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  1. We are traveling to the Iberostar in Cozumel in a few weeks. Wondering if anyone has been there and what their gluten-free options were like? Thank you
  2. has anyone seen a geneticist to confirm a diagnosis for their child? We have seen 4 drs. 2 said our test results say Celiacs and 2 drs said they do not show Celiacs. we never did a biopsy and he has been gluten-free for 2 yrs now. He does have one of the Celiac genes, however as i understand so does...
  3. My son just started playing soccer and of course, treats and drinks are brought after each game. i offered to bring treats and drinks for every game but other parents are offering to bring them too. All the parents know that my son cannot have gluten. How does everyone else handle this? should i...