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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. dear claire i just want to say to you dont give up. my lab results i had last week for celiac also came back negative but i have a ct scan saying theys something in my intestine. what i dont know if its not celiac. also i feel better by not having gluten in my life although i had an accident in...
  3. hi all i just wanted to know if any of you have had any simular problems like me to vitamins, i have been taking a muti vit with no side effects , and after reading on here about taking extra b 12 and calcium and magnisium i went out and bought some, on thursday i took the extra calcuim and mag...
  4. hi all tiredofdoc... i totaly agree with everyting you said this was my 4th neuroligist i keep getting referred to a new one by them cos they cant find why i wouds have all this tingling and seizures. without it being something in a text book they learnt, about. i also find it disturbing when these...
  5. hi all just wanted to let you all know i have seen my neuroligist today explianed to her about the celiac and the gluten and siad that even though i still have the tingling and tremor that i do feel better ( ALTHOUGH ON FRIDAY I TOOK SOME TYLENOL ARTHRITUS AND BANG SPENT FRIDAY NIGHT HAVING SEIZURES...
  6. thanks claire too for your help i did read all that doctor marios wrote and i did print off his pieces to take with me next week . when i first started being really sick was too years ago i lost 40lb in weight in less than 3 months i have been seen by loads of doctors who couldnt find out what...
  7. thanks all of you after spending all of my time on here yesterday doing research i did manage to learn a lot. and claire the web site you sent me to well the doc who wrote most of his findings on celiac diease and ataxia is the one in england i emailed for help and he wrote back and told me to try...
  8. hi all first of all am new here and have spent a lot of time reading through the posts and was quite pleased to know that am not on my own in having neuroligical problems, i have seen 3 different neuroligist and no one as found a tie between the celiac diease and the ataxia i was doing research...