have only had a small amount of it, thought i would take it a little at a time than alot all at once. and so far i feel ok . liz
  6. HI I Live in england and they are plenty of shops that sell gluten free things you can buy. and most places i have been to have gone out of they way to supply me with breakfast items. hope this helps . when it gets nearer your trip i will tell you the good places to shop. hope you enjoy your visit over here
  7. HI thanks for your reply, i take vitimins and have done since i stopped eating gluten and i make sure they all gluten free. as for the skin cancer it is what it is with out a doubt and i have only myself to blame for it as i have always loved being out in the sun and have sunbathed endlessly. we all listen to what sun damage can do to you but like anything else you dont think it will happen to you , until it does , my doctor says i will have to have a tan out of the bottle from now on no more direct sun for me.
  8. Thanks for your reply. my husband gets so cross with these gps who dont understand what there saying, i saw another who was just a stand in and he said the same about my negitive blood test and my husband said you didnt see my wife when she was so sick and the responce to going gluten free and how i got results of getting better in a week. the doctor just shugged his shoulders and said well if it courses gas and stomach upset i suppose you could leave it alone . my husband was about to pop, but i said leaveit, and lets go home. we know better .
  9. HI ALL First of all i wanted to say i have just moved back to uk after living in u.s.a for 8 years and i went to my doctor and said i have been following a gluten free diet now for 3 years, so she tested me for it by blood test and came back negitive. i said that i would have expected it to cos to show positive results you need to be eating alot of gluten for a positve result. she dosent agree with me. so i thought i would put it to you all and see what responce i got back. my nuroligist because of this test also believes that my symptons got better by coincedance and i should be totally better where as am still showing nurolical problems. and on friday i went to see my doc with some strange spots ( if you can call it a spot, dont know how else to explian it) to be told i have now got skin cancer. any remakes werlcomed so i can go back to her with a responce from the right people who know what they talking about thanks
  10. HI i have tried there sandwiches, which was an egg mayo and was nice, they also offer a gluten free cake but when i asked her not to pick it up with the same tongs as the other cakes she said that they couldnt garentee that no one took care when there put it on the plate that it hadnt been next to regular cake either so i left it. didnt want to take a chance.
  11. HI i have checked my celiac book of gluten free foods and its listed as gluten free. hope this helps
  12. Hi am glad to hear that you have found a pie. I live in uk and we have loads of meat pies and also i found a gluten free fish and chip shop. it was the best meal i had in ages. its nice to find something which you have had to give up and its as equaly nice if not sometimes better.
  13. Dear ravenwoodglass i want to thank you for your post i was looking for simurla answers about weather or not to stay gluten free after never having a positive blood test, but after reading this post it brought back all the memories of just how sick i got and how much staying away from gluten made me feel better. your right if you feel better after staying away from gluten then thats the proof in the pudding alone. thanks liz
  14. HI MISSYSMUM thanks for your reply. i too was having seizures but they seem to have gone took nearly 2 years to get the under control but still left with other progressive neurolical problems. thats why my neuroligist dosent think the too are related , i would hate to start eating gluten and start being sick again with seizures but he seems to think i should be ok. thanks again
  15. HI ALL First of all i want to say hi as i havent been on here in along time. i came here to look for some answers and the first thread i read was about eating gluten . the responsers i read where really good but am still unsure which road to go so let me please explain. 2 1/2 years ago was really sick went gluten free after reading my syptoms could be a result of eating gluten but i have never had a positive result for celiac . my illness as once again decided to show its ugly head and my nueroligist says it was a coincedance i got better when i went gluten free .so my deliema is do i go back eating gluten after all this time. Any advice would be most welcomed at this time . thanks
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