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  1. Thank guys for you responses....geez i forgot about popcorn- thats a good idea! I also just bought Food For Life sprouted corn tortillas today...also some biscuit-like crackers that has a sweet taste...so thanks for the suggestions,,,sometimes i just get bored of food
  2. hey everyone Im posting because i need some ideas for new snacks. I have a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack. Usually i will have a piece of fruit, rice bar (like a granola bar), or turkey and crackers. I am so0o0 bored of this. I cannot eat nuts, chocolate, or yogurt, so those snack ideas are out. What else can i have? Is there any gluten-free products that makes quick&tasty snacks on the go (since i work with children and cannot sit down to have a luxury snack) Any tips, comments, or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I never had a problem at Outback Steakhouse.....they have a nice selection: chicken, fish, shrimp, steak and ribs,,,,plus desserts...the service is really nice and accomadating
  4. Hey everyone,,,,just wanted to share my new snack I have just discovered . They are called Healthy Delite and can be found in stores like Mrs. Greens, Stew Leonards,,,but i buy them online at www.yummydelights.com. Healthy delite are chips that are baked from real vegetables that are dehydrated. They also have apple chips. They have mixed veggies in a bag or jar, sweet potato, red onions, carrots, celery, taro, ect. The only bad thing is they are a little expensive , Price:$1.59 a bag, and about $4 a jar. I bought like 30 bags and it cost like 50something once shipping was included, but it was at my house in 5 days. So they are really good and healthy for you too. Check out yummydelights website,,,and also www.healthydelite.com to learn more about their products. They are now producing bags that say gluten-free right on the bag! They are yummy . let me know what you guys think if you are going to purchase them.
  5. Ibs And Celiac

    Hi Nicole,,, Sorry your son going through this, especially at such a young age. I was first diagnosed with IBS, then later on gluten intolerance (biopsy was neg for celiac but blood says yes) Still on the gluten-free diet, i go through stomach problems. I get bouts of constipation, bloating & distention almost everyday, some days still black circle around my eyes....i dont have any great advice,,,but perhaps a different diet...there is one for ibs,,,,my doctor told me that there is really nothing people with ibs can do except see what foods are related to this triggers/symptoms...and you son is too young for ibs meds...i hope your son finds relief soon.
  6. Yes, Risotteria is very good! There pizza is so close to the real thing. I also love babycakes, its a bakery. I usually go to lunch at risotterias and go to babycakes for dessert- they are not too far away from each other.
  7. Hey guys Yup,,,i got glutened. Got coffe and by accident took my moms flavored coffe and drank it...i thought it was my new almond milk that gave it that fantastic flavor, but no it was that gluten. So now i am sick and need tips on how to get better sooner. It is my 21st bday on monday and I am going out but i want to feel good. I have two days to get deglutenized...any suggestion would be appreciated,,plus this weekend i have to finish my thesis...so i need quick relief. thanks for your support. renee
  8. Yeah guys,,,I love onions- but they bloat up my stomach,,,same with garlic. As for the poo,, I see spinach, red peppers, corn- yes my poo is very colorful. These convos are great- to know I can talk about poo with people I never met before...the world is great! -renee
  9. Hey all, wrote to Chili's asking about their menu and if they cater to celiacs and they wrote back: Thank you for contacting Chili's for information on menu items that would be suitable for your dietary needs. At Chili's, a top priority is always the health and safety of our guests. As part of this ongoing commitment, we provide the most current allergen menu information available from our food suppliers to help our guests with food allergies and/or sensitivities make informed food selections. Based on the most current ingredient statements available from our food suppliers and their stated absence of wheat, rye, oats and barley within these items, our corporate dietitian has compiled the list below of suggested menu options at Chili's for