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  1. I know there are a lot of posts like this and so I am sorry that I am creating another one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My Rheumatologist decided to test me for celiac disease based on some symptoms when I saw her for consistently high C-reactive protein and ESR levels. I have yet to hear back from her regarding these results, as she is on vacation, but I asked the office to fax my blood test results.

    Any thoughts and feedback on these results would be very helpful.

    Test Name. Results. Reference Range

    IGA, serum. 330 mg/dl. 81-463 mg/dl. normal

    IGG, serum. 1686 mg/dl. 694-1618 mg/dl. high

    IGM, serum. 133 mg/dl. 38-271 mg/dl. normal

    Gliadin AB IGA. 77 U. < 20 U. high

    Gliadin AB IGG. 2 U. < 20 U. normal

    tTG AB IGG. 2 U/mL. < 6 U/mL negative

    tTG AB IGA. < 1 U/mL. < 4 U/mL. negative

    unrelated abnormal results:

    C-Reactive Protein. 2.6 mg/dl. < 0.8 mg/dl. high

    ESR, Westergren. 40 mm/hr. 0-20 mm/hr. high

    Is it possible with these results to say I have celiac disease or will I need a biopsy to get a conclusive diagnosis? I am also seeing a Rheumatologist for another, yet to be diagnosed, autoimmune disease causing the high CRP and ESR bloodwork.

    Thanks in advance!