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    My grandson Eli, 12 months

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    Jesus Christ, medical research, reading, playing my recorders (musical woodwind instruments), my 21 grandchildren, knitting, card making, playing computer games.

    I love playing classical music on my recorders (I have a collection of expensive wooden ones, from sopranino to tenor), but also medieval dance music, Irish music and anything that is cheerful and is a challenge to play.

    I have a lot of hobbies, and I do them in cycles. I can't do too many things at once or I get very frazzled, thanks to Asperger Syndrome.
    I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in June 2015.
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    Ontario, Canada

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  1. I have been thinking that I get glutened from my chicken meat for a while now. When googling, I came across this post. I made chicken soup a couple of days ago, with all fresh ingredients, and a whole organic chicken from our butcher, as usual. And again, as usual, I am sick today, and have stomach...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I used to get horrible, terrifying nightmares as well. I remember a time a few years back when I'd get ten nightmares a night and was afraid to go to sleep. In a lot of them I got attacked by demons, or somebody killing me and waking just as I was going to die. It was awful. Now I only get nightmares...
  4. A lot of vitamin E is derived from wheat germ oil. Many brands are derived from soy. You might want to find out where the vitamin E in your brand is coming from. If it isn't wheat germ oil, then you are okay. If soy, it depends if you are intolerant to soy. A few people here couldn't get really...
  5. As far as I know, swollen lymph nodes are always an indication of an infection somewhere. Obviously, your doctor can't have ruled out every kind of infection if he hasn't found the cause yet. You should be concerned about the swollen lymph nodes, and your doctor should be as well! I had swollen...
  6. Yes, I used to have nightmares all my life, for 50 years! There have been times when I would have ten nightmares a night, and be afraid to even go to bed. They were evil, and I woke up terrified, usually as something or somebody was killing me. They stopped when I eliminated gluten. Now I only...
  7. No, you shouldn't eat turkey stuffed with gluten bread. Do you think your mother-in-law would be willing to make stuffing with gluten-free bread? We had a completely gluten-free meal for our Canadian Thanksgiving, including gluten-free stuffing, and it was delicious. Everybody loved it, and I hardly...
  8. The reason you are doing so well so quickly is simply, that you have stopped eating the foods that were making you sick. The Benadryl has nothing whatsoever to do with it. I was sick for fifty years, and severely ill with chronic, watery diarrhea, horrendous back pain and unbearable joint and...
  9. I have Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency), hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma as well as celiac disease.
  10. Oranges are high in salicylic acid, which I am highly intolerant to. After stopping all food high in salicylates for several months, I gave in to a craving and ate ONE orange, and the next day I felt like I was on fire. So, his intolerance may not be to oranges per se, but something in the oranges...
  11. You know, a lot of those officially gluten-free foods are not very good for you, they are way too high in carbohydrates and sugar. I'd suggest to use those for occasional treats only. It is much healthier, and cheaper, to stick mostly with naturally gluten-free foods, like meat, vegetables, nuts...
  12. Internal hemorrhoids near the anus could cause this bleeding. I sometimes get it, and it's from hemorrhoids, but mine are quite obviously on the outside as well. Since you had the scope and biopsies which showed no cancer I presume, I think hemorrhoids are likely to blame. Maybe it's time for...
  13. Here in Canada the normal range is from 40 to 300. And every time my ferritin would drop below 20, I'd be terribly weak and unable to do anything. Now it has gone up to 105 and I don't have to worry about it any more.
  14. When my ferretin level was down to 4 a few years ago, my hemoglobin was still fairly normal (120). But I had all the signs of classic anemia anyway, which were extreme fatigue, weakness (some days my legs wouldn't hold me up, and I had to stay in bed), constant blue lips, paleness, racing heart and...
  15. Have you tried different brands and had the same reaction with every one of them? If yes, it may be the plastic leeching into the water that makes you sick.