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  1. Yay for a painfree day, bartfull! Did they start you on plaquenil or something when they diagnosed you with lupus? I hope you find that today is pain free as well and that good days always continue for you!
  2. This will definitely take some time. I'm sorry you are going through this. I can sympathize that it is difficult to deal with this while you want to care for and enjoy your young child. You need to be gentle with yourself and give your body time to heal. It can be a long road. As your wife learns...
  3. I'm just curious if anyone here has had to take immunosuppressants because of their celiac disease? If so, were you able to come off it after some time? What made the determination that your body needed to take it? Did you notice a difference? If anyone has anything to share regarding celiac...
  4. Since you were diagnosed last year remember your body is still adjusting and working on the healing process. Celiac disease can send inflammation to all areas of your body. I hope that the inflammation you are experiencing is caused by this. Are you eating dairy? Let us know how it goes with the...
  5. Bartful - It sounds like you really like this doctor - yay! Have you heard any results yet? If they suspect lupus some tests that CAN BE associated with lupus are PT, PTT, DRVVT, Hex Phase Phoso Neut, and they'd want to run your complement levels (C3, C4, perhaps others). C3, C4 could indicate...
  6. For those of you that have determined you can't handle sulfites - how did you determine? What kind of symptoms did sulphites cause you? Was this during the healing process for you and were you able to add them back in?
  7. You never know. If I were you I would schedule an appt with my gp. Explain to them your bathroom issues, etc, and request that they run the full celiac panel on you. Keep eating gluten so it will be accurate. I would tell them you'd really like to be tested because of the fact that you are having...
  8. Thanks for updating us. Glad you have an answer now. I hope you are feeling better soon after adjusting to your new gluten-free lifestyle. Healing vibes coming your way!
  9. I use Alterna haircare products and have been happy with them. I always check for gluten free on their bottles and usually it either states free of Gluten on the front of the bottle or Gluten free on the back at the bottom. There may be some of their products that are not gluten free. I'm not...
  10. I agree with cyclinglady...you have so many positives I would almost be surprised if they did not diagnose you with celiac. I'm not surprised your rheumatologist didn't test you for the celiac blood work. They really (or I should say they ones I've seen) focus on rheumatology related diseases. I...
  11. I appreciate that you are 15 but every case is different. I'm surprised your doctor said that because you are 15 you should heal a lot faster than someone older. Even in a 7-year-old. One might think that because they were diagnosed early they wouldn't have as much damage or would heal faster but...
  12. If it was me, since you've just been gluten free this time for one week, I would call today and tell them you want the blood test run. It's a simple blood draw. Make sure they run the full celiac panel. I do believe it would be helpful to know these levels. I know they suggested going gluten free...
  13. That's great that your GI doc routinely looks for celiac. I agree with the others - you've got a great doctor! You had an endoscopy at the same time as your colonoscopy? The book Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic by Peter H.R. Green, MD and Rory Jones is a good one to check out. It easily could...