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    My grandson Eli, 12 months

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    Jesus Christ, medical research, reading, playing my recorders (musical woodwind instruments), my 21 grandchildren, knitting, card making, playing computer games.

    I love playing classical music on my recorders (I have a collection of expensive wooden ones, from sopranino to tenor), but also medieval dance music, Irish music and anything that is cheerful and is a challenge to play.

    I have a lot of hobbies, and I do them in cycles. I can't do too many things at once or I get very frazzled, thanks to Asperger Syndrome.
    I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in June 2015.
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    Ontario, Canada

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  1. Wakefield seems to be taking the blame for less MMR vaccinations.

    People could be choosing not to vaccinate for other reasons. Religous or contraindictions from the vaccine package insert. Andrew Wakefield has not started any new religion or chosen all of the ingredients for the MMR vaccine. (To the best of my knowledge.) In my opinion he can not take all of the blame for statistics of MMR vaccination.


    Human Diploid cells (Many religions have issues with aborted fetal "ingredients")

    The rise in allergies for humans in general.

    You are right. I had never heard of him before looking at this thread. Yet when I started doing research on vaccinations (and KNOWING that my oldest daughter got damaged by the DPT vaccine) after my youngest daughter got her first shot 17 years ago, NONE of my five kids ever got another vaccine.

    And my youngest ended up being the healthiest of the bunch.

  2. I had absolutely horrible pain before I diagnosed myself. My stomach was so inflamed that wearing a bra or tight pants was impossible, it caused so much pain.

    So, not only did I have severe stomach and bowel cramps, but just slightly poking me in the stomach area (just below the rib cage, but also lower) would make me cry out if caught unawares.

    Its only been two weeks for you. It took me six months before that pain subsided. Also, I was unable to eat anything raw for those six months. I had to cook all vegetables and even fruits until well done, or they would cause the terrible stomach pain and explosive D within minutes of eating them. That includes salad.

    I also couldn't eat any gluten-free replacement foods (bread, cookies etc.) or dairy products for many months.

    So, seeing you had the same symptoms as me, you may have to eliminate raw foods as well. They are hard to digest.

  3. Hi there

    first off i am sorry if I am posting this in the worng thread I am still tring to figure that part out :)

    I just wondered if many of you take probiotics to help heal or do you think they are just another expence?

    also I have been told I have parasites probably from the years of bowel ups and downs has anyone else dealt with this is it ok to do a parisite cleans with celiac my naturalpath does not seem to know to much on celiac I am trying to find a good nutrtionalistin my area to help guide me right now I am so darn hungry all the time..

    thanks in advance for any tips and help you are all so supportive

    Many here have done the parasite cleanse by Humaworm, including myself. My naturopath read through the information I showed him, and told me it was better than what he had been using with his patients, and he was switching.

    It is MUCH cheaper than any other parasite cleanse I have seen, and very effective. And yes, it is perfectly safe to do for somebody with celiac disease.

    You really need to do a cleanse if you have parasites, or you won't get better.

  4. When I came back from Germany last year, I brought lots of buckwheat bread and crisp bread back with me, as I am unable to buy anything like it here.

    When my nephew came to visit recently, he had a quarter of his suitcase filled with bread he brought for me.

    There is no need to declare that kind of thing. I have traveled quite a bit, and NEVER had a problem, other than having an apple taken away that should have been eaten on the airplane (they don't stop you from taking food in your carry on to eat during the flight, unless it contains fluid).

  5. If you have the celiac disease genes, it is entirely possible that your pregnancy and giving birth could have triggered active celiac disease. A lot of people here were fine before having babies.

    In which case eating low fat/low protein and high carb is about the WORST possible diet for you! In fact, that kind of diet isn't good for anybody.

    You felt better on a low carb diet. That is very telling. I suggest, now that you've had your blood test done, what stops you from starting on the gluten-free diet? Of course, if you want to have an endoscopy with biopsies done, you will have to keep eating gluten until after that is done.

    But you sure sound like you have celiac disease.

  6. i wear contacts so i have to use it - and im a little germ-phobic sense ive had an IGA defficieny all my life.. i like to use off-brands like rite-aid because purells smell make smell gag and it has too many additives.

    should i worry about it, sense it contains alcohol and stuff, and if so is there a gluten-free kind?

    I am not sure why you have to use hand sanitizer at all. My daughter wears contact lenses, and she washes her hands with soap (gluten-free) and water before handling her contacts. Hand sanitizer only kills germs, it doesn't clean your hands.

  7. What is the difference between adrenal exhaustion and Addison's? With Addison's, you are exhausted, you crave salt, and your skin gets darker. If you need hydrocortisone to function, it seems to me it's Addison's, but I'm not a doctor. Either way, it seems like some people here have both celiac and adrenal exhaustion, so there is likely a correlation.

    Another wrench in my health story is that I also had Lyme disease. I think with the stress of gluten intolerance and Lyme, my adrenals just packed their bags and said, "I'm outa here".