individuals who are allergic to wheat and/or are gluten intolerant. We hope that you will find this list helpful during your next visit to our restaurant. Because this list expires on a MONTHLY basis, please be sure to contact us for an updated version. On your next visit to Chili's, please speak with the manager about your dietary restrictions to ensure that your meal is carefully prepared with your needs in mind. However, please be aware that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, including common fry oil, there is a possibility that food items will come into contact with wheat and/or gluten. In addition, due to the commingling of food items within our fryers, we recommend that individuals with dietary allergies avoid all fried food menu offerings. Should you have any additional concerns or inquiries regarding our menu items, please do not hesitate to ask. We hope that you are able to choose a meal to your liking and look forward to serving you soon. SUGGESTED MENU OPTIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH ALLERGIES AND GLUTEN INTOLERANT DIETS – MARCH 2006: *FRIED FOOD ITEMS ARE NOT PREPARED IN A DEDICATED FRYER AND COULD PICK-UP GLUTEN FROM OTHER ITEMS. Soups: ? Baked Potato Soup Salads: Select dressings from the "Salad Dressings" list below only. ? Dinner House Salad – Order without Croutons. ? Dinner Caesar Salad – Order without Croutons. Salad Dressings: ? Caesar ? Honey-Lime ? Honey Mustard ? Lo-Fat or Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette ? Thousand Island Sides: Includes Kid's Pepper Pals and Guiltless Grill options. ? Rice ? Kettle Black or Mashed Beans with Pico de Gallo ? Mashed Potatoes – Order without Gravy ? Corn on the Cob ? Steamed Veggies or Broccoli Burgers: Omit French Fries. *Select sides from the "Sides" list above. ? Bacon or Old Timer Burger with or without Cheese – Order without the Bun. ? Mushroom Swiss Burger – Order without the Bun and Fajita Onions. ? Peppercorn Burger – Order without the Bun, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Blossom Strings (Peppercorn spice is okay). Guiltless Grill: Select sides from the "Sides" list above only. ? Guiltless Grill Salmon Grilled Entrees: Select sides from the "Sides" list above only. ? Grilled Salmon with Garlic & Herb Butter ? Baby Back Ribs – Order without Cinnamon Apples and French Fries. Steaks: Request dry-grilled (omit butters, oils, sauces). Select side items from the "Sides" list above only. ? Flamed-grilled or Cajun Ribeye, Classic Sirloin, or NY Strip – Order without Garlic Toast, Savory Steak Butter and Herb Au Jus Sauce. ? Honey BBQ Sirloin – Order without Garlic Toast (BBQ sauce is okay). Extras: ? Pico de Gallo ? Salsa ? Corn Tortillas (warmed) ? Marinara Sauce ? BBQ Sauce ? Guacamole Desserts: ? Chocolate Shake with Sprinkles (ask the manager if this item is prepared in a dedicated mixer) Pepper Pals Kids: Omit French Fries. Select side items from the "Sides" list above only. ? Little Big Mouth Burger – Order without the Bun. ? Rib Basket only
  10. I am definately a fruity drinker But i was wondering if all fruit juices are gluten free...like tropicana, dole, ocean spray, etc. I havent drank since being diagnosed, but my birthday is coming up and I am due for a drink. Is it safe to drink in bars? Thanks guys
  11. I'll add to the angry rants. I am wondering if every product in Mars inc (thats the makers of m&m right?) is not going to be gluten free. B/C if I cannot have my m&m, then i at least want my snickers and babyruths.
  12. hey skurtz I have Pacific Almond Vanilla milk in front of me. The ingredients consists of: Almond Base (filtered water, almonds), brown rice sweeteners (filitered water, brown rice), natural flavors, tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, ginger, guar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, carob bean gum, riboflavin, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2. Pacifics foods # 503-692-9666 Hope this helps
  13. I tried enjoy life's chocolate kisses that is gluten-free, dairy-free, casein free, soy free, egg free, nut free and still reacted to the chocolate. So my guess is that I am intolerant to chocolate or maybe cocoa- sad but true. Maybe your is a soy intolrance, try enjoy life's chocolate kisses- i got them from Mrs. Greens.
  14. Hate to be a bother, but can you send me the list too. rdambrosio33@aol.com thanks
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