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  1. My first doctor started throwing around the refractory diagnosis possibility very early too because I actually got much worse on the gluten-free diet (I have been dairy free for many years before I even knew what celiac was), but I switched hospitals to U of Chicago and we finally figured out that...
  2. I had costrochondritis during my pregnancy on the right side near the xyphoid process I think that's what it's called. It never itched but it hurt like hell. There was no external marking either just internal pain. It did go away.
  3. My celiac specialist dietician told me that most (not every single one just most) wines were naturally gluten free and really shouldn't be coming into contact with gluten UNLESS it's flavored. Any flavored wine or liquor should be avoided unless certified gluten free as it very well could contain...
  4. Quaker in general does not use gluten free facilities unless stated on the label gluten-free. If you got glutened I would bet on it being the quaker product.
  5. Asian Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce from my favorite gluten-free cook book (The Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Kitchen) and my own yet to be created/thought up quinoa salad with some sort of lemony-dill sauce!