    Well, the doctor in Germany diagnosed me with Addison's. But my adrenal antibody test came back negative (in the meantime I've heard that it can become negative after a while if you have had undiagnosed Addison's for a long time), so I don't know what is causing mine. Adrenal exhaustion is also called Addison's, but the cause is different. No antibodies, just complete burnout for whatever reason.

    I've tried weaning off the hydrocortisone, but I am unable to, as I stop functioning altogether if I lower the dose by even a little (I take 20 mg a day now).

    I am also taking fludrocortisone (0.5 mg a day) because my aldosterone was extremely low, causing my blood pressure to fall to unacceptably low levels. And I am on desiccated thyroid (called Armour in the States) for hypothyroidism. Fortunately I was at least able to convince my doctor to prescribe that.

    My skin didn't get darker, that is a possible symptom, but not everybody gets it.

  8. Yes, anxiety is a very common symptom of celiac disease. As is withdrawal when you eliminate gluten. Not everybody experiences withdrawal, but the people who do can be feeling absolutely dreadful for up to two weeks.

    The reason for that is, that gliadin (a part of the gluten) will act on the brain like an opioid, and when you stop eating it, it is like coming off street drugs.

    So, even though it is no fun to go through it, withdrawal is confirmation that you are addicted to gluten, and that you are on the right track in eliminating it.

  9. Actually, vigorous exercise is the worst thing to do for adrenal exhaustion! For people with adrenal exhaustion, exercise will deplete the adrenal glands further, which will eventually lead to collapse, and even death. Yes, you can whip them to produce adrenalin, but eventually it will backfire.

    He will feel less exhausted temporarily with exercise. The next day he will feel more exhausted, and makes himself feel better by exercise, at the same time depleting the adrenals further........ it becomes a vicious cycle.

    The way to deal with it, is to cut out ALL sugar and most carbohydrates, rest, rest and rest more, walking should be the only allowed exercise if he must do something. And he should take medicine for the adrenals (it might be enough to take naturopathic remedies, but if it is severe, hydrocortisone is needed, at least for a while).





    Myths about adrenal burnout:

    Vigorous exercise is good for burnout: Vigorous exercise can be attractive to those in burnout. Exercise temporarily makes them feel better. While it may provide a boost, in the long run vigorous exercise further exhausts their bodies. People in burnout need to reduce exercise, often to a minimum in order to conserve their energy and allow their adrenals to rebuild. Exercise requires energy and adrenal reserves that people in burnout do not have.

  10. You see, what I am saying is, that he DOES say in his book that low fat diets have been shown to specifically cause breast cancer in women and colon cancer in men, and yes, they cause heart disease.

    That is what I am saying........ I have also read the few articles of his that are floating around the Internet. And you are right, they don't say those things. But in his book he really does prove those things. That is why I am saying that in order to understand what I am saying here, you may want to read the book. It is very compelling and eye opening.

  11. The testing the ND did is valid, and the positive antibody test along with the diet bringing improvement is really all the diagnosis you should need to realize that your daughter has celiac disease and absolutely should stay on the gluten-free diet for life.

    It sounds like your whole family should be on the gluten-free diet, as you sound like you all have problems with gluten and probably dairy as well.

    Any testing you would do with your daughter now (unless you do the tests by Enterolab) will be useless. Because in order for them to be accurate, you have to actively have eaten quite a lot of gluten for the past several months.

    Actually, temper tantrums, especially in young children, are a VERY common sign of celiac disease. One of my granddaughters had many horrible temper tantrums from the time my daughter put her on solids, until she put her on the gluten-free diet at the age of 15 months. Suddenly, the temper tantrums all but stopped. So, I very much doubt that it is a coincidence that your daughter's tantrums have stopped.

    Yes, it would be a good idea to have the rest of your family tested. Have a celiac blood panel done by your regular MD. Your son's symptoms are also typical of celiac disease, and the potbelly is very telling.

    Just be aware that celiac disease testing is notoriously unreliable in children under six, and he may end up getting false negatives as a result. In young children the best and only completely reliable test is trying the gluten-free diet.

  12. I hope they are not planning on doing something that will cause 'empty nose syndrome', because that would be worse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empty_nose_syndrome

    It might be better to figure out what causes the allergies, and treat them, rather than messing with your nose. Your stuffy nose is a symptom, not the cause.

    When I was 19, I had nose surgery to 'correct' what the doctor claimed was a crooked septum, and that was supposed to have been causing my breathing problems.

    The surgery was awful, the recovery worse, and in the end it was all for nothing, because it didn't do ANY good whatsoever!

  13. WOW, Ursa! :huh:

    I just take raw adrenal complex, magnesium stearate and loads of vitamin c.

    I totally can sympathise with the barely being able to function. Do you get the dark circles under your eyes and crave salt too? My biggest complaint is when I get the teeeniest bit 'stressed' or even excited my body doesn't put out the proper 'adrenal' hormones and it just throws me for days. I can't fly or even drive at all because my body doesn't recover properly.

    Do you have any problems traveling too?


    Yes, travelling is really tiring to me. Any little stresses throw me, too. My dental cleaning was too stressful for me! I was shaking and had to take extra hydrocortisone before I could walk.

