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  1. I'm really interested in the hormal imbalance thing. I was taking Progesterone shots at one time to lenthen the luteal phase, since we briefly tried for another child. I've been real bad about notating my periods on my calendar, but the few I've written down I've noticed that my cycles have been barely over 3 weeks long. This is my 2nd totally gluten-free cycle and I'm on day 27. Could it be that the gluten was causing the luteal insufficiency? Also, I noticed huge differences in my energy level/brain fog symptoms over the course of my last two cycles. I'm about ready to get my hormone levels checked. Weird. Do you have links to the places you've read about hormonal imbalances and Celiac? -Wendy in Fort Worth
  2. Hi, I've been gluten-free for six weeks. My symptoms are mainly muscle weakness and sleepiness. Last week I felt pretty good...even really good!! Now I'm sliding back again. today I just want to go back to bed again (only been up an hour), after a good 8 hours sleep! I've gone back through my diet and can't find a culprit. The last time I felt like this I could trace it to a glutening 12 hours before. The only thing that is different is I ate some homemade gluten-free bread with a sweet rice flour produced in California (not specifically labeled gluten-free, but does say good for gluten-free diets). And I am at the beginning of my monthly hormone cycle. Are celiac symptoms somehow tied into the estrogen/progesterone cycle? The days I felt good were the 5 days before my period. Thanks, Wendy in Fort worth
  3. I was confirmed via biopsy about a month ago and promptly took the kids for bloodtesting. My oldest (age 11)came back positive on all three areas (not in front of me now but I know the ttg was 29 (1-5 being normal), positive on endomysial, and positive iga (?)). He reall doesn't have any symptoms. He is on the very thin side, but not sickly looking. He's had some moodiness and irratiability over the past six months, off and on. The pediatric gi doc. confirmed that these are all signs and says he will have to go on a gluten-free diet, whether or not the biopsy is positive. She said she expects to find damage. Here's my question: We are still paying off bills from medical testing I had last year and have a high deductable, which would mean we will end up pay over $1,500 for my sons biopsy. While I know that is not a super high amount in the grand scheme of his lifetime, there are other areas that need attention now (speech therapy for another child, educational testing for the celiac child,...you know, the list goes on and on). Of course there is also the small risks associated with the procedure, although I'm really not concerned that anything will go wrong. The reason the doc gave for the biopsy is so that it will proove to my son he has it, and so that the biopsy (gold standard) will be part of his permanent record. What to do??????? Any words of wisdom???
  4. Hi All, I've been gluten-free for about four weeks now, but accidentally something wrong yesterday. My gut is fine (it really wasn't bothering me too much before gluten-free anyway), but I'm very tired and feel like I'm dragging myself through the day. Could there be any relationship between last nights dinner and the way I feel today? It seems weird that there would be.
  5. Sorry, I hit the wrong button above. I just talked to my GI and he read the pathologist report to me, which said a bunch of stuff I didn't understand but the stuff I understood said that there was blunting of the villa, and the damage was patchy. The doc said that in years past, my biopsy wouldn't have resulted in a celiac diagnosis, but now they're finding out much more about the disease, etc. etc., which, I'm sure you all know. He did say that it is difficult to definatively diagnose until a gluten-free period has been observed. If the person's symptoms have disappeared, then that seals the diagnosis. If not then a second biopsy is warranted. He really couldn't explain the tiredness...maybe the weather. Maybe I do have a touch of virus. Lots of nasal/sinus stuff right now due to things in the air and maybe all the smoke from wildfires here in Texas. Thanks for your advice. Wendy
  6. I posted a couple months ago about whether or not I should have a biopsy. All my bloodwork was fine except the TTG, which was very slightly elevated (almost one digit over the normal range). Well, I had the biopsy and the GI said I have celiac. He was surprised, since I didn't really have the GI symptoms and my blood work "looked good". I really wasn't surprised because in the time between the bloodwork and the biopsy (about 3 months---I was supposed to have major surgery during that window, which is the reason for the wait) I started having periods of time where no matter what I ate it made my upper abdomen uncomfortable (maybe reflux?). And also, even though my thryoid was finally diagnosed as low, and I wasn't sleepy anymore due to thryoid meds, I still had days were my body was weak and tired. However, in the back of my mind I still wonder if the celiac diagnosis was right. The above mentioned symptoms could certainly be something else. The GI doc said the pathologist was "pretty certain". I haven't had a chance to ask him what the "pretty" part means. I've heard of false negative biopsies, but can there be false positives? My father suggests that before I go all out and change my diet so drastically, I should seek another opinion (he doesn't have much faith in doctors anyway). What do you folks think? Also, since going gluten free a week ago, I'm sleepy and tired again. Around Christmas I was ready to call my primary care doc and tell her great I was doing on the Synthroid, how it had give me my life back. And now I'm pooped again (thyroid was checked Dec 27th and it looks great). Would going gluten free cause this tiredness? Wendy Fort Worth
  7. Hi everyone, My general practice doc agrees with you all about the biopsy. She said I will always wonder about whether I have celiac disease or not, and it is better to be safe than sorry. I need to get in touch with my GI guy and try to get this done soon, since I am scheduled for major surgery in 3 weeks. Does this test require a general, or will I be awake? Do you have to fast? How long were you at the hospital? How many samples is he supposed to take? I guess I should probably check to make sure he plans to take enough. Thanks, Wendy
  8. Thanks to all who answered my previous post about the biopsy. It sound like I may be beginning to show positivie results on tests, since the only blood test that came back positive was in the mild positive range. If I do have celiac, about how long would it take before I would have a more positive blood test result? If I have a biopsy and it is negative, how long before it would come back positive? I know there are no absolutes, but I thought some of you may have been though a similar situation. I'm just thinking that the biopsy has a very good change of showing nothing at this time, which is why I am debating about doing it in the next few weeks, verses waiting a year and retesting.
  9. There were three components of the test the doctor ran: ttg, igg (1.3),and iga (1.1) How did you find out you have celiac? Were the numbers real high?
  10. Hi, I posted a couple weeks ago about my test results. Everything was normal except for the TTG which was 5.7. For this lab normal is below 4, 4-10 is a weak positive, and positive greater than 10. My internist ran the test and sent the results to my gastro doc. He called yesterday and told me the blood work looked good. He said they don't do biopsies unless the ttg is above 10. However, if I want to he'll do the biopsy. He just isn't convinced that anything needs to be done. He said if I ran the bloodwork again it would come back the same. The thing is that with our "wonderful" insurance, I would have to pay out of pocket for a biopsy, and really don't want to do it if it isn't necessary. My symptoms are lower left abdominal bloating (which has been diagnosed as IBS 18 years ago) and I am frequently fatigued, but my thyroid recently came back low. Does anyone have any insight on the ttg test and how it is best interpreted? Thanks, Wendy
  11. Hi, I just found this site and it is very informative. I've had ibs for twenty years, but the symptoms are generally the same day in and day out...no flares and remissions. I asked my gp to do the blood test for celiac just in case I have an absorption problem instead because my colon transit time is rather fast. She also ran a thyroid test and that came back low, so I've started thyroid hormone. The celiac disease tests came back at igg and iga normal, but ttg at 5.7. I don't know which lab, but I was told that 5.7 was a bit above normal range....maybe what would be called a weak positive? What does a weak positive mean on a ttg test? My doc and I thought we would wait and retest in a few months, rather than press my GI doc for a biopsy at this time. Any thoughts on these results? Thanks, Wendy
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