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    Dogs, Service Dogs, Drawing, Painting. Photography, Digital Desktop Publishing, Graphic/Web Design
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About Me

I have various medical conditions that I have been living with for various amounts of time, some from birth (as it is genetic) some that developed out of the blue later on in life and a few that are a result of life happenings (such as spinal core injury). 

I am living with the following...
* Acute Intermittent Porphyria
* Learning Disability (which includes Dyslexia) 
* Rosacea
* Diabetes Type 1
* Celiac (silent)
* Myofascial Pain
* Intractable Pain
* Spinal Osteoarthritis, with Disk Degeneration and Disk Herniation 
* Deaf
* Generalized Dystonia 
* Autism Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers Syndrome)
* Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury at T8

I also have a long list (over 400 n counting) of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities when it comes to drugs, foods and environmental things (like scents, plants and the like), this makes day to day life most interesting when it comes to being out and about, as I have to have safe items on me since I can't always rely that I can get a safe item from somewhere in the general public (mostly do to allergies). 

Some of the most common are...
Coconut, Latex, Dairy, Corn, Lavender, Rose, Rosehip, Camomile, Aloe Vera, Bee Stinks, Hornet Stings and the list does go on, but these are the one that can lead to needing medical attention that are common in the day to day environment and the kicker is because of the Porphyria I can't use a EpiPen without suffering more medical issues/complications. 

I have a Service Dog who is trained as my Diabetic and Hearing Alert Dog, but who is also in the process of learning to work around my Wheelchair and aid me while I use it in and outside of the house. I haven't had her trained for allergy detection because the list is to long and personally I need her more for her two primary jobs then anything else that can be worked around to various degrees. 

  1. This is something which I have been trying to understand since 2012 and even the Porphyria Association of America (UK I haven't gotten a repose from as yet) has 0 information or recommendations so I'm virtually on my own trying to figure things out and walk the knife edge with being a T1D on top...