    I fell down the stairs (didn't see the last two steps in the dark) a couple of weeks ago, and was so weak that I was unable to walk (after barely making it to the couch) for several hours, and it took me days to recover.

  14. I got a bunch of labs back yesterday and my Vitamin D is low so my PCP has started me on 50,000iu once a week for 12 weeks then re-check.

    I meet with a hematologist on Thursday for an IV Iron therapy plan and maybe B12 shots too.

    Am I alone? Anyone been though this and seen huge improvements? I just want to not feel tired 24/7.

    The problem with prescription vitamin D is, that it is usually the artificial kind (D2), which is almost useless, and some studies show it to be dangerous to your health.

    What you need is vitamin D3, which is in cod liver oil. My vitamin D was quite low when tested almost three years ago. I started taking Carlson's cod liver oil (two tablespoons a day), and when re-tested a year later, my vitamin D levels were getting too high, so I had to cut back on my dosage.

    Carlson's cod liver oil is considered to be one of the very best, and it actually doesn't taste gross.

    Iron IVs and and B12 shots are an excellent idea. With all that, I am sure you'll improve very quickly.

  15. I just read through three of Gary Taubes' articles. In none of them does he state that high fat diets will cause cancer. What he does point out is that the evidence supporting low-fat diets is inadequate.

    And I have access to all those articles, and sufficient knowledge of the field to understand them. I'm a molecular biochemist, and I have a clue.

    I am not sure what you are saying. Of course he wouldn't say that high fat diets cause cancer, as he is proving the OPPOSITE!

    And in his book (which is a fat book, that takes quite a while to read) you will find lots and lots more evidence than his articles. In fact, the articles I found he wrote quite a while before he wrote the book, and even says that some of them he wrote before finding new evidence that makes some of them partially wrong.

    So, by only reading the articles by him you find on the web, you don't get the whole picture.

  16. Okey dokey

    I posted no new links, I only reiterated yours, and pointed out that none of them support your claim. I said nothing to refute your statements; I only said that you, yourself provided no support for them.

    If you would read Gary Taubes' book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories", and a book called "Life Without Bread, how a low carbohydrate diet can save your life" by Christian B. Allan, Ph.D., and Wolfgang Lutz, M.D., you would find that evidence.

    Gary Taubes took years to read through reams of medical journals, articles and studies (many of which we wouldn't have access to) to prove that in fact, meat and animal fat will HEAL those very diseases most people claim they cause. And that it is sugars and other carbohydrates and low fat diets that cause obesity, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and heart attacks (amongst other things).

    I just received the second book in the mail yesterday and haven't read it yet. But from what I have read about it before ordering it, it should be an interesting read, which will further strengthen my stance.

    Also, I am now committed, after finally being so sick I am unable to function altogether, to completely cut out all carbs, including all starchy vegetables, to hopefully lose weight and get better.

    I tried eating mostly meat and fat, with some vegetables thrown in several times, only to cave in to my pushy family (husband and three of my daughters), who told me that I was eating all wrong and needed to stop eating so much meat and fat, and eat more vegetables.

    It is very hard to stick to your guns when you are being insulted constantly. But I will have to close my ears to their nonsense and do what I know is right, for my own sake. Because I feel like I won't live long if I keep listening to them.

  17. I have adrenal insufficiency, which is one form of Addison's. My problem is, that a doctor in Germany diagnosed me last year (when I was so low on energy that I really couldn't do anything any more), but the idiot doctors here in Canada refuse to acknowledge his diagnosis, and refuse to prescribe the medications I need (which he prescribed in Germany, and have helped me tremendously). So, I have to order them (not entirely legal in Canada) through the Internet. I am always afraid they won't make it through customs, and I will be really ill as a result.

    I don't know if officially I'd be a celiac, as I self-diagnosed. Almost my whole family (all my kids and most of my nine grandchildren, as well as my six brothers and sister) are gluten intolerant. My mother and father both died of liver cancer (they both had symptoms of celiac disease and adrenal insufficiency, my dad's blood pressure was so low, that he drank several POTS of coffee a day, 'prescribed' by is idiot doctor) and my grandmother died of stomach cancer when she was only in her forties.

  18. Jestgar, the problem with actually finding scientific studies to prove my point is, that the government and big pharma will only fund studies that will prove that fat causes obesity. And if it proves the opposite, they'll be dismissed and never published. Because they have decided beforehand what they want to prove, and by heck, they will prove it, even if they have to falsify results.

    Anybody who really wants to prove them wrong better be a billionaire, because that is what it will take. Plus, the medical journals usually refuse to print anything that would make big pharma, most doctors and the government look like idiots (and murderers) for making people eat low fat all these years.

    The links I provided are just as good as the ones you gave, as yours aren't scientific studies, either, and don't prove a thing. All they are doing is repeating the same old brainwashing nonsense that 'everybody knows is true'.

    It is a matter of 'everybody being wrong' and 'the minority being right but dismissed'.

    So what most people believe that nonsense that red meat and animal fat is bad. In Galileo's time, 'everybody' believed the earth was flat, too. That didn't change the fact that this lone man was right, and everybody else was wrong.

    So, I don't really care if you believe me or not, because I still know I am right.