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  1. I use Bob's Red Mill. I add garlic powder, onion powder, Thyme, oregano, or any other that I like to the mix and it taste wonderful...
  2. Could Gluten-Sensitivity Play a Role in Acute Mania? My answer is yes. What qualify me to give that answer? My own experience and reading other experiences plus the studies out...
  3. I can relate to 20 miles bathroom issue but after nine years gluten free I no longer have that problem, so I can drive for hours. I always have gluten-free emergency food in the...
  4. Mine was very reliable since it explained why I am so sensitive, done by Enterolab. Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0202 HLA...
  5. Could MSG be the problem? After eating a gluten free meal at the restaurant; I felt very anxious, a muscle in my arm felt like it was hit with a stick (sore muscle), the joints...
  6. The doctors just made me feel like I was crazy because they did not have a clue of what was wrong with me. I did a stool test (positive) and I did a genes test (positive for two...
  7. I would be very careful in giving this kind of advice, she is in an advanced stage. I was there and one additional symptom that I was getting was a strong urge to commit suicide...
  8. I use to get them before I went gluten-free. I stopped eating oats because it also does give me canker sores and causes my toes to get cracked underneath.
  9. I had quite a few of the medical problems that you have before I figured out that gluten was the problem. I can’t do basic math or writing when I eat gluten also I get depressed, ...
  10. I joined this forum because of this post. I was blaming my wife for my latest gluten reaction but today I ate some red grapes and my intestines started making that noise and I am...