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  1. I had a friend that had it done without sedation and had a terrible time of it. No way would I even attempt it. I just had one the other day - totally knocked out, along with a flex sig and don't remember a thing, thank God. I didn't even feel that groggy afterwards, although I was very weak from not having eaten in over 24 hours. I didn't experience any throat pain or irritation either.

  2. For me, the procedure WAS the bad part the first time they tried it on me. I woke up when I wasn't supposed to. Afterwards, my doc asked me if I remembered anything and I told her, "I remember someone was screaming." Yeah, that would be me. She said my colon was spasming so badly they couldn't get all the way around and had to stop. I was miserable for days afterward. Luckily, from what I can tell, I must be in the minority. I envy those folks that can walk away from a colonoscopy and go to IHOP.

  3. I hope you'll get some definitive answers soon. I'm in the same boat. What's the run down of your symptoms?

    If you're just sensitive to gluten as opposed to having celiac disease, it's possible to react as you describe. When you repeatedly eat a food you're sensitive to or have delayed reactions to, the immune system gets fatigued and you enter this period where you don't react as strongly. If you cut out the offending food for a few weeks, then reintroduce it, you may experience a really strong reaction.

  4. I will try to go to the hospital tonight. My friend tells me i must have lost more weight, my face has become thiner and my eyes are red. so i need to go in.

    Please don't go after hours to the same ER that turned you away before. I'm betting you'll get better results if you see a patient advocate or social worker during regular office hours. You need to talk to someone who has the time to hear your story - diagnosis, symptoms and dire financial situation - and get you some real help.

  5. From the weight loss and symptoms you've described, I think you need to be under the care of a doctor. Hospitals can't turn people who are as sick as you away because of inability to pay. Were both ER trips to the same hospital? If so, maybe you need to try a different hospital and a different set of doctors. Telling a celiac it's "all in their head" is ignorant. I also can't believe the diagnosing doctor gave you nothing but folic acid and Donnatal.

    It's been my experience when you go to the ER, if you're breathing and not bleeding profusely, you're not top priority. Rather than going back to the ER, why don't you visit with a patient advocate at the hospital? Every hospital of any size is going to have a social worker or someone who can look at your situation and review your options. At my local hospital, for instance, they provide the following information on their Web site:


    I strongly urge you to talk to someone at your hospital. If you don't get some help, try another hospital.

  6. Hi Nancy,

    red meat is really hard to digest ,eliminate red meat for at least 3 weeks to see the resault.red meat is on forbiden list for many outoimmune conditions.

    best of luck

    I wonder if this is what got me. I made a Crockpot full of homemade beef stew with all natural ingredients. Ate a bowl for lunch several days in a row... now I'm sick again, too. Mornings are worst for me. Usually, by mid-afternoon things have calmed down. It's discouraging and it's hard to work when you're in pain and in and out of the bathroom so much.

  7. Getting back on topic, Jesus himself rebuked the Pharisees for obsessing over details and missing the big picture. (Matthew 23:23) When he established the communion ceremony he said, "Do this in remembrance of me." I feel it's more important to have your thoughts centered on him and his sacrifice, to have your heart right, than to get hung up on the details. I'm not Catholic (obviously), but even in my non-denominational church, there have been issues in the past over one cup or several, individual wafers or whole sheets of unleavened bread. Should we have music during communion or should there be silence? I think all of these things are less important than having your heart and mind in the right place.

    When communion is served each Sunday, I break off the tiniest crumb of the cracker. Often there isn't even really anything to swallow, but I am participating and remembering, as commanded. I can't believe God would want anyone to deliberately ingest something harmful to their health. You obey his word as you're able. I know this is an extreme example, but think of the days of religious oppression behind the Iron Curtain. If the correct supplies for worship were not available and any practice of religion forbidden, would you not do the best you could with what you have? And would your worship not be acceptable to God? He looks at you heart, not your body and its limitations.

  8. Rache-

    Just remember that their subs and burgers are going straight to their thighs! :D

    I've heard french fries and donuts are the two worst things you can put in your mouth. Even if celiac wasn't an issue, I wouldn't eat either on a regular basis.

    I almost always pack my lunch and bring it to work with me. I'd rather relax and eat in peace than rush out to a restaurant and worry about getting my food choked down so I can get back to work on time. And I save a huge amount of money by not eating out every day.

  9. When I get discouraged and feel like I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what... I eat very simply. I take my diet down to a few foods I'm absolutely positive hold no ill effects for me. If you try this, you may be surprised how much better you feel. Once your system's settled down a bit and you've gotten past that panicking, foggy feeling, you can start adding items back in to your diet and will be able to identify the culprit easier.

  10. A connection wouldn't surprise me. When I was on a completely grain-free diet is the only time I EVER had a period without cramps and all kinds of PMS woes.

    I'm on a low-dose bc pill to help regulate my cycles and to keep cramps from getting too bad. I've had times when I've almost passed out from the pain.

    A word of hope, though... I think it does get better as you get older. I remember my first couple of years of periods being horrible... lots of cramping and very heavy flow.

  11. On the positive side, your diagnosis has forced you to make smart choices about how you nourish your body. Many of the most unhealthy foods - did someone say donuts? - are now off limits for you. In the long run, you're going to be much healthier and happier than the folks that are still filling their bodies with junk.

    Don't know what age you are, but particularly as we all get older, more and more of our peers will become overweight and plagued with chronic illness related to poor lifestyle choices... then everyone will be envying YOU.

  12. ...but I think I would try to keep some sort of stock answer for such people to the effect of "I hope you never have to deal with an illness that makes you feel painfully different and isolated from everyone else. But if you do, I hope no one ever treats you the way you just treated me".

    Telling them you feel "painfully different and isolated" is basically admitting their rude, offensive behavior hit the mark. People that can say and do the things like this don't have any conscience and I doubt if you'll be able to shame them.

    I think you're better off to either avoid the situation altogether, ignore the comments or laugh it off. Someone's always bringing in donuts, sweetrolls or birthday cake at my office. When the vultures are all gathered around the break table, I stay in my office. When someone sticks their head in to remind me "there's birthday cake out here... you better hurry and get some," I just smile, say thanks and keep on working.